Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Sunday, October 21, 2012



Since I don't "know" anything
I can only suspect that a title
should have been awarded me.

"World Worry-Wart 1943-2010". (www.)

Now I wish to trade my unawarded title.
Joy rules! New mantra:

"What a Wonderful World!" (www.)

Lyrics to a song of c.1943, 
as sung by Gene Kelly:

"If you worry, if you worry,
if you bother your head.

It won't help you
it won't help you,
it will hurt you instead.
You can laugh and sing and dance 

as gaily as an elf,

B U T.....
Don't expect to get much help
unless you help yourself"... 

"Worry"--out the window 
Oh let the sunshine in!

PEACE and JOY, Peeps!
Steve E

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


 Yesss, it is still me
so busy bee,
being here--or there
certainly somewhere.

Too often, too busy.
Continuous quarrel within:
is this--or that--sin?

Do I live under
my cafeteria
of criteria,
rather than suffer 
in deliria?

Put it to rest with a "grin"... 

"busy" waits. However,
"hovering" sometimes 
owns my soul, brain,
Pride and Ego remain (HA!)

I've learned--
and sometimes forgot,
this program for recovery
is not a plot...but 
a "new way of life"  

 Must remember:
in my veins--sap,
not blood. but
spiritual strength
passed from God 
through you Friends.

OH! My Peeps!
Needing you now:
nurturing kindnesses
to heal heart-scars;
suturing experiences for 
sewing soul's open wounds.

So busy!
Being there and here,
everywhere...is it why
--except for this moment--
I be happy, free, 
joyfully SOBER?

It always happens in October (true!)
that memory-bytes return to tell me
I should not be allowed to enjoy this 
freedom from chaos, fear. 
Oh God...please heal
my SELFishNESS. 

No wish to isolate
nor again hibernate.
Let me be busy
but not so busy
that I do not recognize 
Your Presence in 
my Peeps.

Knowing nothing,
believing anything, 
I ask You God, to lift 
small corner of the 
curtain of my unknowing.

 --Steve E  (aka steveroni) 
Posted with only  
14 minutes to go


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Thursday, October 11, 2012


Beautiful flowers, petals gold
GAWD! How did I get so old.
Came out here to mow the grass,
but first had to plant my ass
in the wet stuff


Yesss...before work,

as in
with dessert,
salad last on menu;
(use a  fork, el stupido
in such polite venue..."
Awwright, no more  bluff--
got to go
and mow.


But wait! May I not have
one last sniff of snuff?
(singing) "Hi Ho-Hi Ho" Etc.

Taking off shirt
No more shirk
from work--
and wet stuff

Photos and poem by Steveroni

NOTE: 2 weeks, and mow it again!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Posted on dVerse Poets Pub 
(Open 3 PM every Tuesday)

This image to whom I speak,
she is my desktop. Shhhhh!
I am talking to her now.

All is quiet,
In pre-light stillness
of passing dark moment
of night's darkest.

Settling in--dense fog.
I shall ride to meeting in total
enjoyment, lost in thoughts
...and memories.

And my favorite of these?
Pick one, sweet dear, I bid
you....from yesteryear,
remembrance nearly hid.

I am chatting with her now.
Almost silently.
In fantasy.

Still again, all quiet,
daylight wins match
over black night.

Dense fogginess!
Slow ride to meeting
total enjoyment as I,

steeped in thoughts--
accompanying birdsong
and sweetest memories.

Steve E   (aka steveroni)

Friday, October 5, 2012


Self Awareness   (Google Images) 

A reason for praying, meditating,
regularly and often:

To avoid being dragged
into miseries of Peeps
I meet and greet daily, 
I ask for awareness. 
Regularly. Often.

Higher Power has sent me
some few who are at
bottom of life's barrel.
Or so they believe,
or maybe perceive.

Need to review, renew and
refresh my attitude, my gratitude,
regularly and often...

...I ask for the gift of humility.
That virtue is alien to my nature.
One Peep I know is a 'living futility'
I try to make sure he sees, agrees,
that God works in him...not I,
as he climbs from pit of denial
to that place where he can 
look me in the eye
...and smile!

Another I watched with care
during an eight-month growth--
no psycho-doc, no counselor.
We climbed 12 steps together
(God held him close--tethered!)
from despair to breathe fresh air,
to live, laugh, and love more.
Placed self on
farthest shelf.

And occasionally I feel
not abused...
but so 'used'--
sneak away. In private, kneel.

Gratefully meditate.
Humbly pray.

Steve E  (aka steveroni)

Monday, October 1, 2012


Written and posted for

Believe this--I know nothing about many things.
Even don't know when the clapper claps
if the bell sounds, resounds, sings, rings.

Whether heaven is or ain't
or whether any such Peep
named sinner...or saint, is
not necessarily the point.

Neither here nor there (or
maybe IS there and here?)

The artist* is much like (unto) God.
Talented, creates her Peeps,
places them in desired location,
land and seascapes, village, nation,
emanating from erupting soul, her love.
Now...is that not like her God above?
Trees, breeze, leaves, created
with pen(s), ink(s) and blank sheets

Girl climbs mountain thousand miles away,
violinist plays tunes--glad, sad songs.
Tunes at distant tombs, plays them today
and through all of earth-giving/// BONG!...BONG!
(Not sure. Was a clapper clapping?
Was a bell ringing?)
ALARM CLOCK!!! Sheeesh.

Are heavenly Peeps singing, laughing? If
relatives watching, what FUN must they enjoy.
"See? Steve is riding that scooter on Tamiami Trail!"
Five uncles and One aunt,
wishing to ride--but can't.

Are dozens of my sainted cousins
feeling Burt's softness?
Kitty-cat, five inches long,
rescued 15 years before
from under wood pile next door
one cold, rainy and dark December night...

Souls living in complete, perfect happiness:
When I lie down in bed,
kitty wrapped around my head
purring, nuzzling neck, licking face--hmmmm!.

As those saints look earthward and see
do they ever wish that, for just a moment,
they were me?
Probably not!--grin!

But I can only think in humor human,
smiling during reveries such as these.

Steve E  (aka steveroni)