Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Thursday, March 10, 2011


On getting old----er, what was that word?

At the end of my day, I take inventory.
Of my character defects? Awww!
Well, maybe, but I meant of 'things'.
Do I still have a scooter, violin, computer?
How about Kindle and DROID...all toys!

On what do I REALLY base
My level of acuity? TWO questions:
How many things did I misplace (lose) today?
How many of those did I eventually locate?

Happy to say, today--of those, this one rare,
I found all which had been 'lost for good'.
Before dark set in, replacing the glare, and
As God's Mural faded, I understood:

Sweet Dark, I love you! Better see, think, and feel.
With help of wonder drug--caffeine--better perform.
No! I'm NOT in bed...OKAAAY?

Darkness is more than a place to hide
More than a time to sleep
Without 'dark', where would be Mars?
Where Universes, to be discovered soon?
And tell me O Muse--about  twinkling stars, and
Oh! Oh! How would I see my sweetest moon?

"Darkness calms the light.
Darkness feeds the soul.
Darkness helps us see."
  --Audrey, in a blog comment

"Oh darkness! I love darkness. Do you know you can
see best when your eyes are closed? When everything
is dark, your vision becomes acute."  
         --Artist, Master of proses, Blogger, Ces

"Who comes from light into darkness
may be first blinded, for only brief moments."
                    --Steve E

Darkness is God's canvas
Without darkness, there would be nothing
on which to paint the morning 'skye'...

So when I stay up half the night, and
Good-intentioned People ask me why,
I say "I'll tell you--Listen, it is simple!"

(Miles afar we hear a dog bark.)

"I just happen to love the dark!"

Image: Darkness_by_kororowoxDD2 in Deviant Art


  1. Just stopping by to say hello. Good night young man.

  2. I have missed your beautiful, beautiful poems!

  3. The dark, not a big fan. Winter is dark, cold, and as the days get longer,I dream of warm sun on my cold aching body. Okay, I may not be a fan of snow, either. I do love the poem, though. Peace, Jane

  4. smiles. glad you found everything...i like the darkness myself, i think it helps you appreciate the light more...

  5. Steve, your place looks lovely. The vast expanse of water makes my heart swim in joy!

    I love the darkness as well. The striking words of Nevine in the header makes me happy.

    Big hugs and much love,

  6. I this is wonderful Steve...there is a grace in the darkness, a peace that brings a whole different world into being..."and the sweetest moon"...lovely...bkm

  7. If we didn't partake of the dark, we would be missing half of life....in more ways than one.
    Lovely words and gorgeous artwork.

  8. CES!
    You are charming--in 2 AM up for a drink of water, and whatever else...and you stop to check the blogs. Thank you for a 'rare' visit. TSUP! ('Rare' means a comment where you simply say "Hello"--grinning!)

    Glad you 'found' me, too...been reading you today.
    Wuz Happenin'? You can tell Uncle Steve (US!)

    Just "Hello"? I'll TAKE it! Hope you are feeling good. Love you, man! and PEACE!

    Why don't you just move south?--grin! I too, H A T E the cold! From the time age 2 until age 32--moved to Florida...long story!

  9. BRIAN!
    It is the LIGHT which makes me appreciate the darkness. I do not require to 'see' all and 'know' anything ("The Cloud of Unknowing"). So this post was not 'tongue-in-cheek'--grin!

    Hey girl I did not design this blog. A good friend(of yours, also) chose the template, pictures, color scheme, and writings in sidebar. It is comforting (nice!) to have your hugs here, thank you, SD. YOU are special!!!!
    Sincere love, and PEACE!

    HEY! Peeps! I found one who also enjoys the darkness of night. Barbara! Thank you for comments. PEACE!

    FUN-NEE! LOL! Really, the best comment. "Half of life" is not all sleeping, I take it?--grin!

  10. A mi también me es complicado hacer la traducción, con el paso de los años perdí mucho de mi vocabulario en inglés por no practicarlo, así que a pesar de las dificultades, lo intentaré. Se vislumbra entre tus líneas un corazón que late fuerte y tiene mucho que expresar.
    La oscuridad retiene en los abismos la frialdad, la agonía de no hallar el camino, la desesperanza y el escalofrío de sentirse perdido. Pero en la oscuridad también se oye el corazón de uno mismo, que habla que guía para salir del olvido, que nos protege, que nos encamina.
    Un abrazo amigo

  11. Dark is delicious, just like chocolate.

  12. MIMOSA!
    Yo respeto su intento de traducir mi blog! Gracias por el comentario interesante

    Todos pasamos un solo lugar.
    A veces por otro camino ...
    Llegamos allí

    A memorable occasion was when symphony played a town named Hershey, PA. The whole town smelled--day and 'dark' night--of chocolate. I LOVED that place. We had two days there. I took the Hershey factory tour twice--grin!

  13. I like darkness too, mainly because it's peaceful and freed from the outside world stress.
    Darkness outside; you've got to like it, to live up north.
    Even so, I love the blond nights more with the birdsong,fragrance and flavors from everything growing and living. I'm never so intense alive as during the satin nights.

    The darkness inside of me, is what I fear; the desert- like hopelessness.Luckily that is a rare and elusive guest, not welcomed to stay.

    Just now night and day are about equal long, 12 hours of sun and 12 hours of night. The best time of the year, when waiting for the unborn spring.

  14. Darkness, as you seem to be seeing it, sounds kind of sad and frightening to me...

    Darkness I only like for I know it has a meaning, that of really apreciating light, and because otherwise it' be all the same... no duality at all, not even a chance! ;-)

    Hugs Steve!!!

  15. I have dark day's, But I try to have a sunny outlook

  16. Hi Steve,

    Sometimes I love sitting in a dark room where the only light comes from the moon outside.

    I see things in the dark I can't in the light.

    But darkness sounds kind of frightening to me.
    But those words in your post just made me feel good for some reason. I guess I shouldn't be afraid of the dark...not anymore.


    PS It's been a while since I've visited your blog. I've visited Nevine's site and thought I'd pop over to your blog to say "Hi, good old friend!".