Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


In earlier days of flying, pilots used to brag--upon failure of their navigational instruments (or not having instruments)--that they flew "by the seat of their pants". In a way, this was true. I flew once in one of those little 'sit-behind-the-pilot' planes. It was constructed with a little wood, some metal, and a paper-like covering of the fuselage. Kinda flimsy, but it felt completely safe to ME!

Having been 'brutally' lied to and denied a plane ride when I was age 7...now by age 10-- I was READY! When we got up there (what, a thousand feet? Woo-Hoo!) I noticed that even a slight movement of my hips, or any body-adjustment, altered the handling of the aircraft. If I scooted in my seat one direction, we'd begin a slight turn. So...flying by the seat of your pants was NOT just a bon mot.

OKAY, that background brings me to this day. Whoever has been reading my blog for a time, knows that  I simply LOVE riding my Suzuki Bergman 650cc Motor Scooter (rain or shine, cold or warm!). A few days ago, I finally realized why. It is the same sensation as flying that itty-bitty airplane. I twitch the hip and the machine drifts the way I intended. Jiggle a little...and the bike responds accordingly. OH! the feeling of that 'personal' power! The ONLY difference is that these days when I stop. I put my feet on the ground.

The aeroplane used a different set of rules: no feet on the ground before the wheels were on the ground. Let's see...first the wheels, then  the feet. Wheels number one, feet number two. Wheels.....feet. It is a good thing I never became a pilot--grin!

"Oh, stewardess--which is first on the ground, the feet or the wheels?"


Several years ago I met in these blogs a very young newly sober mother who lives in B.C. We have not made a connection for more than a year, until two days ago. Atiyanna just commented on an old blog of mine (steveroni), to say that she is now sober FOUR YEARS March 16, 2011. I cannot tell you all how happy I am to read this news, and share it. Atiyanna Watermoon (earth name Tammy), formerly a regular contributor in our blog world, wrote that she may begin again blogging. Her blog (still 'dormantly' active) is HERE. I believe she would appreciate some encouragement to start writing again....

Recalling...I remember that Atiyanna was/is very active in AA, has a sponsor, works the steps, and I am proud to have known her--I joked in comments that she was "my favorite witch". I had never had any connection with a 'real witch' prior to that, nor since. I feel a part of her sobriety, as we ALL are a part of one another's trip to recovery.

Thank you, Atiyanna, for showing me and us--it only gets BETTER!


  1. Steve:

    I love all the quotes that you post in your header. They talk of things that add great meaning to one's life.

    This post reminded me of Richard Bach and his flying. I so want to fly in one of those wee two-seater airplanes. Someday, maybe.

    Steve, sorry about that "spammer" comment. I did not mean to stump you. It was something joyful as I was thrilled to see your comment over and over at my place. Don't ever be hurt by the remarks I make. Your presence in my place means a lot to me and you don't want to be told that often, don't you.

    And I am so happy and joyous for Atiayanna. She has a lovely sounding name: A tia ya nna :)

    Much love and big hugs,

  2. I perform a lot of tasks from the seat of my pants.

  3. ha. i am glad to have a seat of my pants...i wore on pair of jeans to long i lost it once...

  4. hello.
    i read all your comments :D
    hahah thank you youre making me laugh!!!

  5. Love your post ! I live by that axiom a lot.
    Have always thought what they say are 'ultralights' would be fun to try. they used to zip and zoom over our last house, especially
    around sun set.

  6. I love the new look of your blog, Steve.

    And this post... yes, there must be a close connection between flying a plane and driving a motorcycle...

    Never knew what that phrase meant - "flying by the seat of my pants..." so thanks for helping me understand.

    It is always encouraging to hear of one more person recovering... more territory regained from the kingdom of darkness.


  7. LIDJ! (Copied from your blog comments)

    I know, and you know that prayer does not have to be 'words'. In fact, I believe the best prayer is that sigh of despair, that sobbing of hopelessness, that utter indescribable pain of loss...or on the other side, the heart full of JOY and PRAISE, for a glad happening.

    I believe also that the Divine Heart pumps a bit faster, the Divine Ear hears these 'silent' prayers of desperation FIRST...before those lofty entreaties made in front of the high altar of a cathedral on top a mountain....

    God is GREAT! May your silent prayers join with those of People everywhere--and with mine.

    Because sometimes there simply ARE no words--just tears.

    PEACE for you, Wonderful Woman!

  8. I love your new blog Steve and thanks for the words of encouragement and the introduction to your "peeps". :) I shall be back...very soon!

  9. I always wondered what happened to her (Atiyanna)and if she was still doing well. Glad she contacted you and let you know she's still on the beam :)

  10. JESS!
    When I looked at her blog--last posting loong time ago--I noted comments there from you, Gabi, Kristin, me...and I thought "How nice were those days!" I'm sure she'd welcome a "Hello" from you today, her #4...

    Thanks for making it this far and there are those of us who await your return to the blog world. No pressure, unless you do it (like me!), they tell me I can post once a week, etc., but for some reason it is difficult for me to get back. Something like one who goes out for more alcoholic research!


    Me too! I watched with envy those Peeps flying off a mountain south of Denver, riding the thermals. Seems as if they stayed up forever. One day, one day!

  11. MITA!
    I do not 'read' all your comments...I 'see' them in my mind, before you write them :D

    Also, I did not know you were a real witch, thought you had to be at least 18 yrs of age--grin

    Pssst...I'll tell the Grand-Witch on you, girl!

    Believe this: NO problem with "spammer" thing. I was just practicing a little drama. Sorry!--grin!

    Do you mean the writer and news guy Richard Bach? We've been several times to the park in Winter Haven, FL. And every hour is a concert at the Bach Tower. What a beautiful, serene place!

    LOL! LOL! I would have figured you did a lot of things from the seat of your pants. But didn't figure you'd comment this! Thank you for coming by. I'll pay a visit and see what you're up to.

    Half the known world is SO glad your pants have a seat, man! Also 'all the ships at sea'! YOU Fun-nee guy...

  13. Steve, Sorry I haven't been by in a while. How awesome for your friend! 4 Years of good living! I too took my first flight in a pipercub. Doors and windows wide open. I was seventeen and my godfather was the pilot. We had a blast. It is truly the best way to fly. A jet is fun but it's not as exhilarating. Same with drunkeness, it's not as exhilarating as being sober.....

  14. I think this is what riding a horse bareback is like too. And I know that when my day is going along just like your description of "flying by the seat of my pants" that it's a good day.

    Like your analogy: The Piper Cub of sobriety is MUCH more exciting than the jet plane of a drunken stupor! I have GOT to find more time to visit and comment. You're next! PEACE!

    Yesss! Riding with no saddle, martingale (well, I need a bridle--grin!) "Gettum up Scout..." Glad to see you here. PEACE!

  16. you are such a great encouragement - use your voice my friend

  17. :-)
    Don't you think I've been missing your posts... but I've been too busy to blog and/ or comment... yours is a place to be visited as my computer turns on... you kwnow that?
    Hugs Steve!

    Okay! AWWWWWWWW_AHWAH_AHWAHHHHHH! That was Tarzan!
    Now you wanna hear the LONE RANGER?

    Well! GOSH! all I can say is that your computer knows where to go first--grin! Seriously, thank you for your sweeter comment(s). PEACE!