Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, May 28, 2012


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I was sitting on a bus next to a Peep who was wearing earrings, and braided hair, and dirty shirt. Also he had only one shoe.

You've evidently lost a shoe, son.”

No, man” came the reply. “I FOUND one!'

Even IF it is evident to me,
that does not make it true...

inspired by Anthony De Mello

...and now,

Remember when you
had only one shoe

and I had but one love

Recall that moment,
that first comment?

It was then that I lent

Love and me
one in thee.

the wind blow,
shall us know

Blessed Eternity
Live happily


my old shoe
--by mebob-d3ktk18
in DeviantArt

Saturday, May 26, 2012



It is not half so important to know as to feel." 
- Rachel Carson 

May 25 (yesterday) I was made to 
'feel'--also to yield--so much love.

Sharing, caring, best wishes,
and love of Peeps both far away
and in a morning AA meeting room
gave new meaning to the question
How does it (life) work?

The response, of course:
"It works just fine!"--grin!

In the usually daily bright sunshine of south Florida,
I must wear a hat--from my collection LOL!
Today, not a single hat will fit. See? All those
beautiful and kind birthday messages, 
even a blog post dedication, 
went right to my head.

From early morning, to a late "fancy" 
Italian dinner with Anna (no wine!), 
it WAS the best birthday 
I have EVER enjoyed!

From this peep (me) to ALL of you Peeps,
always, always, always and forever!


thank you for the roses 
by villasukka-d4jyvgu2
in Deviant Art

Thursday, May 24, 2012


ABSOLUTELY do I love caffeine
with which to toast the morning sun
and after that, earth's moonlit scene.

How might anyone not
enjoy a double shot
of espresso
gushing through
Oh! Excitement
come to me...
that I may view, in new light
a new you, beauteous sight!

Though I be 'drunk' 
on the drug
black bean
in fat round 
Starbucks mug
it's seen

as my elixir...
as my fixer.

Three days ago I stopped at a market, to save Prayer Girl a trip, and because we only needed one item...four little 7-oz cans of Starbucks “Double Shot” Espresso. 
(Really good when mixed with few ounces of regular coffee!)

Those little cans of goodness looked so cute, I bought a full, heavy case of the stuff, could hardly carry it out to my scooter. I realized—yep, suddenly!--that in NO WAY would a case that large fit in my bike trunk. So I called Anna to come and pick up the 
half ton of 'liquid gold'.

We both re-learned a lesson, first-learned long ago: never send an alcoholic for ONE of anything. Invariably, he will return, toting FIFTY. That lesson also pertains to HERSHEY BARS, Ice Cream, pie(s), shirts, shoes, socks, sunglasses, gloves, writing pens, paint, wood, nuts-and-bolts, tools, cookies, etc., etc.--OBOY!

And of course, 4 small cans of DOUBLE-SHOT Espresso!


Monday, May 21, 2012


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Impatient man
said to his guide,
"Coming through.
Please step aside.”

Hurriedly speeding
along path, to edge
of steep cliff's ledge,
once more he spoke,
needing to know 
just what to do
if he fall into chasms
during final spasms.

"Don't fail to turn to the right!
You'll love the view!”

inspired by Anthony De Mello

Image in 
"Cliff Jump"
by ~SenecaR

Friday, May 18, 2012



In all the years of not drinking, I have told everything about myself to one or the other. Everything! Then, tonight at an AA meeting, the speaker told of an amateur band of which he was a member during his youth. Ah! Memories—here comes another.

As I think back, between my age of 7-11 (sounds like “Thank Heaven for...”!) a group of musicians drove out to our farmhouse four times a year, forming an orchestra, which played 'easy' classical music like Strauss Waltzes, popular opera tunes, and the three B's (Bach, Beethoven, Brahms).

I recall three doctors played violins, a dentist played trombone, Members of the Cincinnati Symphony orchestra played 'cello, Bass, and the tympanist directed these events.

Two realtors and several lawyers rounded out the group with my mother, pianist (she was really good, a conservatory Peep). I was so impressed with these Peeps, who obviously loved music so much, that they came to our house to rehearse. Always 'rehearse'...never played a concert, to my knowledge.

