Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011



Good soldier
So proud
So sober
So spiritual
So sad

Ave Maria University
Mourning in the morning
We who stayed
To help others
Along their sober way

Asleep in car
Note in lap
That final goodbye
(Seems now so far)
To his friends, his Peeps.

Sleep in peace now my friend...

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Monday, June 27, 2011



"My best thinking is what brought me here”, is what some members of Alcoholics Anonymous say in a semi-humorous fashion. Actually, the disease “alcoholism” is more one of 'thinking', than 'drinking'. Once I stopped drinking, booze was not my problem.

I did not realize that my drinking was what it was, merely a symptom of that 'thinking' illness, alcoholism. So tonight, I'm 'thinking', not about drinking, but about THINKING. In doing so, I substituted the word 'drinking' with 'thinking'. Let's find out how that works:

I think, because it makes me 'feel good'.

My thinking makes me more sociable.

Thinking erases all my mistakes.

My thinking makes everything “OK”.

When NOT thinking, I am Restless, Irritable, and Discontent.

My thinking makes me believe people LOVE me.

Thinking got me drunk.

I got morning hangovers when I 'thought' too much.

Thinking landed me in jail.

Thinking caused my divorce.

Because of too much thinking, I lost my







And eight Job(s).

Most of these consequences—exception, jail-- occurred as a result of--or after I stopped—drinking.

So...to get better, to grow spiritually, to rid me of alcoholic insanity, I needed help: AA, a Higher Power (could be God? Hmmm!), a set of Steps to work on (a way to live without 'drugs'). A COMPLETE CHANGE in my thinking, attitude, behavior, my very outlook about life was/IS absolutely necessary.

NOTE: Alcoholic 'insanity' means doing over and over what I used to do, expecting other, better results.

NOTE #2: I'm a slow learner....


IMAGE: Anonymous. If an artist 
recognizes this work, please write

Saturday, June 25, 2011


 "Ancient Rainbow Oak" by LINDA *
(see below).


  Tear me limb from limb
Make me pain
See me bleed

Such long I've lived
And long loved

From my Father's seed
I grew in vain?
Down now. Take me
 But one more tree

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and let Monkey Man know, with a comment.
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* Image of ancient oak by LINDA,California Artist (and Blog Peep).
View her vividly colorful work. Read 
her interwoven philosophies and witticisms
at Vulture Peak Muse. Beautiful galleries.
Many works are listed for sale.
Presented With JOY!

Friday, June 24, 2011



A spark of energy bursts at the meeting of two people with like-minds. For example, as one alcoholic communicates with another, there is a common bond of “You 'know' me—I 'know' you.”

However, there is that requisite: it takes two or more which communicate for this spark to occur. Two prison inmates or two professors, bricklayers, attorneys, priests, artists, teachers, airline pilots...

Every discipline characteristically utilizes a language all its own. My profession is music which, by its nature, IS an audible language. Strange notations and signs translate—by the hands of a skilled musician—into sound-messages, which have power to stir emotions in all who 'feel' and/or 'hear'. (My father while deaf-blind, enjoyed putting his hand on my violin and 'hearing' the vibrations.) And, the discipline--this art, music--has its particular spoken language also.

When conversing with another of the same vocation, a certain feeling of camaraderie ensues—almost spiritual in nature. It is communing of two Peeps who studied and worked long and hard to achieve proficiency in their art.

Couple nights ago in FaceBook chat I met Kimberly, a violinist-blogger-Peep. We 'talked' music, symphony playing, auditions, practicing, teaching, etc. It is the first time I have enjoyed that special familiarity of mutual understanding, of being on the same musical wave length—through this blog-world.

During a “first conversation” with any working musician, I sense a similarity of that particular 'moment' when I first meet another recovering alcoholic. In the case of the alcoholic, the two of us experience instant comprehension of a past commonality. From helplessness and hopelessness, to rescue and recovery, we each found a way of living a happy life without booze or drugs.

