Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, March 14, 2011


If you have seen this before now, go to the next blogger on your list, but if you have NOT
click THIS link -- This is educational, and seeing IS believing. Move the slider slowly for optimum effect. OK Steve...NOW do you believe in a Higher Power? Such as the ocean floor? The might of NATURE?

Please, who of us believe in prayer, now is a special time...and who of us do NOT, well...pray anyway, dammmmit! Who is going to be hurt by the longing, begging cry of a human asking for mercy for others?

This is all for today. Thank you for being here with me, I'm really shaken--not shaking.


  1. Dear Steve E,
    I agree. This is not the time to discuss intricate questions.
    This is prayer time.
    I'm joining you.
    From felisol

  2. according to Wiccan Rede, witches do pray.

  3. wearin holes in my jean knees brother...

  4. BRIAN!
    You'll fit right in the next big concert with those holes!

    Where have I seen you before? Have we met? Ya know...at least, this tragedy was not enacted by People in an airplane, who had taken instructions on how to fly, but not how to land...GOSH!

    I read and copied Wiccan Rede tonight. Thanks! I found it very VERY interesting. Seriously!

    I knew you would feel that way, even had you not commented. Thank you for being here.

  5. Lots of prayers coming from the manor.

  6. And who can ignore a call for mercy, either? Oh, no! Not I!

    I send loving thoughts wherever they may go... hoping they will arrive at places where they are needed most... or least. It doesn't matter. Just hoping they will arrive!

    Thank you for spreading a beam of light, Steve!


  7. Nevine--I am CERTAIN that your loving thoughts, mingled with those of the many in heaven, on earth
    and elsewhere undiscovered, are reaching someone, somewhere, who NEEDS that bit of comfort.

    You are GoooD!

  8. TESS in the Manor! Hello!

    You know...there are simply no words--only tears.

    PEACE and JOY

  9. Steve ... thank you for the right words at the right time ...
    ... my heart burns for the people of Japan ...
    ... the atomic anxiety hanging over the world ...
    ... helpless? no, we pray! ...

  10. COSIMA!
    The world will suffer repercussions from this natural happening for a long, long time. I believe many of us think this shall pass in a year or so.

    But events of this magnitude have a historical habit of reshaping our thinking, our behaviors, our planet; how we live, how we die, how we respect and love one another in peace--or NOT.

    And billions of people like you and I will pray
    and we know at the same time that God is in charge, has always been, and will always be!

    Thank you for a thoughtful, honest comment.

  11. I am praying for Japan, not with words, but with groans too deep for words. Holy Spirit prayers... God have mercy on us all.


  12. Straight from my heart to God's ear.

  13. Steveroni,
    thank you for the pics and the petition for prayers. I have been and will continue. Oh, BTW, I had 5 years on Jan. 23. And if you can find time say a prayer for my step-daughters mom and her mom's sis. Mom has decided to stop drinking after mom's sis blacked out, fell into fireplace, had thirty stitches and went into renal and liver failure. She is now in nursing home in CA and kidneys and liver are still not reaponding after 10 days. Prayers are in order and needed. thank you. Banana Girl