A few of the attractions were:

Obligatory keg of beer
Truckloads of food
Love of music
Large living-room
Periodic escape from hardships
and horrible news of WWII...

Some of their wives and lady friends attended. My father—the farmer--told often, stories—sprinkled with humor--from his own life of sightless darkness. He was a popular guy in any group wherever he found himself...maybe because he lived with utter JOY in spite of his handicap.

My mother eventually thought I was 'ready for my debut' with the group, and so I got to sit in from that moment on. I was age 9.

These were my first orchestral experiences. I loved being accepted as part of a working group of adults.

It was my first experience with alcohol, and I also fell immediately in love with beer, but especially Brandy, Bourbon, and Benedictine, my three B's. These matched my other three favorite B's...Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms!

Peep if you are still here, you have just witnessed a turning-point in my life, musically and alcoholically. Seventy years later, the violin continues to be a great part of my life. Thirty years after that first binge, alcohol—my best friend--failed me, no longer supplied the relief I needed.

Alcoholics Anonymous has saved my life.
Music helps to save my soul.

May 19, 2012

Drawing: Google Images

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Cedar Waxwings


Sought in vain and always--
that language universal
Peeps acting this drama, life,
not understanding, no rehearsal.

Yet, “What a Wonderful World”
everyone sings, knows, that
smiling and shaking of hands;
(even if from other lands!)

Singing, saying
"How d'ya do!”
In truth, saying

Lo and behold,
verses of the poet!
On refrain be told in
music's sweetest melody

what's right, not wrong
with the world I see
in you, Peep
--and me.

a duet: Two birds,
of LOVE forever warbling
when high noon
meets full moon.

We sing,
We pray
and say

"Trust, we must--
in God, thine and mine.”
Never ever
let loose of the Vine.

In God we are so entwined,
and safe now, my friend.
Remembering well the beginning,
Knowing only...there is no end

May 15, 2012

IMAGE: Two birds in a tree 
by Earthmagic
in DeviantArt
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Friday, May 11, 2012


     The Master told this story about the way people look at other people:
     Soon after his marriage, the Master lived on the tenth floor of a city apartment. His young wife one day stepped out of the shower to reach for a towel. She froze! There, outside the window, was a window washer looking at her. A whole minute passed as she stood rooted to the ground, too stunned to move a muscle.
     The man broke the spell. “What's the matter lady?” he said. “Haven't you ever seen a window washer?”

by Anthony De Mello

Monday, May 7, 2012


New color scheme and header is 
gift from a blogger friend. 
Thank you, Dulce. I like!

(Dedicated to my wonderful Peeps!) 

Other than golden,
sweet noise is
silence beholden

For meditation,
perfect prose
is a pleasant void

Wonderful healing!
Like stealing
a moment from God

The loudest prayer
He will hear
is my secret thought

While I contemplate,
such sweetness
as in God and YOU!


 May 8, 2012

(First Haiku attempt!
 Yes or no--
please do let me know!) 

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Silence--by Donjuki
in DeviantArt

Saturday, May 5, 2012



As children, we gathered,
joined hands, danced, sang
pocket full of posies..."

As we "all fell DOWN", 
 a dizziness sustained
was enjoyably confusing.

Most of this week, I have been unbalanced. 
Peeps say to me, 
"Steve, that's nothing new to YOU--grin!"
(Special friendly 'double-meaning' there!

Experiencing Vertigo is not new to me. 
Few hours or for DAYS, no warning;
the condition descends on my  body
like devil might suddenly enter my mind

It can be debilitating,
as whether awake or 'asleep'...
whole world spinning fast around
--in wrong direction!

On this occasion, the disease
of impermament unbalance 
allows me to walk Very Carefully,
hanging onto doors, walls and furniture.

Hanging also on full moon out there 
so beautiful--behind little trees 
on top of deforested mountain.

And Peeps! I am SO grateful to HAVE 
doors, walls, and furniture
and dizzy moon which IS full!
Full of happiness...and YOU!

Get well soon! 
(I wrote that so you don't have to, OK?)
A silent kind thought, and a prayer will do...



Image: DeviantArt
The Sky is Dizzy
by jedimario.jpg