Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Sunday, March 27, 2011


The "Cloud Of Unknowing"
...a favorite of mine, 
has become part of my opinion, 
of which everything expressed here...IS!


Whether a poem, painting, phraseology of theology, the internal combustion engine, a Wagner Opera, architectural structure, sculpture, or a 'black hole' in outer space, matters little. I need know nothing about it, except how to paint or draw it, play it, compose it, fix it, preach it, carve it...and/or ENJOY it! My attempts to understand it will only fall short of real knowledge.

After all these things are gone--everything, even us, them and those--what is left will be but one attribute, one mark, one characteristic, and that one has forever been and is being given, received, sent, wanted, needed. It is used for supporting, healing, nurturing, helping...well, it is  L O V E !

To understand love is not possible. To give without selfish motive, to graciously receive, to let this simplest, yet most profound love of my Higher Power shine through me is a goal. The real and true goal is to come closer to that Higher Power, GOD, in learning his will for me, and seek His help in how best to serve.

"Our intense need to 'understand' will always be a powerful stumbling block to our attempts to reach God in simple love, and must always be overcome. For if you do not overcome this need to understand, it will undermine your quest. It will replace the darkness which you have pierced to reach God with clear images of something which, however good, however beautiful, however Godlike, is not God."

"And so I urge you, go after experience rather than knowledge. On account of pride, knowledge may often deceive you, but this gentle, loving affection will not deceive you. Knowledge tends to breed conceit, but love builds. Knowledge is full of labor, but love, full of rest."
---The Cloud of Unknowing, 
Anonymous  c. 1375 AD


  1. Yes, Love/God cannot be known. It can only be experienced.

  2. Oh, Steve... this is such a well written post expressing your thoughts.

    I have read that book CLoud of Unknowing years ago, and it had such an impact on me.

    Now that you mention it, I should read it again.

    The painting by Linda that you shared in your post before this one is so beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. love, what a powerful thing, we will never truly know more than just tastes...love that pic!!!

  4. Cool beans- that Quote-
    How best to give ? from where ever self isn't.
    Happy Sunday.

  5. Hi, Steve!!!

    I love your comments on my blog, by the way!!! They are not too long at all!!! You make me laugh! I read the one about your bow flying through the orchestra...oh MY!!!! I can't imagine!!! That is every violinist's nightmare!!!! I'd love to hear more of that story!!! You're like me, I have tons of music in my head, too!

    I've never heard of this "Cloud of Unknowing" but wow, I love what you have put here, about releasing that need to understand and know "why". This is what faith is. Faith doesn't have to know "why", we only have to know Who Is, the great I AM and in that find our peace. Wow...this really ministers to me today, because I am one of those that always seeks to understand and answer the "why" questions, and isn't satisfied until I have an answer. Sometimes it is best to simply rest in the unknown and trust our Heavenly Father.

    Thank you for sharing this!!!! Blessings!

  6. i hear you.
    i always hear you.
    didnt i tell you.
    that you are like this shiny star.
    over at my place.
    my dark side, i mean.
    you know.
    i never notice.
    that people will actually notice.
    what i wrote (silly thing i wrote..).
    one of those people.
    is you.

    so i thank you.

  7. bytheway, of course i remember you.
    thats why i always say:
    (hi, Steve).

  8. bytheway #2:
    im with this Andrew "peep" (you see, i always hear you, Steve!): Yes, Love/God cannot be known. It can only be experienced.

    in him i taste God.
    by "him" i mean my Love.
    by "my Love" i mean my one and only inspiration.

    Gudnite, Steve!

  9. Some days there is so much here to take in...I'll need to read this one over a few more times before I feel I've digested it enough to even comment...but yet, comment I did.

  10. oh, Stev philosophize? ... about God? ... about love?...
    ... both are important ... both are not tangible ... but both are real ..
    ... I am God met and I met the love ... they have changed my life, both - God and the love ....

