Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, January 15, 2011


The Bottle: My friend, my lover, my God

Touched him
He was cold
Looked at him
He was old

One evening, not too long ago
Before all these happenings
We kissed--under mistletoe
Had felt his heart faster beating

Now, far under heavy stone
Not this time to rise
Thoughts are: Glad he's gone.
Finally now realize I'm alone
...And lonely.

Good bye, dear sweet man.

My last drink
of alcohol--Monday
March 18, 1974

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  1. glad you write instead of drinking now steve..
    guess who i will see live tonight...bob mintzer..!! he plays next town to where i live - almost fainted when i read it in the newspapers...so in about an hour i will see him live, listen and let the music drag me away...sigh..

  2. Can I also sit beside you tonight? Love to be there for that concert.....

  3. You can write the most beautiful poems, soo full of your life- so real.
    Loved this double meaning piece

  4. a great posting and guess what I'm shareing it on Golch Central.

  5. DULCE!
    Yesss! Remember the line from Macbeth reads "Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble" Or something like that. Thanks for your comment!

  6. Hey
    steve have a nice weekend
    your friend always Janice

  7. Very good for you. That's a long time for one day at a time.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  8. So glad to see you again as always. I love your poetry your love shines through!
    You are amazing!

    Love to you!

  9. a nicely crafted poem, I thought it had a double meaning, glad you explained from 'MACBETH', and it is quite a feat since 1974.
    Save a seat for me as well Claudia, our sax - poet> the one thing Bob Mintzer is we are both from the town where
    When Nature, seeking upon men
    To cast a magic spell,
    She looked the world around - and then
    She fashioned New Rochelle. „


    have a good week end,


    WOW! You do me the great honor, Sir...and I'm not used to that. Pride is swelling my head as I write

    What can I say except THANK YOU, friend, and ask others to fly over there to visit YOU

    You honor me also, by coming here. See you at the stadium with Claudia! Glad to read that about New Rochelle. Thanks!

    OMG--to find you here on 4th Dimension, it makes me happy, you know. I am smiling big this moment! Gotta come visit YOU!

    All the way from Mike's place (and yours!), thank you for dropping by. That Mike, he's quite a guy!

    You too, lady. Enjoy whatever there is of living, working, helping, loving. Friends are GOOD! Thanks for being mine.

  11. you know...i am glad you remember that last kiss so maybe it keeps you from ever having a next...you are a better man...and thanks for the words at emilys today...

  12. Glad that the bottle is no longer your love.

  13. Hello my friend...it's been a while. *sigh* Beautiful poem...and I am loving the new digs! Hoping that 2011 is bringing you much happiness!

  14. i hear ya! some 'friends' aren't worth being loyal to...

  15. Great post! Made me think - Seems in all serious relationships of our past, life and emotions involved, we can remember the early days if bliss and the later days of hell. And the memories can linger in our present. Glad the bottle is no longer your god.
    Nice new blog and design :)
    God bless.

    Made you think?--grin! Been lots of that in the blogs lately. It is one of the few activities we can enjoy which differs from rest of the animal kingdom. Exception, ants, and eleph-ants...

    You have 'good ears' to hear those thousands of miles away, everything worth hearing, and discarding what ain't. But it IS rough to pour that last full bottle down the sink--grin!

    Thank you CAROLINE! Such a sweet comment. Made another smile on this old face tonight.

    You rate those 'best' words, wherever you show up, especially on Emily's. BRAVO. KUTGW.

  17. *it's a long way but it's worth it*

  18. Dear Steve E,
    I will not even begin to pretend I understand what you have been going through all these years. I have seen it from outside, and it was bad enough. I think it's a blessing that you still are attending AA meetings, helping new beginners on that long and rocky way.
    I think,opposite from institutions where alcoholics get treatment from
    professionals, the great thing with AA is that "equals" are a living testimony and support in the war of becoming a dry alcoholic.The living hope should be a reality to many more.

    I fought a long and unsuccessful fight to give up my tobacco addiction.
    People still says, when Elise could stop, anybody can do it. But I did not manage on my own. I had this loving, stubborn daughter and an almighty God on my side. (I actually had other friends and family as well, but they somehow irritated me and simply didn't reach through my solid defense.)
    14 years ago, I finally understood that my daughter was afraid, I might die from my tobacco smoking (and she was right).
    I once more bought nicotine chewing gum, and laid away my tobacco for good, knowing from experience that only one cigarette would hook me up again.
    I did warn my daughter, "If you ever start smoking, I'll start too, on the minute."
    "Then you'll never start", Mamma," she smiled.

    Do I bore you? I know, I'm talking too much. Just wanted you to know; YOU ARE GREAT, AND I AM QUALIFIED TO SAY SO.
    From Felisol

  19. Nice to see you again...it's been awhile. Your message will never get old and always exactly what someone needs to her. You are of great value. Sandra

  20. Your determination, courage and inner strenght to let go is what I admire!


  21. MANON!
    Hello, "thrower-of-colorful-media". Glad to hear from you tonight. SUCH a long way...and Soooo worth it! I'll be over to visit your "Peeps-with-hearts". Love 'em!

    Answer your question: "NO!" (Question was, "Do I bore you?"). Elise...never NEVER boring. Also to clarify...The sober life is NOT difficult, it is unbelievably happy. Of course, it IS not one Peep (ME!) but lots of Peeps (WE!). And one stays sober for many years by the old saying, "I didn't drink and I didn't die!"

    Just got back from 'your' place. What a wonderful inspiration to visit there and read your "take" on life. Thank you again.

    I'll have to think about that! It is simply a determination to be happy, and at peace. All I do know is that IT WORKS! Thanks for visiting, girl!

  22. SYD!
    Believe the bottle turned against me long before I
    realized that all the bottle wishes for me is to be DEAD.

  23. That is a long time! I'm glad you said good-bye to that toxic friend.