Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


"Genuine poetry can communicate
before it is understood." - T.S. Eliot 


Long have I felt inadequate, reading wonderful rhyme-phrases
(--or is it phrase-rhymes?) penned by Bloggers I SO admire!
Even to the point of frustration, and once I took an oath to never
Try this type of writing myself--even though I LOVE it.

It is the same with fine art works, especially (Ugh!) "Modern Art".
I become like the guy who loved music but could not play a fiddle.
Opera lover who could not sing.
Or the intellectually dead "...but I don't 'underSTAND' it!"

Who the fuck fully 'understands' ANYTHING?

However, in the realm of classical music I am fulfilled.
One day, fifty years ago, I played solo in Carnegie Hall.
A rehearsal was called for 10 AM
I got there at 8 AM


I stood on that stage, played duets with Heifetz, trios with Kreisler
And Rachmaninoff, quartets with others of the greatest and most
Well-deserved fame.

I played (actually) the first movement of Beethoven Violin Concerto.
With full orchestra accompaniment (in my head--grin!)

Yet I was alone--not another soul--in that beautiful auditorium in Carnegie Hall.


(This, in winter 1961)

It has been a wonderful life. Maybe tomorrow I will 
expand it, By attempting once more to write a rhyme.

Sketch of outside Carnegie by artist:
Enrico Miguel Thomas


  1. And peace to you too! What a wonderful moment that must have been for you Steve! That's what life is for - wonderful moments.

    PS I am impressed.
    PS Today I have a hungover - you aren't missing nuthin

  2. I would love to have seen you perform then.

    I would love to see you perform now, come to think of it.

  3. Oh, to have been hiding in the balcony. Glad that you had the moment, but sorry that no one was there to share it with you.

  4. Steve,
    How very wonderful that you palyed at Carnegie Hall ....how truly wonderful!
    A wonderful life, indeed!
    You are blessed!
    So loved knowing this about you!!!!!

    And I so love thst quote by T.S Eliot...one of my favorites!!!

    Margie :)

  5. dude...poetry is...and that is it...honestly i hate stuffed shirts that try to define it...i feel much the same of music...i say storm the stage and let it play!

  6. Only the inner self can bring you peace. If you love what you do -- that is all that is important -- barbara

  7. ANDREW F!
    Believe me--no B.S.--it is an honor to welcome you to my blog. Thank you! I never had a hangover. I believe you have to stop drinking momentarily to experience one of those--grin!

    If/when we ever meet again, I will have my violin case strapped on--and play whatever your heart desires. How's THAT? PEACE, man! Or...PAX!

    As a student, a couple of us DID have a habit of hiding beneath seats in the peanut gallery--during rehearsals. This was strictly forbidden, but sh*t, so was EVERYTHING--grin!

    Please, do not misunderstand, Margie. I was only a member of a symphony orchestra, got there REAL early one morning before a rehearsal, and played to an audience of........NOBODY! But it was my own private thrill. I hope I did not mislead you and others into thinking I was on the 'menu' as a soloist. I LOVE your enthusiasm, nonetheless--grin!

    OK Man. I'll remember what you wrote, and shall "storm the blog, and let it write!" THANK you! And, what an inspiration you Peeps are. Not only the talent(s)...but combined with the work to get you there. Talent itself is NOTHING--until it becomes kinetic. God gave us talents to USE, not to hide!!!

    Barbara, I agree totally! Only sometimes feel short of a full deck. Always I've LOVED what I did, even the seven years cleaning a McDonald's from 11-7 AM, six nights/week. I became so proud of keeping the CLEANEST store in the area year after year. (Money was real tight, ya know?) Thanks, Barbara. PEACE!

    My friend, I know you bow only before our God! All I'll ever ask is a smile in my direction. And YOU, Dear Ces, have been sending me LOADS of those! And you will NEVER know how much it all means to me.
    Gratefully, with love and PEACE!

  8. Wow ! and so special a memory- thanks for sharing
    it. I cannot say I have anything to equal it! A
    tribute to the talented among us.

  9. Are you taking a road trip any time soon? Pack the violin and head to the manor. (love the Eliot quote)

  10. IZZY!
    If you are breathing God's gift of air...
    If you 'loved' National Velvet...
    If you are STILL one-day-at-a-time--that is MORE than enough to equal ALL ELSE!

    OMG! I've been invited to the MANOR. I feel like a dignitary from a foreign state--Florida! Before I make that trip, I will certainly put the MANOR in touch with my GPS! REALLY!--grin! PEACE!

  11. No, I understood!
    You did not mislead!!!

    Joy to you on this most beautiful and glorious day!

    Margie :)

  12. You my friend have managed to do something that so few of us will ever attempt or manage, what a life, what a post and I'll be back for some poetry!!! xox G

  13. MARGIE!
    Thank you. I responded to this on your blog. PEACE!

    Guess now I MUST write some rhyme or other...SOON!
    --grin! I feel strongly that what others do is SO miraculous, spiritual, in nature. That my life was/is quite ordinary. Than...in some ways, are we not EACH unique, different? (I do not belly-Dance--grin!)

  14. Thanks for sharing your jewel of a magic moment.
    Looking forward to more rhythm and rhymes.

  15. COngratulations, you are really good at something that no other person is good at. Because there is only one Steve E... you... in this whole universe.

    I like what is written at the start of this post - poetry can communicate heart to heart... it is not a mind thing.

    And really, with your poetry, you do communicate to us... to me at least, you do.

    I also got to read what you wrote about Tibet. One country I would like to visit.

    You wrote about the Cloud of Unknowing on March 27... not by coincidence but by divine appointment... a divine connection... to an important date.


  16. FELISOL!
    More always "on the way"...but I'm getting tired, soon to take a few computer-free days. Tonight's blog post is about 'obsession', and that includes Blogging, biking, eating desserts, and well, "we name it!"

    Dear Lidj, you DO read this stuff I write. I'm both honored and embarrassed. Thank you for mentioning March 27. Whatever that means to you, it convinces me that God IS still working in us all, through us all. PEACE to you and for your beautiful family as well. I am truly blessed to 'know' you.

  17. what an experience! alone...never. God, your inner self, creation, music.
    What a great moment

  18. ... oh, I imagine it and hear in the heart ... wonderful to play music there ...

    but not all art is for everyone ... everyone is a original and has its own gifts from God ... Steve the music and the charm ....

    You are correct, in my book, on ALL counts! Thanks

    Your blog, your comments, and YOU--I love! NATURE-- to me--is the greatest of art and form (Creation!) therefore "art" in that sense IS for everyone. We are all PART OF the painting, music, story...and EVERYTHING! Love and PEACE!

  20. Just seeing this as I'm doing some major catching up. I've never been to Carnegie Hall, and I've never played the Beethoven Violin concerto! What a wonderful career you've had! I don't know if I'll ever get to do either of those things, but if I don't, it's OK. I'd love to hear you play sometime too! In fact, I would love to meet you in person one day and play the Bach Double just for fun! :)