Back to music and musicians: click on Kimberly and you will meet an enthusiastic blogger, and a true musician in every sense!

This morning I visited with a very talented man I used to play jobs with: flute trios, duets, in churches, banquet rooms and symphony halls. He is elderly. We talked of our years as soldiers in the symphonic armies, and of our musical lives today. I had been gently urged, brain-tugged, to ride to his home. A widower for several years, I found him lonely, and not very well. We discussed techniques of bowing, vibrato, teaching, tone production...all in a language many would find foreign. One more opportunity for me to experience true joy in that spiritual warmth of 'knowing' another Peep, almost with the closeness of former battle comrades. 

As I sit here and wonder, pondering these things in the wee hours, I gaze past the laptop at my “gallery wall” of paintings and drawings from Blog-Peeps, and thank God for His kindness to unworthy me. Why was I chosen to be so blessed? Blessed with sobriety, with amazing Peep-friends: artists, writers, poets, musicians and Sober Peeps? I will not question, but simply and silently revel in this life which is (gratefully) so BIG!

Love and PEACE!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


 Lots of these guys/gals in every back yard In our area. I don't mind them, EXCEPT when I'm mowing grass between our numerous bushes and trees--and fences. Because I do not 'see' them until they have found a home under my sweaty shirt...or under... well, worse--grin!

For a real cool experience, watch this, then tell me there is no God. Probably I'll not squash one of these spider-peeps EVER AGAIN! Seriously.
Go HERE to see what I mean!
 For more information, click THIS

NOTE: during my "drunk" days, I would have (partially!) eaten creatures like this.

Saturday, June 18, 2011



Upon viewing recently found pictures from a lot of years ago, I recalled thinking at the time how terrible I looked. That prideful shame I felt for anyone to 'see' my image. This lasted most of my life.

How I wish now for those likenesses of an enthusiastic, carefree youth riding his first motorized bike were still me. Photos from days of college, symphony, and those crappy news photos alike, how I hated them. Today, how I wish I 'looked' like that again? NOT!

Not really! Nope, I do not really wish to be a teen—or a twenty-een—and die all over—again! Because so well I remember parts of all those years I needed to drug my brain with alcohol, just to feel 'normal', to enjoy myself, to be with others, etc.

Life is too good, too big, too great now. I'm truly looking forward with  joyful anticipation of each tomorrow. What wondrous meetings, what 'miracles' await, what happy moments—and sad—are lurking, hiding themselves in the next hour!

However, a poem did emerge from my thoughts the other day, and so I wrote the following to a friend:


This age of mine
I detest.
Cannot run
Breathe heavily doing steps
Forget names of people I know so well
Cannot remember even what day is now.

To frighten someone away, I need only
Send them my photo....

And my true loved one I feel to be
Maneuvering away from me.
It is so the same
No blame

Hurry, Reaper Grim
Rush. Bring to me
That darkness of
Forever night

I am here to welcome you
With enthusiasm of one
Who has waited so long...
One very tired
Of it

--Steve E


Wednesday, June 15, 2011



Another page in the "Book of Steve"

A girl--now age eight--was born sightless. I know her well. (I shall call her "G".) G knows that she is not the same, that others perceive things in a different manner than she. Hearing is perfect. She talks of course, has many cousins, Aunts, Uncles, BIG family. None live close by.

One brother, age 5, has specially befriended G, stays with her everywhere, plays games, walks in the woods--everywhere--holding her hand. When they come to a babbling cool brook, they splash one another with obvious glee, even JOY! This closeness is necessary for them both at this time.

Other numerous children in this family are too far removed by age to relate well with younger siblings--that 'teen' stuff, ya know?

G knows braille symbols, is extremely intelligent, but lives in a state which allows too many of its handicapped residents to fall between large cracks. The family lives far away.

G's younger brother was sent (I believe this!) by God to G, or she might be dreadfully alone in her uniqueness. Things are what they are. My prayer: As the lives of these two emerge, each turning point might safely harbor positive change.

