Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


At midnight I am usually outside doing my 'thing'. Put it this way:  Nobody says to me "GOOD dog, BIG boy! You waited until we let you outside!"  As they would pat me on the back, shoulders, and then feed me. You gotta own four legs to get that kind of treatment.

Also I speak with the growing things, tell them "Good Night!" etc. I used to talk with grass while walking on it. I'd apologize to the blades of the glades, as if by walking on them I was hurting them. I believe still today that some sort of feeling is involved, maybe pain.. No guys! I am NOT 'doing' acid...

So last night I shot one of the plants as they were going to sleep--or whatever flowered plants DO at night. Hmmmmm!--grin! This morning as the sun began drying those droplets of fogginess, I got another picture of those bright, shining faces all in their places.


 It is these ongoing, constant miracle-mysteries which intrigue me. Sure, these little buds neither toil nor spin--whatever the hell that means--but they DO go to sleep when it's dark, and wake with the sun, as most of the world. Like me. Like you.


  1. :) You are just lovely!

    Roald Dahl has a short story where apparently everything has feeling in it. The roses scream as they are cut from the stem, the hedge sobs in anguish as it's being trimmed...etc. I have a lot of imagination and this story stayed with me.:)

    Have a great day!

  2. smiles. i like those little daily miracles....gentle reminders...have a great day steve...

  3. See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you...

    LOVE That reflection today!

  4. Inspiring your reflections are dear Steve. And yes, life is a miracle much bigger than we humans in this 3rd dimnsion can ever get to notice...
    Love your background here

  5. As Greenhouse Gordy says, 'The sun comes up and the sun goes down.' Life asserts itself in all it's splendor.

  6. People say I have a green thumb. You know what? I talk to my plants.

  7. a glorious post, imho... and a beautiful new scape in which to enjoy it....lovely lovely...i am so glad you are not the 'good dog' sort, how boring....xoxoxo

  8. Just like me & you. The Beauty of nature is so inspiring!

  9. CES!
    You are Fun-nee!
    We have an Adams photo ( B I G ) one depicting a half dozen dolphins doing their early morning surfing exercises. You are good friend!

    Will look for Roald Dahl in library--in children's Section? I'll Google it. The topic interests me MUCH! Thank you.

    I like that you smile a lot around these blogs. If Brian is smiling EVERYONE is smiling--smile!

    How GLAD I am that you follow here! And you write the nicest words, and you MEAN it! The people you sponsor are fortunate, IMO! (smile!)

    Many dimensions--all one, integrated, united, connected, intertwined. All from One source!
    I TOO, L O V E my new blog face, also who designed it--YOU! Thank you. Thank you. PEACE!

    Is that the Gordy from Chippewa, Wisconsin? If so, we DO think a lot alike. Thank for Andrew!
    PEACE to you, Man-Friend!

    When you get my age, you will hear them talking back to you, Tess--grin! (But not while they sleep!!!!)

    But I AM the 'good dog' kinda guy. SOMEBODY has to water those flowers! Sorry! Truth is truth!
    However, PEACE at any price--I'll not do it again--grin! PEACE! Have good thoughts, girl.

    And we know only a little--just do not realize HOW little! Inspiring, yes. Power of ten (into a leaf) still has my mind boggled (or is that 'BLOGGED'???--grin!) Same thing, LOL!

  10. The new design of your site is refreshing. I love the violin on the beach. I am usually just getting home from work, while you are out doing your nightly roam. Flowers, I long for flowers....I can hardly wait for the first blade of grass, the first blossoms. Peace to you. Jane

  11. ... yes, always wonders, small and large ..
    the joy that makes life beautiful ... I'm just the "life-awakening-to-noise": a new human being is born ... the trees stretch their buds in the sun ... the birds sing in anticipation of spring, wonderful Songs ... I love this...too the new background - I love the sea ...

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! You are a riot!!! Heheheheheh! Aaaaahhhh! I sure am reading and giggling. Thank you.

  13. Glad that it's nature you're out communing with at midnight. Flowers need their rest too. :)
    Love the new header!!

  14. JUST JANE!
    Thanks! Glad you like the design, I do also. A friend in the canary Islands did it for me, I will credit her one day soon on a blog posting.
    YEAH, I LOVE green stuff, or red, brown or computer's 18,000,000 colors. Are they kidding?

    How pleasant it is to greet YOU here now and then. Thanks for the nice words, I will write soon about the Peep who used blogger to design my blog.

    What more is there to say, woman. You--loaded--are a breath of fresh air! I meant loaded with talent--grin! And yet humility is a part of you...and it becomes you.

  15. I do think that trees feel some sort of pain when they are shredded and torn down. I recently saw that happening for a road widening. It was painful for me to watch.

  16. SYD!
    Yes...imagine BEING a tree! Defenseless.

  17. I think those little gems need their beauty sleep, just as we do. I dont know how I missed your new blog but I am so glad to see you again!!

  18. Steve, Roald Dahl may be in the children's section...a lot of his writing certainly appeals to young adults even while it can be appreciated for its depth by grown ups.

    The book in which this short story is found is called "Completely Unexpected Tales" and is a very good collection of stories.

    Hope you enjoy it.:)