Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, March 7, 2011



I would not post this day's happening, if it did not almost bring me to anger-- I am guilty of everything else...but not anger!

This happened Monday March 7, 2011.

It is 7 AM Monday. 80-100 people are standing out in the morning's coolness, laughing, telling stories, friendly shouts all about. Small groups of recovering alcoholics sound as if they were leaving the Do-Drop-Inn at 3  AM. Normal sounds, as I happily (really!) ride up on my scooter. After parking--I call it 'docking'--I look around the 24-Hour Club to greet any special friends. And the following happens just too often:

I spotted a new guy about age 50, ultra thin--like the cigarettes he chain smokes. He is shaking, a bit unkempt (OK...a LOT unkempt!), scared, alone. As I shook his hand (sticky!), our conversation very nearly went like this......

ME:  "I'm Steve, I'm an alcoholic! Are you new at this meeting?"

HE:  "I'm Joe, I'm an alcoholic, too. This is my first AA meeting ever."

How long you been standing here?

'Bout 15 minutes.

Has anybody said anything to you?

Nope. Only you.

Let's talk.

OK. First, where's the bathroom?
Follow me, Joe...when you come out, I'll be waiting here.

(Note: nearly 100 people drinking coffee, eating pastry,
milling about, while Joe stood there among them, shaking, trembling, obviously ill. Nobody even said "Hello!" Yet, the Primary Purpose of an AA group is to help the alcoholic who is still suffering.

This would have pissed me, except that I felt my heart soften for this man. I decided to concentrate on him.)

Back to story:
Joe walked right behind me like would a sick puppy dog.
We took a couple chairs in the beginners' meeting. Joe, about age 50, could hardly walk. 
When one of us says "I'm Steve, I'm an alcoholic", and the other reveals himself, instant friendship arises. There occurs a certain trust and understanding between any two Peeps with a like illness--cancer, back injury, etc.

Neither of us would go to hell. We'd already been there.

During the meeting--these words from my new pigeon:
"My name is Joe, I'm a alcoholic. I been tryin' for years
to get sober, but I keep fallin' into that same rut--that pit.

I'll just go into the bar for one or two. Next thing I barely know, it is one or two in the morning, I'm so drunk I can't walk.

Joe continued: "I know now I can't do this by myself.
I've got to have help. I'm asking for help, please."

Joe has called me twice so far today, and we will meet in the morning before the 7 AM meeting. And, HEY, people! I did not become angry. I suddenly realized that God was doing for me what I could not do for myself. He sent me a drunk to help...on a day I really, REALLY needed one. Thank You, God!


  1. smiles. i am glad you were there steve...a divine moment...

  2. Dear Steve e,
    It's fine that you were able to see the blessing in disguise, or rather a dual blessing.
    It is good that you still have eyes to see and a compassionate heart.
    Pray that your fellow hundred also will become equally blessed.

  3. I believe you, God did send you what you needed. Yesterday a client (Patient) I have cared for, for the past 7 years died. She was fairly young, and spent the last 42 years of her life having seizures everyday. Sometimes two or three. She taught me so much. I loved her. She started having seizures at the age of twelve. It damaged her brain, and confined her to a wheelchair. She always had a good (great) attitude, and a joke.
    Anyway, I had to go to work today. I care for a total of 3 people, now down to two. It was a very sad day at work.
    I had to grieve silently, as I cared for the other ladies. A kitten was wandering in the middle of the street. It was frostbitten, and starving, and sick. I did what I could for the kitten. I gave it water, food, a blanket. I could not let it indoors, as it is against the rules. I called the police, who dispatched an officer to come to collect the little helpless kitten, and take it to safety.
    God sent me that kitten, today. I believe that I needed to feel useful and distracted. I couldn't breakdown in front of people who depend on me. Long peep...I apologize. Peace, Jane

  4. It's lovely to see a bit of God shining through you, Steve.

  5. Es muy triste que haya poca gente que se preocupe de los demás.

    Creo que darse hace feliz, y tú tienes que serlo.

    Un beso.

  6. One + One= a Dimension, that's a title STEVE!
    So suitable to this post. Yes, your own dimension spreads out, it is contageous, and therefore so formidable and helpful to others. I pray the 50-year-old guy finds that dimension and spirituality you've achieved in life.

    Hugs, PEACE and LOVE



  7. Thanks Steve. I see this same thing all too often.

  8. Down through time, God has blinded the eyes of many to achieve the divine. Joe needed you and you needed Joe and God made that happen. :) Maybe Joe needed to feel the fear and doubt before he could value the gift you had to give.

  9. It does not matter in the end. He found the right person!!!

  10. steve - this is a gift you have - you SEE the people...glad you were there..

  11. BRIAN! and FELISOL!
    Yes, these are experiences that only a God could arrange, and also let us to 'see' and enjoy. It is in the Plan!

    You 'got' it girl. When we suffer a loss, often is provided someone who needs help, who can alleviate our own suffering Thank you.

    Guess God will shine where God wishes, even though sometimes He shines through a slight crack in the wall of denial! But you know all that TK!
    Love your comment!

    Ayudar a los demás me permite ser libre ... y feliz, sabiendo que yo estoy haciendo la voluntad de Dios. AHORA - ¡Si yo pudiera hacer más, y más a menudo, que sería mejor.
    LA PAZ!

    Why do some 'get it' and others do not? Why are some wealthy, and others paupers? Who knows. But hopefully, when there is an opportunity to help someone, we do not turn our backs--as I sometimes do also. But WHO is perfect? Oh! I forgot...YOU--grin!!!
    Hugs for you, and PEACE!

    Hey, you are so right. And often it is I who am guilty of being selfish: too tired, too busy...yeah, right!
    PEACE, my friend

    "Maybe Joe had to feel the fear and doubt". YOU have given the answer to what I should know...but forget all too often! GOD is in charge. Nothing I can do will diminish or add to His accomplishments. Thank you, THANK YOU!

    In a flash of humility, I agree with YOU! Thanks
    and yes, God does God's thing no matter what!

    (FMI) When do you sleep? On a desk at work?--grin! I know, I KNOW! None of my BUSINESS!
    PEACE? Anyway?

    Oh, while I'm here, might as well tell you

    With so great insight, you tell me I 'see' those people who are at the turning point. But I can only see, when that cloud is not in front of my eyes. Same cloud which invades my brain.
    YOU are a fav, girl!

  13. I am glad that you were there to greet him and talk to him. It could make all the difference in the world for both of you.

  14. Joe's a lucky guy, you brought tears to my eyes with the story, a great reminder of OUR primary purpose

  15. SYD!
    Right you are...we met again today, Wednesday.

    J, I don't know how long you've been sober, but you either DO or soon WILL have many such stories of your own--numerous miracles, in which God allows you (or any of us) to participate.
    Let's both of us stay sober today, OK? !!!!

  16. I guess it happens sometimes like that, being used of God, when you least expect it...I'm sure you are a blessing, maybe even someone's angel. :)

  17. It looks to me that YOU were the drunk this man needed to meet :)

    Keeping it simple, right?

  18. This is such a warm story to read.

    Thank you for having been there for Joe.