This I know. G will 'see' many things which most of us sighted Peeps do not. The sightless are NOT unseeing.

Imagine becoming a resident of this beautiful place—earth/universe--never to view in 3-D color. My father was sightless also from birth. His lifelong theory: "God takes special care of Blind People and Drunks!" (He was not a 'drunk'!)

 Please say a prayer for G, that God also might care 
for her in a special way. G might be the shining light 
for someone—or many--if that is not already happening.
Thank you, Peeps.

Top Image: Space_of_my_mind_by_excence

Bottom Image:  Sightless_Eyes_by_Zombion

Tuesday, June 14, 2011



These are a few thoughts which 
I've garnered from Peeps:

In the absence of our judgment, everything is at it should be.”

To relieve our depression we practiced symptoms of radiant happiness

We must do things which are uncomfortable, in order to BE comfortable

Sobriety should not be a struggle, for we have ceased
fighting anybody or anything—including alcohol

Q. What will I DO when I stop drinking?
A. Everything ELSE!

New book title: “HOW TO STAY SOBER.........for DUMMIES”
Chapter ONE: Do Not have that FIRST Drink!

For Family Outings, Parties, watching TV football:
MUST I numb my brain in order to enjoy life????
One thing worse than enthusiasm which is dead--

Wife, to recovering alcoholic husband:
YOU always were a Jekyll-and-Hyde,
But the wrong one got sober...”


MAN, thinking about quitting drinking--
'talking' to his fresh bottle of Jack Daniels:
You made me lose my wife, children, house,
car, boat, my job, my 'friends' and my health...
..(He puts bottle up close to his ear, and softly says)

sayings_by_limeslime34--Deviant Art

Sunday, June 12, 2011



Once there were green fields kissed by the sun
Once there were valleys where rivers used to run
Once there were blue skies with white clouds high above
Once they were part of an everlasting love
We were the lovers who strolled through green fields

Green fields are gone now, parched by the sun
Gone from the valleys where rivers used to run
Gone with the cold wind that swept into my heart
Gone with the lovers who let their dreams depart
Where are the green fields that we used to roam

I'll never know what made you run away
How can I keep searching when dark clouds hide the day
I only know there's nothing here for me
Nothing in this wide world, left for me to see

Still I'll keep on waiting until you return
I'll keep on waiting until the day you learn
You can't be happy while your heart's on the roam
You can't be happy until you bring it home
Home to the green fields and me once again

Friday, June 10, 2011



Yesterday, June 10th Alcoholics Anonymous celebrated it's 76th year. Two men, Bill W. and Bob S. met in an estate gatehouse in Akron Ohio. A 'planned' 15-minutes turned into a nearly half dozen hours. From that meeting was discovered that 'Higher-Power-God-triggered-spark' of addiction healing which likely begins with two willing souls in face-to-face sharing . These TWO evolved to more than today's two-million-plus sober members and 107,000 registered groups worldwide. Thank You Creator God, from all us sober Peeps, rescued from the chaos of desperation, a state of helplessness and hopelessness.

Open House was held at our Naples Intergroup. I was one of the 'hosts', to show peeps around (2 rooms—grin!) and eat OMG-Good-cake!

Saturday, we have a largerread 'longer'- celebration. More Peeps, and all-day shows, contests, historical stuff, capped by a dinner, speaker meeting, and dancing. Well, it's not EVERY day an organization turns age 76. I was already age 2--yes the 'terrible' twos, that was me! No, I was not yet a member of Alcoholics Anonymous--grin! But I was surrounded by farmer-Peeps who SHOULD have been.

Today I am grateful for God's Gifts; sobriety, health, family, special blog-friends, summer (yes!), artists and poets, animal-friends, seasonal and personal change, ability to live and to love.

