Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Shiv-v-ver Me Timbers

Cold as a bitch's butt out there this morning.
Had to ride my scooter anyway.
A fellow had completely blocked
my slightly used, well-cared-for
twelve-year-old Mazda truck.

I had engine trouble on the way.
Some strange and wild noises.
Pulled over to the roadside, turned
off the engine, and that clacking
sound continued on.

Turned out it was my chattering teeth
(Should have left them at home.)

What does this have to do with sobriety?
Ummmm...I was on my way to an AA meeting.
ARCTIC Cold_Fingers_by_BenQue
in Deviant Art


  1. haha....find you a warm place to thaw steve...it is supposed to get warmer this weekend...

  2. Hi Steve. Nice to meet you. I like that sentiment beneath your header. I'm liking the way your simple statements, when broken up, create pure poetry.

  3. i thought it was 'witch's butt', lol...oh well, like bitch better anyway...isn't the weather just plain weird lately? here too tho right now it's gorgeous...have a lovely weekend and i love your quote about NOT dying...

  4. Bravo for still braving the cold to attend the AA! !


  5. BRIAN!
    Have a great weekend yourself. Where you live, Peeps must think we in S. FL are Weather-Sissies.
    COLD up there is good for our economy--also fills our 'rooms' to over-capacity...

    It was/is my pleasure to 'meet' you. I predict our monitors will become friends, and I look forward to the 'church' blog revival. (Pun intentional--grin!) Thanks for your visit.

    Actually, we do not have 'serious' winter in Naples FL. But my bones prefer 30°C and above!
    Thanks for dropping by...

  6. LINDA!
    First I had written "Bird's Butt" (but) it didn't read well--grin! I'll drop over, see if you have posted this week. Hope so, or else I *always* spend way too much time viewing and enjoying your work, paintings, drawings, writings, etc.
    Stay warm. Hope you feeling OK today!

  7. Steve, you have a lovely award waiting for you at my blog
    Stay Warm

  8. hey steve! nice to see you up and running again. now go get yourself some coffee to warm up!