Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, January 10, 2011


 This is not a re-post, but IS based on
a former post of mine, on
the steveroni blog

Please picture yourself in the following activities:

Reaching deep down into a feed barrel on the farm...cold winter's night. All is darkness. There, a squealing rat behaves insanely in the bottom of the barrel.

As president of a group of about 100 members at monthly meetings, you keep getting elected year after year--they like your Good Cheer, your Joy of Living, your intelligence, and your wit and humor.

You go fishing with four grandsons. You are the only one who does the 'catching' because you have a special sensitivity for feeling the nibbling fish, and that 'timing' to hook them.

You teach your son and daughter to drive the truck at their age 13 and 14.

You attended University--did not graduate, had to earn a living

You married a crippled lady, raised four children with her

You are voracious reader

Always called upon to untangle knots, whether manila rope, or shoestrings

Are an excellent swimmer

Love baseball

Love children--and they loved YOU--ALL children

You are the neighborhood mechanic

You correspond regularly with many friends around the country

You smile almost continuously, whether in company, or alone

When alone--and always while working--you hum songs to yourself

You are a G R E A T  story-and-joke teller

You love, love, love animals

You like BEER!

You 'see' and 'sense' things beyond normal human capabilities.

Two nuns have written a book about you titled, THE JOY OF LIVING

This man was deaf-blind
This man was my father
He lived--and lives--in somewhat of a 'Fourth Dimension'

I used to stare at him, then tightly shut my eyes and plug my ears. TRY it, for just a few minutes. But don't just stand or sit idle. Get active, walk around the rooms. I am here to announce that you will feel, like transported somewhere, maybe into another dimension.

Next Blog post here (in a couple days) I'll announce a change in content of this blog--back to my roots. (pronounced RUTS?--grin!) Some of you Peeps may choose to not follow. That will be OK. I must be "True to Myself". It is time. Blog name is still same, etc., etc...web address is HERE and name shall continue as "The Fourth Dimension"

Peeps....Love, and PEACE!

Picture Credit
as posted on Deviant Art


  1. Sweet Peep Steve
    For that's what you'll always be
    to me...
    I've read lots about your blind father... but this is surely the most beautiful post so far, Steve.
    take care

  2. hoping i dont run into anything while i am walking around...but did enjoy meeeting your father...

  3. Steve,
    I didn't know you were back!! Welcome back, my friend!! Love the blog!!

  4. You have been blessed with a rare gift; father over winning enormous obstacles, not loosing his love and humor in the battle. How one puts it, he must have been challenged beyond imagination, and won.
    Of course he'll never leave you. Somehow he'll see to his son all the way.
    I am as sure, as I know my dad is around my mother, my brother, my husband, our daughter and me.
    I do hope he doesn't feel sad or stressed by all his afterlife chores.
    He still means the difference between weep and laughter to me. To all of us.

    My father never felt sad or stressed in this life--don't see why he should in the next. He is who he IS! You expressed it all so well, made me feel good. Thank you!

    How GOOD to see you here, Paint-Throwing Girl! No, I did not send out invitations--grin! I'll go check out your blog now.

  6. how beautiful was this to read, steve...your way of telling a story must have been passed on to you from him. xox

  7. Glad you are doing this Steve
    it is time
    a wonderful man a wonderful son

  8. Hi Steve
    Love your new blog, Yea it's me from Tn living in WV

  9. LINDA!
    Stories, yesss! How to relate them--questionable.
    Glad you're up, girl!

    How understanding you really ARE! Blessings!

    Whether TN or WV, your hill and valleys are probably more white than not these days! I'd like to see the snow, then zip right back here.

  10. BRIAN!
    In my "formative years!" it was a mortal sin to leave a door ajar, move furniture, leave toys on any walking path. Worst thing was when trucks would park in the rather large compound, and he was not expecting. His favorite saying was, "Fancy running into YOU here!"

    It is how IO began blogging, and then somehow got away from my 'mission'. German grandfather used to say, "Stick to your own knitting". How right those grandfathers were!

    Thank you dear for visiting and commenting so 'sweetly'--grin! Yes, I have written about him (Steve Sr.) in the past, and it makes me happy that you remember. He is worthy of being remembered, even by those who did not know him.