Monday, June 6, 2011



At the risk of sounding my usual pompous self I relate this short story:

5 AM...Monday morning. The last thing I desired was to 'rise-and-shine', greet the new day, the new week. So I set my sights on a 7 AM meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Figured I could fall asleep while some of the old-timers bloviated. Outside the 24-Hour Club were standing nearly 100 Peeps, all talking, shouting, laughing—SOBER!

This scenario often appears when I least feel like it: in the midst of the cacophony stood a solitary fellow, who had obviously spent the past few weeks/years living in the Everglades 'woods' (means: HOMELESS!). He looked terribly 'uncouth', ya KNOW what I'm sayin'--and claimed he stayed sober for 2 years...TEN YEARS AGO...and knew me from AA meetings then. He has been homeless for 8 years.

He refused to introduce himself as a returning Peep, also did not wish to go into the 'Beginners' room. So we stayed put. As a topic unfolded, (“What are YOU doing to help others stay sober?”) I whispered to him, “We're OUTTA here”, as I scurried him over to the 'newbie' meeting.

And we ran right into a discussion of Step 3. “Made a decision to turn our life and will over to the care of God as we understood Him.” Guess who--out of a room of 25 Peeps—was called on to 'share'. MY PEEP!!! So he DID get his 'Baptism under fire', so to speak.

Later, outside, we talked about several who said they had “relapsed”. To me, if a sober alcoholic drinks again it is not a “relapse”. It is, that the Peep MADE A DECISION to drink. Call it what it IS. “Relapse” is when a cancer returns after 6 years of cancer-free. My opinion, Peeps.

Oh, one more thing, a painter-friend--after the meeting--gave my new man a job for the day, painting! I could see God working all over the place Monday morning.

My schedule for Tuesday morning...you guessed it! Up at 5 AM, meeting at 7 AM. (Now—GO TO BED, Steve!)

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." - Robert Louis Stevenson

Saturday, June 4, 2011


antimatter partner of the helium nucleus: 
antihelium-4--discovered 2011


Six hundred years ago (c.1411) I might have been the same Peep as today, riding my scooter-quasi-motorcycle (sans motor!) up and down the alleyways of town. Destination today--grandson's house, where we'd spend an hour studying and practicing the art of violin playing. He is age 12. As I roared into his driveway, he remarked that I reminded him of a European troubadour many years before—yesss, he can even spell that word!--with all the stuff, music, stand, violin, metronome, tuner loaded on top my bike. Without the 'roar'!

Okay. But this post is not about that:

Sitting number eleven in a row of vehicles I noticed the red light changed to green. I waited...waited, and not even the first car had pulled away from 'stop' yet. WHAT are they waiting for? The Rapture? So then, one-by-one, the Peeps in front of me waited for the car or truck in front of them to move forward about 20 yards (18 meters) before they, too, began to move (pitifully slow) ahead.

Ah, finally! MY turn to go. You've already guessed it—the light turned RED! Another 3 minutes of waiting. Grrrrr! (And this happens all the time.) Fortunately on my scooter--usually--I can slither in, out, and between, those daydreaming Peeps with cellphones at their ears. Whew!  
 End of Rant

At that precise moment my 'program' kicked in: this is an  opportunity for me to be quiet, practice patience and tolerance—maybe meditate a moment on the wonder of That Love which inspired Creation of all things between a speck of Antihelium-4 and Andromeda. And be grateful for my special gift of Sobriety.

And...for the remainder of this day, from task to task, exactly what was supposed to happen—happened. One more day sober, an AA meeting, and a few other personal matters, dealing with ISP Comcast (Internet Service Provider), and most important, serenity happened. And it hung around ALL day. Another meeting (speaker) tonight.

By the way...“D”, my violin student, showed real progress since a week ago. I'm so proud of this smart kid. If NOTHING else comes of his music lessons, he will one day be able to greet a violinist, and 'know' what that Peep had to go through, in the beginning. And...he might even enjoy a Beethoven symphony another day long away, with HIS child/Grandson.

God is Good. As Jessie often passionately exclaims: YAY GOD!