Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, January 17, 2011



At eleven we met, walked the beach
Talked to seabirds, my grandson and me
Ate turkey and chicken, bought a newspaper
Checked the cinema, he chose "TRUE GRIT"
My grandson...not me...
We laughed, enjoyed together--man and boy
My grandson, age twelve, six times that--me

After gritting---I mean TRUE GRIT, where else?
A Greek Ice Cream parlor. After dripping Butter Pecan  over both me and grandson...we finished with Turkish Baklava, his 'first time'
Ummmm. Good!
Not me, but Grandson suggested future day together might include
Museum--art or history. He likes to read name of painter/artist and
Discover who they are. REALLY who are they? Not just names, he tells me,
but PEOPLE! I say 'Peeps'. He IS different, this grandchild.

After...we go to his home. Out comes his violin, I break out mine.
We play some duets together, simple pieces. He is only playing nine weeks!
It is fun. It is GOOD. Grandpa and Grandson. Violinists!
I am thrilled!

He asked me about Alcoholics Anonymous--he's only twelve!
I tell him what I know, that without the Twelve Steps of AA
He and I would never have been together this day.
And I cannot describe my feelings, as he hugged me, to say

In a whispering way..."Thank you, Grandpa. Can we do this again?


  1. you've left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside! i am so happy for you for this wonderful relationship you have with your grandson!

  2. My grandbaby will be 2 march25 ,Zoey calls Nana
    Love it

  3. Oh Steve
    This is really sweet ... - Thank to AA you can enjoy his company today
    This post, though funnily abbreviated, is SO full of love. It moved me.
    Nice photo- shame I cannot see your faces... Easy to imagine, though...
    and love

  4. Thank you grandpa Steve for this lovely post. How nice and beautiful it is to spend time with our loved ones :)

    Joy and big hugs,

  5. SHADOW!
    Anytime I can leave YOU 'warm and fuzzy'...well, I'll say no more. Yes, relationships are spiritually wonderful, especially the 'repaired'

    This child humbly uses words in flowing conversation that I have to 'look up' later. He is a poet, loves art, history (you should hear him carry on about Egypt) plays the violin. Hopefully there will be no shoes dropping, maybe just a dirty sock or two!

    Well then, you know JUST what I'm experiencing...just a little late (never late?) on my part--grin! Thanks for coming by.

    Your comment is really sweet. Yes, the sad story of my life is that I never could 'see' that children are...well, REAL PEEPS! Thank you for your comment. PEACE!

    SUSAN D!
    You are such a nice Peep. You get everywhere on the blogs; reading, commenting, and leaving all smiles in your wake! Thank you.

  6. He's a lovely chip off the grandpa block! I'm looking forward to having grandchildren someday.

  7. Steve, I am happy for you and your Grandson.

    All the best my friend.

  8. Great post, Steve, but I think I like the picture most of all :)

    Also I like that photo, taken by a German tourist on Naples beach Sunday, as we walked away from him
    (my camera!). Good to 'see' you here girl--YOU!...one of mt favorite Peeps. But you know that. I recall we 'broke bread' together...2009.

    You make me happy, visiting here, and I'm wishing for everything to be OK for you, in every regard. A few months from now will be the first anniversary since you wrote a post in your blog...hint, hint--GRIN!

    Such a busy Peep--you--and yet you're here visiting on the fringes of blog-land. You honor me--I'm serious!

    Being with your grandchildren one day will be the time you will know a new freedom and a new happiness. Guaranteed. I feel a deja vu as I write this comment to you here.

  10. Isn't that such a sweet thing to say?

    Steve, I just like to send you my love and to say thank you for your friendship and your beautiful poems to me!

    I am leaving my blogs for good. Just like to make some last stops first. I am going to miss you. I may not sign in as Silver anymore after this, but you bet.. I will still be stopping for coffee here sometimes.


  11. DI-GIT!
    When you gonna put up a blog, so we can get to know you...always enjoy meeting new Peeps! Thank you though, for being here and saying "Hi!"

    I'm back reading you again also, and it is a good place for me to be! I'll have to read back and find how things are going...thanks for dropping by!

    Of course you will be missed on here by many, MANY Peeps! "We do what the Hindu do. We do what we have to do!" (Someone said that years ago during her last gasp of her final drunk...sober now 31 years!) Goodbye, Fel!

  12. A magic experience. Your grandson has inherited your special musical gifts and sensitivity.
    May this be the first of many happy meetings and duets.

  13. FELISOL!
    Oh I was hoping you would read this one. Realizing it is not of general interest, it is my favorite of these few days. Mainly because it is a 'new' relationship being formed here.

    Whether mine, or another, when God is smiling in lives, I revel. Thank for coming over tonight!

  14. Nice that you two could be together and share the day. He sounds like a good kid.