Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Thursday, January 20, 2011


"Many invested minutes/hours of dreamlike thought
are wasteful, wasted by not doing what I ought".
--Steve E

Thinking about it, even writing about it
Steals hours from my wakened day
Procrastination is my way
Of following not where I am led.
This whole poem is about
What another wisely has said...

Why oh why, can I not just get on with it, do it?
How simple would be to just get right to it
Fascination usually my way
In happy playground. My mind
To elsewhere go, do, instead of stay
And begin this job well--or at least pursue it

With most facets of my life I deal
Later, tomorrow, or even after that.
When morning's sun has risen, it seems
I have done very little else but sat

That today, tomorrow, or even next
(sigh! I am so totally vexed)
I should do what need be done
Though according to my will that's none
I'll do as my visitor so wisely said

Make up bed--with clean linen: 6 minutes
Write about it--37 minutes
Think about it--39 seconds
Enjoy the day--TIMELESS

Don't have TIME to make a bed
I'm busy 'thinking' about those
yet undiscovered DIMENSIONS


  1. I never make my bed. It looks romantic and lived in unmade.

  2. TK! YOU are FUN-NY! I needed to read just THAT...
    Thank you...and PEACE!

  3. Love this and just need ot hear about the whole manner in which we live our days!

  4. Bed-making? What a waste of time. The most I do is pull up the blankets. Nice as a decorated bedroom might be, I don't live in a magazine. LOL

  5. enjoy the day...you will sleep in it regardless...unless my wife shows up...then it better be made...or at least mine, i mean ours should be...smiles.

  6. I do make my bed; but, I still ponder on deeper thoughts of life, its meaning and do realize for each of us we do have choices to make. And we have to live with them and sleep in them because we "make" them (choices that is)....
    I'm so very intriqued with your occupation...violinist!... I do admire that.. I was just watching Glenn Dicterow on youtube today. Peace! :)

  7. I try to make it every day, and to be honest I haven't made it once this week! But no matter I am still grateful that it's there at the end of the day made or crumpled to wrap me in warmth and rest my over used brain......

  8. Sometimes you just have to start with the easy and simple things....first things first.

  9. I don't understand how you can make a poem like this in 37 minutes.
    I'm not even sure I believe it is possible.
    Anyway, your writing made me think of a quote by the Austrian philosopher,Egon Friedell, but I haven't found an English translation.
    You'll have to try understanding mine:
    "Blessed are the hours of inactivity,because then my soul is working."

  10. FELISOL!
    OH! Thank you for blessing my hours of inactivity.
    In that case, I am well-blest--grin!

    Truly, I am fortunate that you visit here when you are able, because you always have good words...37 minutes, yes! But I had actually planned it the day before (Confession!)

    First things first. Now, THAT'S original-grin! Easily said, but still enjoy to juggle the first ten or so. Thank you for the reminder, I need to hear our sayings again and more!

    Gosh, I cannot even feel slightly guilty or remorseful with Peeps like YOU around--grin! Sure glad you visit here!

    BACHELOR (who AIN'T!)!!!
    Violinist, yeah...well, SOMEBODY had to do it! I'll try to get around to the blogs, but really pressed for time this weekend. What the hell, I'll just stay up late--like tonight, and last night, and etc., etc.

  11. BRIAN!
    "...unless my wife shows up..."??? WHAAAT? -grin!
    Yep. Enjoy the day, and I do, unless it is "Isolation" day (Last one was Christmas Day!) Clean sheets tonight, my man!

    Well, maybe tomorrow?

    I don't 'live in a magazine' either...but there IS some bit of trash around. Have to tend to that right away--maybe next week!

    Gabi, did I tell you how much I enjoy your visits here? If I did not, I'll go sleep in my unmade bed one more night...but my scooter has a brand new rear tire, as of today. My prayer has changed from "Please keep me riding safe." to "God I am so grateful for Your gifts, and the peace-of-mind you allow me to enjoy."
    PEACE, Gabi!

  12. procrastination... is an evil evil thing i tell ya!

  13. Hey Steve, I just found out a few minutes ago that you have a new blog for 2011...

    So here I am, just saying hello. May your heart be filled with hope as the new year unfolds...


  14. First things first is a good slogan. We do team work to make up the bed. It makes it easier. And who can fold sheets? Difficult, right?

  15. Not making my bed, as not tiding the house up is like keeping my mind in that same mess...so the tidier the house in the tidier the house out- viceversa I mean... and also-so,both ways...
    unless i am in one of those days when i don't give a damn... and then all i want is to keep in and out and in again..that bed!

    But please do not snore if you happen to be there LOL

    uloml :)

  16. SHADOW!
    I respond with the four 'most important' words in the English language: YOU MAY BE RIGHT
    (It sounds like the voice of experience--grin!

    Eureka! Seeing you here makes my day change from so-so to GREAT!

    My sheets do not enjoy being folded. When I try, they attack me, and soon, I cannot move even my arms, and they have tied me in knots.
    H E L P !

    When place is untidy
    And mind un-unified
    Find shoes, socks and coat
    Leave, for a walk outside

    My next post might be on 'snoring'
    But it would be so...boring

  17. Thanks for stopping by. Don't think I will be able to to learn web design, But what i really want to learn is to be a better writer,

  18. I ask myself the same question. I think I know why. Sometimes I am lazy. Sometimes I am afraid. Yes. Afraid. I am a coward.

    Steve, is this a new blog? I have not had the time to investigate but I am so happy every time I see your praying avatar at my place. I hope you are doing well, my friend. I think about you and wish you well.


  19. I am one that just has to make the bed...drinking coffee, write ...drink mor coffee and write...oh that bed has so much power over us...I love the pondering and wondering....the favorite part of my day....fun read and reflection of life...bkm

  20. BKM!
    Like your comment, coming from you it is special!
    Now...make your bed, have some coffee, and write, write, write. Not in that particular order...

    Yep! New blog, I thought starting over would be less time devoted to blogging for me. But here I am, back doing more hours of (really, HAPPY!) reading, commenting, and writing one myself. Oh, well. Life goes on! I'll get by...as long as I......

    You are already good at 'buttons'. Some day refresh my memory--the name of your old blog, etc., and if it is still up somewhere, or any books you've written. Memory is a blank, girl!
    I try, though.

  21. The commonness of our humanity; if it is not procrastination it will surely be something else, and are we not our own worst task master? Good post!

  22. Yeah GRAYQUILL, I just crashed your blog...hope you have a sense of humor! We have some commonalities...I think...maybe...well, maybe not

  23. I like this, Steve. A lot.

  24. KRISTIN!
    Awwww...you're SO nice to come here and comment. I am so glad!

  25. I understand that making the bed each day causes a 15% higher likelihood of a good nights sleep.

    Watched a news report last night that said they found that clean rooms and nice smelling sheets are keys to resting well.

    Fascinating, and I'm pretty sure it still wouldn't have convinced me when I was younger, to make the bed, but I know today that it sure does feel nice to walk into a clean room with a bed that's made fresh.

  26. JESS!
    Since I live in one small room--I make my bed as religiously as I kneel and pray each morning. I simply cannot spend time in an unmade unmaid place. Reminds me too much of the old "I don't give a rat's ass" attitude.

    It also reminds me of the times I still walk into a drunk's house and wonder...how EVER did I ask a sponsor what the word unmanageable meant?