Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, March 19, 2011


 My Violin: Made by Georges Chanot, in Paris (France--grin!) in year 1856. Note the fancy chin rest, Rosewood. --Steve E

Just a quick post (My first EVER--'quick'!) Going to give my grandson a violin lesson. And I'm loving it! I have NEVER enjoyed--so I just did not do it--teaching violin. Even though I have a Masters in Music Ed,. I have HATED hearing those squeaking sounds coming out of a violin made from a cigar box. Played by a child who doesn't know how to blow her/his nose.

Today, I am thrilled, yes, honored, to go and teach a boy, age 12, a relative. He is SO receptive, actually EAGER to learn--diametrically opposed to his grandfather (me)!

I remind myself again, if I had not received help in stopping my alcohol addiction, I would have died at least 30 years ago. And never could have enjoyed this moment--today--and many others.

Love you. Love life. PEACE!


  1. What a beatiful post and blessing to give to a grandson. Sounds like he admires you and wants to absorb your talent...bkm

  2. Steve, your enthusiasm... your enthusiasm!

    I wish you both a lovely morning together in one another's company... and a fruitful exchange for both of you.



  3. that's so nice..lovely image of you both..

  4. I am delighted! Seriously, I remember learning to play the violin, I was about 11 years old. I had to practice in the basement, because my family hated to hear me. I sucked!

    Eventually, I quit playing the violin, and moved on to the viola. I played in high school, and later joined the symphony. I gave it all up, and now I just smile. I remember those squeaky sounds, and the fun I had. Oh and I still sit at the edge of my chair, back straight, even as I type this.

    Enjoy! There is nothing better than spending time with a child, before they become teenage know it alls, and ruin the bond....for a while!

    Peace, Jane

  5. SIGNED...BKM!
    Yep! When I am doing that, Barbara, it certainly feels as if God is near...and smiling. God doesn't smile often at my 'doings', but, ya know?

    I've GOT to get over and see if you've posted...
    Enthusiasm, yessss. Only had that in the past 15 or so years. Seems like it gets more, and bigger, and even branches into occasional spirituality now and then. These days, I "...never meet a stranger", ask anyone who knows me!

    Bless you...you wrote "fruitful exchange for both..." Well, as you REALLY know--a teacher learns--even if student sometimes do not--while teaching. Life IS learning, growing! PEACE!

    I heard you sing this morning!!! Fabulous! I played hundreds of times with Pete Fountain. Of course, HE was on the records, tapes, CDs. And I was 'playing along, often in harmony. It did not sound bad at ALL! Peeps came into the bar OFTEN and requested "..that Pete Fountain" gig!

    I practiced in the horse barn for several years, summer or winter. The horsies loved it--grin! Also Jane--I have no illusions about where this boy's head might be in 4-5 years.
    PEACE to you also, girl!

  6. woohoo...i know you will do a great job and how cool will it be seeing him doing omething you love as well...

  7. What a gift you've been given! Celebrate! To share something so important and meaningful with someone so open and ready to receive. Magical.

  8. So true Steve....what a blessing and opportunity...your life and words are an inspiration! :-)

    Right you are! For these things we live--alive!

    Ya know? If I think about it, EVERY day is a celebration Day. Having the Gift of Life! How 'cool' that is! And USING that gift! Who could ask for anything more?

    CB, I SOooo apologize, just have not been able to set aside time to get everywhere I really WANT to go (blogs!) But will visit you before this day is bathed in brightest silver moonlight

  10. So glad you have this opportunity! squeaky or
    not, eagerness from those who love us is absolutely soul food!

  11. IZZY!
    You wrote it SO PERFECT! "Soul food"...and today, that is JUST what I was seeking, but didn't know what to ask for. Thanks! (Of course, my Higher Power knew all along what it was I needed--grin!

    It was inspiration which urged you to comment today. PEACE, PEACE, PEACE!

  12. when I was a youngster I disagreed with my mother. How can age make us wiser? well, not that it made me wiser, but I do feel that with time we change our minds about a lot of things and open ourselves to beautiful experiences.

  13. Steve, you and my son have a very significant commonality. He has a BM in Bassoon Performance. He loathed teaching bassoon. He knew after his freshman year in college he would never teach music. He went on for a Masters in Theology and is now teaching - get this - 5th graders. LOL Not exactly what he had in mind but God has a plan.

  14. First two letters of captcha: HP!

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  16. this post gave me a great lift! i love to see the sober love spread and touch others. enjoy your teaching and time with your grandson, steve. thanks so much for sharing this "quick" post.

  17. Hi, Steve. I clicked over from Crown of Beauty's blog. I noticed your avatar was a violin and I see you are a violinist! Me too. :) What a beautiful instrument. I feel you on the teaching thing. I have a Bachelor's in performance and over the years I have been sucked reluctantly into teaching, mainly because of financial need. Even now I'm a substitute teacher in our school system, and mostly sub for the orchestra teachers. Teaching loves me but I don't love it.

    I've been playing 30 years and still squeak every now and then, lol! I think my ears have developed callouses!!

    My 7 year old has no interest in the violin, and that is fine with me! I can imagine the joy you have for teaching your grandson!!!

    Congrats to you on your sobriety.

    We change our MINDS?--grin! Yesss, I believe that is the ONE unchangeable thing about all life. It is in constant CHANGE mode. Thank you!

    I would have made a great teacher (after getting sober, that is!) but JUST didn't like it. Hey your son 'lucked ouy', right? Fifth Grade? OMG! Well I'd bet he turned out to be a wonderful educator.

    Glad to see you. Did not understand that 'verification' word--first two letters of captcha:HP I AM a bit dense. THAT never changed--grin!

    Thanks! (Quik response!)

    Girl, I also should have been a GoooD teacher, just DID NOT like it! Ho-Hum!
    I hope you come back--left several comments on your blog post(s)

  19. What a show-off you are. Heheheheh. I know what it means to have a Chanot.

    You are making me laugh. I shall comment properly after laughing at your comments.

  20. CES!
    Just having you home safe is all I've asked...you need not comment--of course then I'll have to read your mind--in print.

    I would have you be the Aunt of your violin maker George. Oh, George Chanot--pleeeze don't pronounce the "T"--grin! Because then it rhymes with...Oh GOD!..."snot"

  21. Hello!!! You won my give-away! Congratulations.

  22. I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS--grin! And...I certainly do not deserve this "luck-of-the-drawing", Ces.

    Somewhere this morning I wrote that I am simply whelmed...make that OVERWHELMED!