Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


If a get a minute, slip on over to dVerse Poets Pub and see what's going on--it's OLN (Open Line Night) # 98.



swish swash
flosh, slosh
splash and 
sounds of SHHH-SHHH-SHHH!
slippery slope
round'nRound, back, forth
and again.....
too much soap!

Whirring, whirling
pocket full of bits (two at a time)
insert one at a time
heating. hot.
more, more coffee!
laundry-peep i'm not.
now one o'clock, 
to the dot.

la quinta, la quinta
i sing your song
soon be asleep...
all morning long.


a memorable weekend in virginia with poet extraordinaire brian, his wife, two sons, and prayer girl--i'm recalling now with fresh, clear mind, sitting in a motel laundry on 2nd floor...i do believe they tried to kill me!  

walking, hiking a "quarter mile"--which became nearly 3 miles?-- urging me to chase a momma duck and her babies, or roll down a steep, grassy mountainside (didn't do it!) freezing (64 deg. one evening)? "forcing" me to eat shovelfuls of gourmet burgers, poor dead chicken (cooked!), Italian sausages in a bed of angelic (ACHOO!) hair, and other epicurean delights, i managed to add 5 pounds to my avoirdupois.

a most fortunate man i am to have spent truly scintillating few days as house guest of the nicest hostess, host and entertaining, well-mannered young boys. 

two years back-to-back, they've allowed me to invade their happy nesting place. will they never learn? hmmm? I HOPE NOT! Thank you, Brian Family! It is an honor to know you all--or, as your wife might say, "y'all?"

Steve E
may 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013


spring-fed pond about ½ mile from the farmhouse--my favorite place

...and how, now remember,
recalling those days...where have they went?
loved summer, despised winter.
consoled, i, by nice witch's wand
disguised as wafting breeze.
while slept by spring-fed pond
"PLOP!" jumping fish here, there,
conspiring, all, as heaven-sent

where she?
left me?
so far ago
shall never know.

ah! peace.
lost forever?
yet never cease!
like lost love?
like love found

more splashing
my horse drinking
at water's edge
front hooves sinking
in beautiful mud,
awakening me
to new day.
already high
in blue sky
welcome sun
and i?

now re-living, savoring
every musical note of
lovely aloneness.
my ninth summer;
suitless swimming,
hearing, humming,
birds singing,

all so quiet.....
this--between you and me, luv.
(nobody else should ever know!)
beethoven's great ninth symphony
silently singing every note of
in my head, in my tent,
in my silent world of


to be posted in a favorite place:
dVerse Poets Pub
after 3 pm every tuesday
this IS week #97

Friday, May 10, 2013


"If small things--for me--do not exist, 
the great is not great." 
- Jose Ortega and Steve E

Jungfrau Mountain Range, Switzerland


six legs so small--moving speadily
across rock wall, moss-covered,
seems lost. comes thunder, rain.
stare i, in wonder

delightfully formed leaf
detaches itself, life spent.
perfection beyond belief...
i, in wonderment

all creation, constructed in spheres,
often wondered about that, too...
thick steel girders, huge wooden piers.
admiring, i. how about you?

water, air intrigue me
as do moons and stars.
as homo sapiens i "see"
black holes, quasars...

now i've stopped pondering,
no longer in wonder i stare.
wondering has maneuvered to awe
--finally, of God...aware


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

OKLAHOMA is the first musical written by the team of
composer richard Rodgers and librettist Oscar Hammerstein.
The original Broadway production opened March 31 1943.
A box-office smash, it ran for an unprecedented 2,243 performances

This is one favorite spot in the play for me:


"With you it's all er nuthin.
All fer you an nuthin' fer me!
But if a wife is wise, she's gotta realize
that men like you are wild and free.
So I ain't gonna fuss, ain't gonna frown,
Have your fun, go out on the town,
Stay up late and don't come home till three.
And go right off to sleep, if you're sleepy,

There's no use waitin' up for me...."

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Love, a Vignette

Human Love is about as understandable
as the galaxy pictured below, 
although some will say they "know" both!

This poem came to me while riding
home from a meeting today...and it
is one of the FEW of mine that I like!
andromeda galaxy


That love in your heart?
ear does not hear
through all those so smart
words, via shiny monitor.

A voice may, of necessity
deliver messages of levity,
or profound promises
most delicately gossamer.


True love shows its
unmistakable self
between sweetest gazing
of two pair eyes,
so wise, no lies...
then it is, love can express
in kiss and caress

4 May 2013

(Real Love IS an action word. 
It is consistant and constant "doing" 
for another and others, 
in complete absence of self)