Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Think we'll ever grow up?


"The evil which men do lives after them.
The good is oft interred with their bones."

--Mark Antony: speech in Julias Caesar

Does it happen to every man, that at a certain age,
A little boy is trying desperately to break out?
To escape grownupship?

I was / am always that kid.
Adults everywhere, always--
Well, they act so mature...
Seemingly not just going somewhere
But they know WHERE!
Somehow, in some way, I
Admire that.
(Although I do like to surprise myself!)

Then again, mostly,
That little bird which
I am, I love to be.

(Recalling my poem:
"Fly little bird
Fly with the wind.
For if you don't
You'll have sinned.......")

Tweet, Tweet
Just be.
Just me.
Who else ever?

During my earlier life
I was always--always someone else.
Full of wisdom, Power
Handsome, with good teeth!

My childlike world of
Fantasy, make-believe lasted,
Well, long--until today at least

Maybe it was / is an escape
From becoming an adult.

When little boy
Has 'grownup' day
He becomes
Astute, in a way.
So all the Peeps will say
"Isn't he fine, smart and a
Good-looking young man?"
(They--sightless ones--grin!.)

'Cause, ugly as sin
Here me be,
Finally, really me.

No more nor less than
A hunk of clay
Forkful of hay
and, to be sure.....
A bit of manure!

Man's evil lives long on its own.
Good oft forgot, as is his very bone.


  1. Being a grown up is overrated, in my humble opinion. I love to be all things. I think of being a grownup is like losing your imagination, all the possibilities in the clouds just pass by unnoticed. We have time to grow up, in Heaven. I am going to be child like in my 50 year old body, and hope to be so in my 91 year old body, as well.
    Peace to you, my friend,

  2. the manure is for the aroma...smiles. we all fail fall in that quest to fly and the boy always tries to break free...the key is in keepinf the youthfulness witht he maturity we gain...

  3. You've come a long way indeed, my friend :-) I think (and hope) that our goodness lingers far longer than the evil we do.

  4. Ph my goodness, this photograph makes me cringe. They are so vulnerable. They do need to grow up and grow down or feathers and wings to fly.

    As for you - DO NOT GROW OLD!!!

    I like you just the way you are or with every new surprise you manage to let squeak out.

  5. That should be Oh not Ph. but having typed Ph I hope your pH is balanced today. Hahahaha! Hey! hey! I am near you, just next door! Ssshhhh! Don't mention to anyone. Okay?

  6. Steve, I've come to see that the quicker I try to grow up, the more life shows me it doesn't want for me to do that. Maybe it's not a matter of "growing up" but just "growing." I don't think we ever completely grow up. We just live and learn, a little bit at a time, how to walk on those legs with a little less wobble. And boy, what a task even that is! So why not keep that inner child forever, even if we want to pretend we're all old and wise?

    Keep spreading your cheer, Steve! :-)


  7. think it's not easy to grow up in a good way without forgetting the child in us - and we shouldn't forget it - it's something precious to be kept in one line with all our grown up maturity and responsibilities

  8. Add the influences that shape our thoughts as we grow and we can be either in trouble or idylic.

  9. Crecer sin dejar atrás al niño que dentro guardamos, para poder mirar con dulzura, para poder sentir la inocencia y la belleza tal cual nos llega, para no hacer juicio antes de conocer, y en la madurez amar con la poderosa fuerza de su locura, sin vergüenzas ni detenimientos.

  10. NEVINE!
    You are a distributor of wisdom these days. (And as we get real old, that 'wobbly-leg' thing returns. Thank you for your "cheery" remark. PEACE, Nevine...

    Forgetting that 'child within'? Hardly my defect--or maybe it IS?--grin! Like anything--a trip, violin playing, a marriage, a profession--if I don't remember the beginnings, I'd NEVER know how I got here!

    What about "idyllic trouble"? Shaped, molded, diced, and mixed, that's about how we are.

    Dear Ms Las Palmas.
    What a beautiful island where you live. Enjoy it!

    As for your comment, WOW! GOSH! So deep. A Spanish friend translated it for me--the automatic tranducer did not make sense.The accurate translation was FAR more insightful, written with wisdom, and it warmed my heart.
    Thank you!

  11. JUST JANE!
    "Grown up being overrated"--yes, but you know I've been thinking ('thinking', a bad occupation for me!) that at least I no longer have to guess and wonder when will come my daily beating...morning noon, or night. I LIKE what you said. PEACE!

    All kinds of youthfulnes
    All types of maturity
    I'm still sorting

    Scott. as year piles onto year, you either come the long way--or you die. I have 'grown up' to LOVE living. Thanks for your comment

    GOSH! I am so far behind with you (blogs, drawings, wise literary contributions--but I'll stay up late one night an catch up!!! My pH is still under development--grin! (Whispering the following--are you in Ft Myers, or Tampa, or, I know...Miami! Almost rode that far today, Sunday! Like the song "Near You", can hear it playing now in my head!

  12. hello.

    my blog is like a broken-heart-lovelorn but you always cheer it up, so i thank you.

    -you know who

  13. I'm so grateful for a process, which by threat of death, forces me to see the good graces in others as I experience life as me, the flawed fallible lump of human flesh that I am, thank GOD for devine spirituality that lives and breaths beyond my best intensions which so often are selfish and self-serving without even meaning to be, I just think (cause I thought it and decided it) that I know best what should be.


    I'm so glad God said those who take a position of child-like faith are the ones who are protected and provided for surpassing the flaws. :)

    When I spot your name in the comment list, I KNOW that I will receive a giant dose of spirituality, a BIG chunk of AA, and some consoling words to let
    me know that God IS still in charge--not me.

    He 'talks' to me through you, of course. You knew that! So...keep talking, and visit here when you feel like it. PEACE!

    Don't ever 'grow up'...or GIVE up! Glad to see you come by. --You-know-who! {PEACE!)

  15. First of all -- your header and quote is magnificent. Your words resonant wisdom of self. -- barbara

  16. I love being a flawed, fragile, strong and complex human being who can still be molded, still has room to grow and can still be human...thank you today for the brilliant reminder of all that is amazing about us...