Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Thursday, January 6, 2011


NOTE: The following is not entirely true, but leads into following posts, which will explain how I came upon this blog-name, THE FOURTH DIMENSION. This first installment is...well, a reverie--during which I spent time gathering 'material' for the posts to follow. Thank you for being here.

Oh, did I name this blog Fourth Dimension? I meant Fourth Denomination! You see, my brain was in the planning stages of a new religion--always room for one more, right? Pretty soon, all us religions will be like the United States Congress. Everybody needs them but nobody LIKES them.

As of this moment--whenever that is--I am quelling the 'religion' idea. Heaven only knows (You heard me...HEAVEN!) there are enough of us charlatans around, enough bloody Holy Wars, enough "Kill them because they do not believe as I tell YOU to believe" thinking, rhymes with stinking.

OK, now that my error has been exposed, along with my ignorance--grin!--we may now become serious about this Fourth Dimension. The possibility of spaces with dimensions higher than three was first studied by mathematicians in early 19th century. These guys went to school BIG time. I had to do most of my study in the cool cavern of a tavern. In fact it was named Cool Cavern Tavern! And it was in that cool social environment, that atmosphere of 'higher learning' that I discovered the Fourth Dimension.

One day I found myself with nothing to do--just as all the other days. And so I tripped into the CCT (as we 'regulars' called the Cool Cavern Tavern!), ordered my adult libation, and well--a 'few' drinks and nine hours later, why...up on the roof was such a clatter, I ran through a large window to see what was the matter. I had forgotten that "where there's window...there's glass"! Next thing I knew, some--rhymes with 'glass-hole'--was slapping me in the face, mentioned something about my mother's ancestry and my fatherlessness.

Battered and bloodied I was, as he asked me the whereabouts of someone's wife--OH! ...HIS wife! Well, I might have told him, but I had a feeling he was not ready for truth absolute.

I recall him loudly referring to that scientific Fourth Dimension, guessed he was a scientist. He was yelling, "I'm going to beat your ass into the Fourth Dimension, you prick." (His words.)

During those hours prior to this unfortunate happening, I had enjoyed a scintillating Fourth Dimension experience, had ascertained it was not the same place to which he wished to 'send' me. I had existed in that place where time was not, and space was forever and more.

The next installment of this topic will appear at an explicit future date--I just do not know what date!

But soooon, Peeps (as we say in 4-D).


  1. hello, dear friend,
    thank you thank you for returning home, i know, strange to say 'home' but 'our home', where we gather and say hello, support and sustain in our sweet and some say say, virtual world. to me, you are flesh and blood and heart, a heart as big as the sky. and thank you for your comment today-how did you know i needed that? i suppose it's a bit obvious.... hello, my friend and welcome home.
    much love to you, much joy to your heart...xxxx

  2. good to see you steve...does not sound like an easy way to discover that fourth dimension...but i am along for the ride to see where it takes us...

  3. Hi Steve. Thanks for stopping by my "What the Hell" and leaving a comment. I believe we have a friend in common with Bill W. Love the new look and couldn't agree with you more about religion today. I think you would fit in well with my men's group. At 21 years sober, I am the new comer.

    Yep, you're just a kid, one with awareness and continuing maintenance of your condition. Thanks for stopping by!

    I knew you'd have to come over, just to 'see' if! Things will become serious this weekend. We have a 'Quarterly' in Boca Raton, so I'll be away for couple days.

    What can I say here? You are marvelous, in all your pain to keep on keeping on. BRAVA to you, woman...and prayers are for YOU!

  5. "I had existed in that place where time was not, and space was forever and more"...
    hummmm that rings a bell :)

    What an interesting story my peep,indeed. So this means it's going to be in chapters, right?
    I so look forward to the rest... For you are full of literature in your soul and memories.
    Thank you so much for following my enquiry.

    All that u know, and more


  6. Hey, Peep! I've been missing you!

  7. I certainly hope that the fourth Dimension is not also developing into a new religion.

    The way I see it, the forth dimension exists in everybody's life already, it's not something one has to search for. Either it is, or it isn't. Nothing peculiar about that, just that we are looking through a mirror darkly and when it's time, the truth and the context will be revealed to us.
    I hear my mother complaints, "It's alright girlie, but then I will not need to know, it will all be revealed. I'd like to understand it all now."

    The fragments we are revealed, somehow never are enough.
    Once one has eaten crumbs from the tree of wisdom, one will never get satisfied.

    My favorite theologian/philosopher/mathematician Blaise Pascal understood more than I will ever know. Even so he ends his "Pansées" with a childish and fundamental praise of Christ.
    That makes sense to me.

    You obviously do not yet 'know' me...for I would be the last person in the world to start a religion! Fourth Dimension is a sort of tongue-in-cheek parody, sometimes serious, of science, religion and people in general.

    It is SO nice to see your interest in this blog. Any help and/or criticism is appreciated!

  9. DULCE!
    Yes, I find it true that in this blog world we frequently inspire one another. Chapters? Maybe. Fourth dimension...or possibly the fifth, it could be evermore instead of nevermore.

    Glad to see you! And now I need not ask how things are at The Mansion. I'll be by--by-and-by!

  10. STEVE~ Where have you been? I had no idea you started this new blog and yet now I do and know why.

    Good for you!
    Visit soon or you're in trouble with me...;) haha...just kidding, Mr!

    Lots of love~

  11. ps~ the background and the header are stunning!

  12. Back blogging again Steve? Take care and don't let this turn into the old obsession.

    Wishing you a gentle and sane 2011 --