Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Blogger Peeps, my life is being lived in a roundabout--I keep running around and about. So this blog is my turning place, I am in the right lane. No longer will I try to fake it in the world of poetry (well, unless 'inspiration' overcometh--grin!).

Never again should I fancy being the drawing/painting artist I aspired to at age 6-16. (Must admit that this very day I was one last time eyeballing art supplies, first through a picture window, then inside store up-close-and-personal.) How do you say, "No MONEY"! --grin!

Arriving in Blogland 31 months ago, I stayed on the main roads writing about topics which I knew, Alcoholism, Alcoholics Anonymous, and my own happy-destiny walk 'to stay sober'. I do realize that posts which limn my experiences (ummmm, at least how I remember them) as a drunk and later as doing a new and sober life, might not appeal to many followers. Also I'm hoping myself to 'follow' a few of the Peeps from whom I drifted some months ago.

Simply stated, I'm moving my blog toward its initial raison d'etre, stories about life with--and without--alcohol!
At age five I decided to become an alcoholic when I grew up, NOT TRUE--grin! However, it did happen, full-blown, full-blast! Nearly 25 years of seeking oblivion, finally finding it (I think...who would know? --grin!). And from that evolution into a chaotic existence, I reached a turning point.

Because I had tracked in a log book, I know the day of my last drink. How I wish I had logged (no 'blogs' yet) that day when I first did not even think of a drink! But it happened, and a miserable excuse for a life has become, through trial, error, constant change, and a way of life in Alcoholics Anonymous...hmmm, well, ummm, the happy life of a sober, old blogger.

In my own fashion, I am considering the most 
unbelievably HUGE complete and necessary 
psychic change 
which occurs when a hopeless wet drunk 
becomes dry, clean and sober
--as a fourth dimension event. 
It comes about from a power 
certainly not unknown... 
but unseen.

This post I consider an introduction to my newest effort at being useful to myself--maybe others--in blog land. 
Next post I'll have a story for y'all. OKAY? PEACE!

Image from Deviant Art:
in 4th_dimension_by_azznagavarts


  1. nice...look forward to the journey steve...

  2. I so love the true story about grandma Moses, who became a famous painter at the age of 80.
    I also think that one can be a painter/artist without becoming famous.
    Art for art's sake.
    All the good things that happen to a person using his right brain half.

    Bob Dylan says, "He who isn't busy being born, is busy dying."
    It seems to me you have made and are still making a tremendous effort, being busy being born.

  3. Glad you've circled back around for another turn!! :)

  4. You have made a wise decision... although I must disagree when you say you cannot do that or the other. I think you an artist, and a great admirer of art works.
    OTH it's good you are focusing again in what formerly brought you here.
    I just hoe that does not get you away from reading sweeter poetry some time...

  5. BRIAN!
    Journey it is! Albeit exciting and most (now) enjoyable. Key word: JOY!

    That's me, always going around in circles. You put an AMAZING post up there today, or is that 'tomorrow'?

    Don't know about being busy being born...or dying. I'm just busy being busy! Maybe for now that's OK, hopefully! I LOVE your 'take' on my thoughts, and love your visits. THANK you.

    Sweeter Poetry will be always at the top of my list of reading. Really! Unlike that agent who told me that once. I was the "first one who he called. ALWAYS!" Then one day, he asked me to play a violin gig at the last minute, said he had called everyone on his list--would I help him out? Answer: NO!

  6. Should I delete your other one?

  7. I sure do think we have a similar background with the drinking! Thanks for spending the time reading my posts and certainly feel free to link me as i will you as well.

    Also, I LOVE the poetry and hope you still write some because you are very talented and from what I have read, your poems and poems on here (not sure if they are all written by you . . . but all very touching.

    And, by the way, I am also on the East coast! And I am following you now!