  11. I was at the park with The Viking, playing with Daisy when I got your first two comments. Thank you Steve.

    Now the third message. I always like that word lagniappe. It makes me think of a sweet tart, the kind that is rolled and has sweet cream in the middle. Yummy!

    Thank you Steve, you are so kind to me. I am preparing Lindol for shipment. I am sorry it took me a whole week. I was so exhausted from my vacation and plunging to immediately to work where I was faced with a problem I needed to solve immediately.

    I appreciate your visits. Tsup!

    P.S. May I please see your wall? Thanks.

  12. ANDREW!
    How wonderfully right you are!

    When I read a book like "Cloud of the Unknowing" it occurs to me that nothing ever, EVER...is new--all has been said, written thought and done before. Just the technology has changed a bit.

    Thanks for your support in being here often! And 'taste' we will...and do!

    So much you say in so few words--wish I could do that!

    Kimberly, I meet only few in my life who can actually 'hear' the whole orchestra playing the great symphonies, etc. Today, I was playing (in my mind) one of those gems (Diamonds--grin?), a Mozart Piano Trio, 1st movement, could not name, but I was 'playing' in b-flat, so that's probably the key. I have 99% Perfect Pitch. Once in a blue moon, I'll be off by a quarter tone or so--but that's only with train whistles!!! When I'm 'playing' something, I DO know what key, because I'm 'playing' it...did that make sense. I LOVE talking about this stuff with you, hope our blogs don't drift apart...PEACE!

  13. Loved this post my friend! I was always so busy trying to understand God, or his love, or his forgiveness, until he did for me what I could not do for myself. Now I no longer search for it. Let go and let God, and the miracles just happen...

    Hope you know that this morning you had me smiling, laughing, crying, thinking (That's the BAD one!) and reading the nicest remarks from the nicest Peep of this Sunday. Fervently I hope you are cheered from time to time with all these comments flying about.

    Within time your whole outlook and attitude on life will change. Maybe that has already happened. Meanwhile, draw when your muse directs it, when and IF your one inspiration will again activate. But you can write these 'simply' PROFOUND thoughts any time--no inspiration need apply.

    Really, all your words are precious to me--but the ones I really "need" are those which say simply, "I was here." Thank you, and Yes....PEACE!

    Ahhhh! You are learning who is this "has-been, also-ran" Peep named Steve E. Well, I am honestly SO enthusiastic about life, freedom, love, the Universe and God, that I finding it difficult to live with me...but where I go, so does me. Blessings

    I'm glad you got to read, especially from my heart--I mean, the other stuff IS fun, and I LOVE it--as you know--to a point...and I am usually the one to overdo.

    No 'wall' until I move, and receive The Young Lindol
    but you sure will KNOW ABOUT IT WHEN IT HAPPENS!

  15. Found you at your new blog!
    Beautiful post, Steve.
    I hope you are well and life is good!

    Blessings to you!

    Margie :)

  16. MARGIE!
    You're HERE!
    You're BACK!
    I'm SO glad!
    Well and Good! Well...Good?
    See...same ole, same ole--grin!
    You always say nice things, so please return.

  17. 'Go after experience rather than knowledge...love builds.' What a valuable insight I need to heed.

  18. I have realized that we don't have to understand God, we have to believe that there exists an entity beyond and greater than the small "i" of my humanity, and it is in that knowing that I understand love, peace, serenity and the soul of others....thank you for this post!
    xo Gabi

  19. The "cloud of unknowing" is such a powerful concept. I'll be thinking about this all week.

  20. PAUL C!
    Thanks for coming by. I needed to heed also when I read them some years ago.

    For me, this is all deep stuff, so I am learning to TRY to keep it all simple. Seems like LOVE takes care of so much so-called "understanding"...

    And to think, this anonymous book was written before Columbus set sail for the Indies. BTW, YOUR work on these blogs is FABULOUS, I needed to say that! PEACE!