Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011



How empty of me, to be so full of you!

This is a poem of simple love

It is not another
Just about lust
It is about..oh..being not too near
But, Umm..close enough to hear

Our minds churning, turning
Two hearts beating, burning
No form, formality
Only true reality.

When here or there
As I grin and bear--
Desperation, Separation,
Reparation too is on the menu.

But soup is before dessert
This, forever--
Soup before dessert

Sometimes trust looks out from
Its hiding-places, dark, secret presumptions.
Once lost, hope is gone, to all but God alone,
And us moving from presumptions to resumptions?

"When again will she trust me?"
Is the familiar cry
And answered by
"Not before you're TRUSTWORTHY!"
(Oh, My! Ohhh MY!)

So? Let's rejoice!
Each of us is a Masterpiece
Created by THE Master,
By chance? No!
By God's CHOICE...........

God is Eternally Sculpting

Unceasingly carving, chipping away,
While each one, with our free will
Has a 'right' to invite Him to stay...

 Only one soul-life, mine--I can save.
WHEREVER you go--or I shall be
Let us continue to grow, change, behave
In ways good or not, but differently

Is society concerned with my sobriety?
It would be only if I HAD none...
As if my life had stayed undone.

A falsehood: obsession--
Time for confession
Untie me, set me free
Unbind Thee...now, see?
LOVE, newly risen
Nevermore a prison

Thus I discovered, uncovered
This, to find and remind
(As Janet Jackson--yes, SHE!
Sang these words just for me--grin!):

"How empty of me
To be so full of you..."

Ah! The simplicity.
Ah! This, how true!

For us Peeps
Love...and PEACE!

Lagniappe: One of my (bad) habits--order dessert first.
THEN eat (less?) food! Cannot understand 
WHY I keep gaining weight--grin!


  1. This one might be my favorite :)

  2. :)

    this is wonderful.

    love and peace to you.

    You are SO NICE! I am fearful, even paranoid, about scribbling out and publishing poetry on here. There's TOO many who are just TOO good. And I think we are not supposed to rhyme any more? Is that correct?
    Oh well, it IS fun for me. So THANK YOU for reading and commenting so sweetly!)

    What I responded to Kristin, is for you also, thank YOU, girl!

  4. Oh my!
    Oh my!
    I never liked poetry except sometimes some poems are worth a declamation.
    I found myself reading your piece with exclamation.
    Oh my!
    Oh my!
    So true!
    So true.
    That's what I told someone who was so full of me. She wanted to fly 1793 miles one weekend just to watch me do laundry.
    I kid you not!
    Whatever for?
    Don't you have your own dirty clothes?
    Live your own life, not mine.
    Is yours so bad you have to live mine?
    She said I was cruel.
    I said she was suffocating and nauseating me.
    Let me breathe! Let me breathe!
    So she decided to rewrite my life.
    I manage to wiggle myself out of that hold.
    I look back and tell myself I must have been not just blind but dumb.
    And stupid.
    Surely someone who claims we are same can't be that bad or crazy.
    Not only were we not same, we were different.
    And indifferent.
    I am always wary of people who fill their lives with someone's.
    Only the mollusc can fill it's own shell.

  5. Okay, I have to draw now. Yowza!

  6. nice...love those lyrics steve...and no its not your normal love song its essentially steve, which is alright by me...smiles.

  7. CES!
    Lemme know when you're finished drawing...let's see
    c.2078? HAHAHA, Ya know I didn't even think you'd READ when you saw it was a (UGH!) poem.

    Essentially Steve! That will be the name of my last and final blog, beginning in 2078 THANKS!

  8. "How empty of me
    To be so full of you..."

    I am still figuring my state after reading this? Will half full be fine?

    Warm hugs and much love,

  9. Steve:

    Impressive- certainly not an empty vessel penned this, but a passionate, a little obsessive lover of life who enjoys the sweetness of life (dessert first) a metaphor for appreciating the beauty in another. I could be wrong but just my humble take on this lovely poem.


  10. SUSAN!
    I told you! 7/8 would be better! Joanny (next comment) says 'obsessive'..she right!

    Ms Clairvoyant! Your sweet words have gotten my day off to a pleasant beginning. Thank you much, girl!

  11. If okay with you, I shall print this one out to read when I need reminded. It was beautiful and so insightful, Steve.

  12. Steve,
    Oh, this is wonderful!
    I loved it ... I really did!

    Have a day full of joy ... joy comes to us when we are least seeking it, don't you think so?

    Margie :)

  13. Fantastic poem, Steve! Society is unconcerned, but who is society anyway? My husband always used to refer to society as a thinking being.
    Dessert first, from now on, for this chick! Peace, Jane

  14. Love it! Combined with the picture(s) its beautiful!

  15. He is eternally sculpting, isn't he? Dessert tastes better first.

  16. Steve were you overdosing on peanuts or sugar???

    It really is a good reflection on life and love and our obsessions and

    Hugs my friend from an obsessed romantic

  17. Awww...I'm not much "into" poetry, but this was really nice!!!!

    Thanks, for sharing! And I wanted to thank you personally for the lovely comment on my blog the other day!!!!

  18. My dearest Peep,

    You are that eternal romantic, passionate wordsmith to me...
    So is love, so it is... and...
    You remind me of me.

    Little can I say when you've said it all so well

    Lots of more love and peace, from me to you

  19. MAGPIE!
    I must have forgotten to respond to the rest of comments. HEY! You can copy anything ANYTIME. If what I write seems that worthy--I'm SO honored! Thank YOU!

    Almost all my days are full of JOY--almost--grin! Well, I am almost ORDERED to 'seek' it. But to find it, or experience --that is in God's hands, my opinion. So in a roundabout way....we AGREE! And THAT'S nice! PEACE!

    Dessert first...but leave room for some potatoes--grin! And your husband has a GREAT point--about society.

    T.S. Eliot, a true favorite!!! What a compliment! PEACE!

    Thank you for your always complimentary compliment--grin!!!!

    When I eat dessert last, I've already had my fill. But I eat it anyway. Hence, FAT CITY! Gotta work on that! Dessert 1st!

    HAHAHA! You crack me up, dear friend. You KNOW of course, that we think a lot alike. OMG!

    I'm not "into" poetry either...but I really enjoy writing it, for good or bad, doesn't matter. It fills a certain void. Actually, poetry is quite like music in its form, rhythm, and flow. HAHA, I sound as if I know what I'm talking about!

    Hey, you read back, how flattering is that? When you say 'little' I cannot identify with that--grin!!! When you write "Lots"...that, I love to read! Thank you. PEACE!

  20. IZDIHER:
    That you went back into the archives to find this--THANK YOU! I am honored...humbled. And that you LIKED it! Well, I am happy also. Also (humbly, I hope!)
    it is one of my own favorites of mine. Seldom do I write something I really like.

    THIS is one...Is she or Isn't she (May 2) is another.
    Love. PEACE! JOY!

  21. It is my pleasure to read your stuff, your thoughts,poem and posts. Don't embarrass me with saying thank you.
    This poem is my Fav too.

    Keep writing like this

    Peace .Love and Joy :)

  22. When a Peep arrives at my blog it is an honor she/he does me. When leaving a comment--THAT rates at minimum, a big THANK YOU! OK?
    PP (Peace for Pakistan!)