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Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Sometimes we remember how we met people, sometimes it remains a mystery. I cannot say how Linda and I met--blogging, of course!  I believe that when two or more meet--no matter the venue--and are still friends-in-contact months and years after, that the chances are good that for whatever reason, God had a part in it. I have learned oh! in so many instances, never second-guess God!

Linda and I have been blog-friends since late in '08 or at least by 2009. Attracting me was her blog header, a painting of a farm scene. From the first, I admired that painting--over months I noticed it changing, the colors, the farm animals, the barns, the yard, the fencing, the  pastures. It reminds me of the farm where I spent my youth.

One day Linda wrote to say she would give me a print of that header which I so loved.  She sent me this beautiful Farm Scene, and I'm blogging Linda today:

(Picture taken at night, no flash, low light. 
I may replace it with daylight photo...
I do not like my flash pics.)


This picture just arrived last night at 9 PM, and it will not be hung in my (new) gallery until I move, in a couple weeks. So I just laid it out on my bed to show you "THE FARM". Enjoy Linda's work HERE. Please visit her. She is bedridden much of the time, and in pain.



  1. that pic is gorgeous...the colors are vibrant...love it!!!

  2. My question is...why are these women giving you gifts? :)

    It's a beautiful painting.

  3. BRIAN!
    You just love all kinds of the 'arts'. Do you paint or draw (or squiggle)? Thank for coming by...oh, and PEACE!

    "Because they love me!" (He says through copious amounts of humility, with a dash of nonchalance." I really should be asking YOU the question, because you have given me some also (4) Yessss--the elephant is framed and just looks ELEGANT dancing between the nuts.

    Seriously, I never received gifts like these ever before...in my whole LIFE! So maybe it is because y'all know JUST HOW MUCH I appreciate--L O V E--them, and YOU-all! How 'bout THAT?

  4. Steve, you are gifted because you are a gift.

  5. God but I hate that word verification.

  6. What a beautiful tribute to a friend. I love the ocean scenes on your blog. Very energetic, yet serene.

  7. ... the colors inspire me ...
    some time ago I could not follow Linda's blog, I was at my daughter's PC ...
    I am pleased with this colorful art, photos and thoughts ...
    Good for you to have a picture ... this is beautiful ...

  8. steve, my sweet bright fruit of a human bean....what to do with you, what to say about you for your generous spirit...i have come to realize in life that those blessed with trials in life expand in ways we can never understand...

    you, kindest of people, are one of those sufferers who has walked the coals and now loves more each day, the each day that is given him...my love and more for your amazing generosity in Spirit, your willingness to share your space with others, like myself, who really give you so little!! [--that's MY take, of course ;) the soul-full-ness YOU have to see ways to uplift the heart, as you have mine is awe inspiring...

    i hope those who read this today, this post, see my=your painting, realize it is yours because of who you are not because of who i am......i almost walked away from you, kind man that you are[and hellbent on destruction is my middle name!], what a pity that loss would have been....blessed are all the angels and Elohim themselves that i did not. xoxoxoxoxoxo

    ps-you have sent me lots of traffic so far... thank you, i needed that..if only to post something, anything NEW!

    xoxoxo i love you much and more than you can know, my friend.

    {{wv-a 10 'word' unreadable...sigh, i wish there was no need if there is?? please tell me why ................ i mean 10!!!!!!!!!!???}}}

  9. steve, "just because" makes me cry...very poignant, so beautifully said.....you must write more poetry, always it touches a place in my hard heart. xxx

    now to tackle - again - dreaded wv... i did it wrong last time too......sigh. xxxxxooooxoxoxoxox

  10. ANDREW!
    As you realize also--life for EACH of us is a gift--from God. Our only mission is to use the gift, pass it on, spreading God's own word to all who we meet. And besides He will even HELP us with that!

    I detest verifying also. I believe Peeps do not realize what a pain-in-the-ass it really IS.
    PEACE, friend!

    It is a sign of real empathy, for one to be happy when another receives a gift! Thank you!
    And you love color also! I believe God is a color-filled Spirit. Thanks for coming by! Like to 'see' you here!

    Thanks for commenting. I went to your blog, and must go back--just getting too tired, and I will comment (maybe I did--grin!) I love "Serene Energy"!!!

    WV? I don't know, maybe I have it and do not realize. I do know if ya got 8 or 10 of them in a row, and it's 2:37 AM, and you're gonna get up at 5 AM, it is not ease to read some of thos finely-tuned letters. I'll go see if it's ME......

  11. so beautiful even to someone who understands nothing about art. I too have made a really good friend through blogging. friends are a blessing

  12. It's easy to lose myself in this painting. The colors are beautiful, the details keep pulling me in, and the artist is obviously a sweet soul. :)

    "...someone who understands nothing about art." If you LIKE it--or NOT--you definitely have an "understanding"!

    JBT, I do not believe in "understanding" ANYTHING...by ANYBODY. There may be levels of knowledge, but appreciation is strictly in the eye of the beholder.

    CASE IN POINT: My father was sightless, but loved the touch, the smells, and something called "aura" around art and art places, like concert halls, museums, etc. He also was stone deaf the last 20 years of his life. Soooo? Sooo good to have you stop by, please do it again!

    Agree! And I tell you, my poor photo does not do it justice. Linda's blog (header) is more true to color, and detail than my photo of it.
    Thanks for your welcome comment!

  14. A magnificent piece of work! You are so fortunate :)

  15. KRISTIN!
    Lovely girl, thank you! Yes, the angels were smiling with me this week.