Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, March 5, 2011


WHERE SHE STOPS--nobody knows

See there?
A spider-like creature
It is crawling ever-so-slowly
Across my ceiling
Above my bed
Over my head.

Where is this journey
Taking him...(name Harry)?
Taking his time...Harry.
Moving--if time had stopped
Why is he going nowhere
At last
I discovered he has not
Been one to tarry.

Harry is heading for the ceiling fan, (not turned on)
Slowly also moving around--Oh man!
Feeling again dizzy
So much to do
I should be really busy

Whole room is moving
Or is it only I?

Where fan, bug, whole world--
My Universe...seem spinning
It is the beginning of 'crazy'
My own non-sweet maze
Whirling, twirling, swirling.
It is ME going round and round
S L O W L Y...on
My own Carousel

I AM the Carousel

Yet simply a man, you know
Who still,after two long days
Lies dizzily in bed with Vertigo

Note 1.
This Vertigo is driving me to newer, sweeter insanity
With all childlike symptoms of Ring-Around-the-Rosie
Where all fell DOWN!--grin!

Note 2.
 'Spider'--a shadow of indentation in ceiling,
which keeps crawling, eventually to reach
absolutely nowhere.

Hope to be back commenting..SOON, SOON!

Top image: 
Deviant Art



  1. Vertigo? I'm praying for you, Steve.

  2. Hey I hope you are Ok
    Your words are beautiful- that vertigo inspires great creations

  3. round and round we go where steve goes next we will never know...until we get there of course...perhaps its time to step off the ride until serenity once again resounds inside...

  4. Aaaawww! So sorry. Vertigo is awful. I had it once and boy, did I throw up like I was possessed! I hope you feel better soon! Take care Steve! PEACE, Tsup!!!

  5. Hope you are back, already.
    Vertigo sure doesn't sound like fun.
    Then again, your descriptions is so good, it cannot be that bad either;
    I mean, else you wouldn't be able to write at all.
    Sending you prayers of healing and peace.

  6. Steve, you visited the Doctor...right? You are in my prayers, tonight. Take care of yourself, and get better. I enjoy our banter. Peace. Jane

  7. Oh, wishing you're well soon. I have struggled with vertigo in the past. Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better.

  8. Oh I feel so bad for you, vertigo can make you life miserable...I will keep you in prayer too...take care of yourself...we need all your kind words as well as your wisdom....bkm

  9. Oh I hate that vertigo! I have another (young) friend who expeirences that. SUCKS!

    I'm praying for swift recovery and reinvigoration for ya my friend!

  10. Hope you're feeling better soon, my friend. xx

  11. It sounds, too, like the vertigo is driving you to creativity. Insanity... creativity... they are one and the same. But I hope you GET WELL SOON!


  12. Me ha gustado, pienso que la vida hay que aceptarla con calma, y me gusta la locura, e el mejor estado, el de poder ser uno mismo aunque eso no sea razonable.

    Un beso.