Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, January 24, 2011


Photo is by "me"--one of those homes which never was finished
Just like the author of this blog--grin!

 Once again I walk alone, where butterflies flutter by
On that mountain path towering over the sea.

Looking for what is no more there
Except sea, sky, and me,
Just we alone...do the math.
We alone? NO! We three.

Fluttered away are attachments
What is left after--so named
By Peeps, me and Thee....

--Steve E
This is a Friday flash '55' 
Today is Monday
Am I early...or late? 
Visit G-Man and find out. Maybe!


  1. hmm...i think many attachments are good to loose, and others to cling to...perhaps that resides in your thee...i will call you early...smiles.

  2. Oh Steve, the words are sad, even if you are doing emotional math. Both the words and image are haunting. Hope you are well.

  3. Steve, it is a lifetime of learning teaching us about attachments and detachment....and everything inbetween....let us enjoy this incredible journey we are on....thank you for sharing yours...bkm

  4. This is NOT Monday Flash 55!!
    But thanks for thinking about me..
    Have we met?
    I knew an old guy named Steve that played the Fiddle...
    He had a bad memory as well!!
    Thanksd for playing, and come back to see me in 3 more days....Galen

  5. G-MAN!
    Yeah, we've 'met'..but at your age I would not expect you to remember--grin!

    De Mello writes extensively and intensively about attachments and detaching...AND enjoying all the more this trip-around-the-life Thanks for visiting and what you say...

    YOU are a dear...and your concern about another's welfare, well, that IS you! No B.S., just "like, or not, how ya doin', and see you again." REFRESHING...

    And smiles to you. So wise--you. Truly, your skillful astuteness and word-working raises the quality of posting in the blog-world. It is a pleasure.....

  6. i love the idea of walking with butterflies...

  7. HA such a wonderful way with words my friend!

  8. I was once told if you see butterflies , That is a sigh from the angels

  9. That could have been a beautiful house to live in, full of light and dreams... who knows which dreams did never come about there...

    Sad your poem is, yes, but so freeing as well. As long as there is the three of YOU...butterflies (angels) will always watch over your sleep and serenity...

  10. DULCE!
    How you always seem to nail down the essence of thoughts:

    "..JOY is SORROW unmasked.." KG., "The Prophet".
    It is good for you to be here!
    PEACE, my friend!

    Yep, JANICE!
    I know a couple of them personally (butterfly-angels), one in particular, a family member. Thanks again new 'friend-again'....

    Drop all the words from a sentence, and what you have left over is the significant thought! (But I DO like words--wish I knew more of them. Thanks.

    As well as I know you are you, and I am I--It is too an axiom, that butterflies 'love walking with you'!!! And I love you to be here--grin.
    Steve E

  11. There is a house abandoned before the building was completed not too far from me. I always wonder about the sad story it must have to tell. But, then, you don't have a sad story, Steve, but a happy one.

  12. Steve E
    "He who isn't busy being born, is busy dying."
    You are indeed still working on your birth.
    You'd better do some indoor decorating to that empty shell.
    (Or any shell. The skeleton is still intact.)
    From Felisol

    Girl, you must 'know' me. Words may sometimes seem from sadness. When I am joyous, it is only because what has given sorrow is now giving joy. Whichever--all I need do is be the happy receiver.
    Thanks, you are most welcome here!

    Correct! Although dying does have its rewards, I am not finished redecorating this old house.
    Let's see...I will begin furnishing with a heart-changing ambiance, and then.....words fail me now...because

    I just skipped over to see you trying to feed Serina Pablum. Ya know I still enjoy the taste of Pablum, OMG, what did I just write? Back to childhood? Oh Nooooooooo!

  14. We have a few of those around here like that Steve. An more than a few that did not get even that far. They are just slabs exposed with pipes, wires, and abandonment.

  15. I read the last few posts and I see a side of you that has been long developing. Your writing, as I have said before, Steve, has grown immensely. So has your ability to express all those pains, sorrows and joys and tests that life bequeaths.

    Thank God, you are who you are today.
    Lots of love, Mr.

  16. ANNIE!
    That's EXACTLY the way I used to feel: like a slab exposed with pipes, wires, and abandonment!
    (And I never EVER know from where the 'reminder' message will come--grin) THANK you.

    And, is the following for REAL?
    Is it YOU?
    OMG, Dear friend of us. It seems like forever, although I believe I wrote you a couple weeks/months or years ago? Whenever! Soulful Lady in Red, I have thought of you SO many times through these past months (almost a year?)...thank you for visiting and supportive commenting. Whoever I am today, I am so grateful to have met YOU!
    PEACE, Dear Friend! (And LOVE!)

  17. Beautifully sad!

    I look at those houses and I think. Oh how I would love to make those back into homes full of life and joy.

    I look in particular at a retreat center I'd like to do that with.

    THat way other people who experience that seperation could come and reconnect.