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Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today's Quotes

·        You know, all mystics - Catholic, Christian, non-Christian, no matter what their theology, no matter what their religion - are unanimous on one thing: that all is well, all is well. Though everything is a mess, all is well. Strange paradox, to be sure. But, tragically, most people never get to see that all is well because they are asleep. They are having a nightmare.

·        What you are aware of you are in control of; what you are not aware of is in control of you.

·        We're crazy, We're living on crazy ideas about love, about relationships, about happiness, about joy, about everything.

·        Pleasant experiences make life delightful. Painful experiences lead to growth.  

·        Loneliness is not cured by human company. Loneliness is cured by contact with reality.

·        Where there is love there are no demands, no expectations, no dependency. I do not demand that you make me happy; my happiness does not lie in you. If you were to leave me, I will not feel sorry for myself; I enjoy your company immensely, But I do not cling.

·        "How shall I get liberation?"
"Find out who has bound you," said the Master.
The disciple returned after a week and said, "No one has bound me."
"Then why ask to be liberated?"
That was a moment of Enlightenment for the disciple, who suddenly became free. 

All Quotes by Anthony de Mello


  1. It would be a relief to agree to your quotes,they make life seems so simple.
    And yet it is not.
    who can truly claim he is not bound?
    Nikos Kazantzakis, perhaps, when he proclaimed, "
    I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free."
    Nikos Kazantzakis
    But I have hopes, for this life and the next. I have fears, for my family, for myself, for my friends, for their health, for their faith, for their well being.
    I'm even so low, I'm bound by my few worldly belongings, my books,my garden, my pictures, my music.
    I'd find it a great loss having to live without them.
    I'd probably manage, but I'd feel the emptiness every day.

    We are so incredibly rich, (relatively spoken, I'm actually to be considered as under average), that we take hot water, healthy food, a soft bed, wheels to carry us around as part of our birthrights. I proclaim; they are not.
    As nolng as we have needs, we don't have freedom.
    To quote another favorite of mine, Kris Kristoffersson, "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to loose."

    This is leading me back to the old book, my Bible, 1 Peter 2:16 "Live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as God’s slaves."

    I will not even proclaim this is my way of life, but it should be my way of living.


    "...Freedom is...nothing left to lose". Yep!

    All my life I have secretly envied (somewhat!) Peeps who live in the woods around here. No mortgage, no 4-wheel costs, no insurance, no phone,no computer (AWUGHHHH!) no motor scooter, no violin, no laundry bills.

    My only concern: how to keep my beer from getting too hot!

    Thank you for your interesting comment!

  3. Freedom is the opprotunity to own your own destiny, within the limits of reason and morality. One has the power to make their own priorities and to act upon them accordingly. However, freedom has to be balanced with order. But once you are in love, that's where you lose your balance of things.


  4. Wise choice of wise quotes, STEVE!!!

    I love them all, but despite their wisdom I find them kinda utopic... for how can one hold one's heart and set free the one one loves?
    Not even in the mind, for the heart is always a cruel winner.

    PS Id like to know why you chose this title for your blog.... The Fourth Dimension

    Hugs, my sweet friend


  5. I love love De Mello. Glad that you chose to post his quotes and make us reflect on many aspects of love and life.

    Hope you have been well and that you haven't been too much on Hersheys.

    Big hugs and much love.

    Joy always,

  6. Steve, I am so distracted by the quote you chose from Stephen King that I am unable to comment on the quotes you selected from De Mello. People who don't get it say Stephen King lacks talent... and depth. Ha! What do they know? I hate to be so judgmental, but then...

    Back to your place... I love your choice of title. It seems this will be a place for you to contemplate the deeper things in life. I like that. There is a fourth dimension to everything in life. There is always that fragment of reality we fail to see... and it's out there somewhere, waiting to be unraveled... or not. We seek, and sometimes we do find.

    I hope you enjoy your scribblings here, Steve.


  7. The statement about love seems so easy. Too easy, but it should be free and not possessive.

    Thanks for your kind words about my story - any time you need one I'd love to write you one.

    Moonie smiles