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Then it took away the sky....

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Magpie Tales #284 "THREE"

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Once upon a time there were three gates.
Big gate was for Poppa Bear.
Middle gate was for Momma Bear.
Tailgate was for Baby Bear.

On their trek home after a bit of foraging around the countryside, they were Hungry, Tired and Confident. Their world tonight was going to be a peaceful one. Nothing could or would mar their serenity, solitude, THIS evening.......what?  It looked as if they'd forgotten to turn out the lights in their kitchen and bedrooms--


Saturday, September 5, 2015



The score was 42-0, Naples High's Golden Eagles on top of a Cape Coral team. Final TD count:  NINE, score 63-0
At 42-0, the game was only half over! I would have stayed but in a place which has the best cheeseburgers in Naples, I forgot to bring any money, not even $1 for a program. SHEEESH!

Thank you Tom High for giving me two tickets, so I had TWO seats to myself (and NO cheeseburger(s). After 51 years as a Naples citizen, I finally got to my first games this year. I believe EVERY older person should attend some of these H.S. games, it brings back some fond memories. Always I've heard myself saying that those early years were hell, alone and lonely, misunderstood, etc., etc.  But in reality (which arrives slowly for me!) there had been a truckload of GOOD times. 

One of those was playing trumpet in the marching band. The sports guys used to tease me, saying, "Oh! Stevie is not allowed to play football, he might hurt his "pretty little violinist's fingers!" But I loved the trumpet--GAWD!--it was SO much easier to play than a violin. And marching and playing music in 15ยบ temperatures on a Thanksgiving morning. OH, WHAT FUN--smiles! So, Peeps...I need occasions like this night of "boring touchdowns, NINE of them, to remind me that any doom-and-gloom was inside ME, NOT caused by others.  It is ever thus!

PEACE and LOVE, Peeps,

Photo below is of the FIRST of nine TD's last night!