Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, March 7, 2011


a tribute


There is one among the many in every crowd, group, settlement, village, city, population, country, world, Universe. One is always that 'different' one, that 'sufferer', that 'teacher', that 'friend', that "healer", that one with which friendship happens (outside of close family) often in spontaneous fashion, seemingly as if 'meant'. (Not to confuse with "Meant for each other, etc."--grin!)

The longer I live, I find less chance in 'chance meeting'. There is a hidden design to the formation of lasting friendships. I believe everything which happens in God's world has a reason. Which reason now is time to introduce Dulce, the Peep I know.


Is she perfect? Or not
Is she sad...or glad?
Is Dulce good, or bad
Is she at least, at last

Hey Peeps! I don't know! This poet, Philosopher, Web Page Designer, English Teacher, Mother, Daughter, is who she IS. I am (sorry to say) much more judgmental regarding a wife, than a friend.


Dulce (last name withheld because I do not know it--grin!) has been to me a support I have found nowhere else. Her wise counsel has enabled me to climb out and away from demons which held me hostage for the past four years. This girl, 33 years less than my 78, has shown me light in places where only darkness held sway. My "life has taken on new meaning."

Unknown to most readers, Dulce designed my last four blogs. She has become a reader of certain books which I suggested, and a participant in the discussions of those--not to be named here. Her poetry flows endlessly and well, mixing English idiom with Spanish syntax. So meaningfully does Dulce write, that Peeps rave enthusiastically about her thought processes, and unsurpassed ability to communicate them. She is fair, honest, sensitive, and loving to her followers.

Favorite topics--as with many poets--are love, family, nature, philosophy, sadness, happiness, tributes to those she loves, and life.

The majority of her pieces are gems, book-worthy. Her two English blogs are "My Duality" and "Sweeter Poetry" (this 2nd one is "in remission"--on hold for awhile). 

I have met Peeps and made friends from around the world through Dulce's blogs. She has been my inspiration to write in verse. These nearly two years of our friendship has meant SO much to me. I can only pray she feels some of the same.

Thank you, Dulce for being my  special friend, 
for being YOU...
and for being HERE!

Love! And PEACE!  




  1. You have been blessed, Steve E,
    and it's both right and well that you honor your friend and your special relationship.

    We seem to be in a very special era, where friendships are lasting longer the marriages.

    At least that's what I thought until I found this quote."What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies." -- Aristotle

  2. aww...dulce is a special person...as you have so well stated....

  3. A lovely tribute to your friend.

  4. ....And so you say > 'I can only pray she feels some of the same...'
    How dare you doubt?

    I still wonder why- but yes, I've been so far horored with different tributes or dedications and even recognitions, peep, as you know...
    This is like,...

    It's like having been given the guild award, then the Independent Spirit award, then the Golden Globe and finally the Academy Award...
    Now I can retire from blogging forever.:-)

    It's so difficult to find words to really mean how GRATEFUL I am for this SO open tribute (to me!!!??)

    You are a real sweet soul, Steve.

    Thanks a lot, my dear friend- God bless you-

    {{I'll probably have something better to say when I relax a bit after this excitement!}}
    Oh my!



    That quote is MARVELOUS! Thank you for sharing it.

    You, too? YESSS!

    Thank you for your sweet comment!

    Glad you like today's message--grin! As a man, I find it difficult to express my true inner feelings, and this was an opportunity I felt OK

    PEACE--and all those other things you deserve!

  6. Steve, I missed this post, in my drowning in studies. I would not have missed it otherwise. Dulce is... well, Dulce. She is a tender balm... oh, she is. Lovely of you to write so beautifully about Lovely Her!

    Thank you for a nice break from my mind-boggling school work!!!