Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, January 22, 2011



While I am dying
I'll be crying
No salt in those tears
Only cleansing water

A life lost
A corpse tossed
Flashing thoughts
Of what could never be

Often I hear say
That yesterday
Is gone away
Never to return

Darling, my past
With you will last
Forever in God's
Own Eternity

Oh how? Oh! Why
Does this love which I
Keep so close to me
In this deepest heart-part
Seek me. Only to find
That we are of one kind
Alike, in nature and mind.
Would be forever entwined?

If nothing ever I earn
Please, let me burn
In the very hell
About which you'd warned

Please--you go on to heaven
Where you more than belong
And let me go to hell
Singing my last--forever--lost song.

--steve E



  1. This image is heart-wrenching. It's as if the speaker in the poem is walking towards his place of darkness and then looks back with regret to the light that might have been his.

  2. I don't think that's fair... why hell? who deserves heaven and who hell? Only God knows... and yet...

    Amazing-though so, so very sad poem, Steve!

  3. I believe heaven or hell is a choice I make.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my 2nd blog. Mostly reviews and grandkids. I enjoyed reading your poems and words about the grandson. Thats life and the future. Mine are far away in Colorado so I don't get to see them as much as I like. So it goes....

  5. ANNIE!
    Yes, maybe that's the 'hell' of going to hell! I need to be able to comment on your blog, woman!

    I think if we live our life, using those gifts God granted as well as we can, and hurt as FEW as we can--and believe: the problem is non-existent!

    Not fair? To whom? "Only God knows"? I think we Peeps know pretty dammm well where we are headed--it is a feeling which cannot be denied. BUT it all can be changed, with Andrew's (above) 'decision'...but hey, let us wear the world like a loose garment. Live, love, and be who we are at any given moment.

    HEY! The 'new guy' on my block/blog...welcome!
    Good for the reviews: maybe that's how we will pick our films from now. You have a JOYFUL and interesting life--I went through several posts of yours on several blogs. Thanks. CU Around.

  6. For your comment on my blog: Aaaaawwww! Thank you Steve. I miss my mother very much. Sometimes I wish she was still around, she would know what to do during the times I did not know what to do. I reread what I wrote and I notice that everything I wrote referred to her words or deeds, not a lot of material things. During her funeral, my eldest sister read Robert Louis Stevenson's poem "Where Go The Boats." My mother recited this poem to us when we were little. She taught us to fold paper boats and send then floating in the canal after it rained. Thank you Steve! Tsup!

    Steve!!! First the image you chose to accompany this poem is very striking.

    Oh, the poem!!! Why should you be in hell? Someone who professes a love like that does not deserve to go to hell. If only we can make things happen with our intent, the world would be a wonderful place, but intents are merely that. There are so many forces that equally foster the achievement of our goals or hamper us. Sometimes life sucks. Love does not solve problems but it makes things easier.

  7. Hi Steve, some people believe that hell is being here on earth because when die ,you will have peace,you want worry about bill or being sick

    What do i believe? I think its a little of both. sometime for others there more hell then heaven

  8. CES!
    Woman, you are and will always BE
    One of those mountain peaks for me.

    It's not just your blog
    Nor your stories of inspiration
    Not your talents for drawing
    Or throwing paint.
    I think you're great!
    For everything you ain't!

    You do not have that pride which seems so important to many who are really gifted.

    PEACE, my friend! And Gemini Bro.

  9. JANICE!
    Hell is wherever it IS, or not! (I believe.) We might have our own private heels on earth, but I don't think that's the same. Hell is more a "LOSS OF" something, a place to gnash teeth--grin!

  10. What an achingly beautiful poem.

  11. Steve
    Thank you for stopping by. yesterday was one of those days.Just wanted a second opinion

  12. Dear Steven E
    I've read your poems several times, of course it's a good one. like the rest of your production.
    I hate to comment what I am not sure I understand.
    If the I is king alcohol with tears of cleansing water, (spirits), it kind of makes sense to me.
    I cannot believe that you would send any person to hell or oblivion.
    Besides, that's a matter of concern for God and not for people.
    Does this love which I
    Keep so close to me
    In this deepest heart-part
    Seek me. Only to find
    That we are of one kind
    Alike, in nature and mind."

    I think you have a choice, with whom you want to identify.
    I know you have made up your mind long time ago, who you want to be and who shall be the master.
    That decision makes you free.
    The demons who haunt you have no power anymore.
    From Felisol

  13. FELISOL!
    You have a habit of commenting here--and elsewhere--with astute understanding. And it is appreciated, I'm grateful to 'know' you. Thanks for your frequent encouragements and infrequent advise. You are a friend!

    ALSO, I LOVED your comment on Colleen's blog: "..and Serina came out, barefooted carrying her teddy bear; "Dad is asleep now." PRICELESS!

  14. COLLEEN!
    Visited your place--and commented. Thank you for coming by here!

    Did not realize I was the SECOND opinion, but I'll take any slot, so long as I'm on the team!

  15. Steve-

    I'm so happy to have found you! I LOVE your writing, and aspire to create as you do. Glad you're up and blogging again! Be well!

  16. Very thought provoking post, my friend! My faith tells me where I am going after death; not by what I've done to deserve it, but by the grace of my maker. :)
    Have a great week Steve!

  17. I would rather spend one day in heaven than an eternity in hell. Love is so compicated but I enjoyed this even if the picture was spooky :)

    Yep, me too...about heaven and hell, that is! Image is just a guy walking away from the 'camera'
    I even lightened it up, to make it look 'joyful'--grin!

    Hey Sir. You have a good kind of faith, born of confidence and truth...my opinion. Thanks for coming in today.

    Been a long time--couple months? Glad we have 'found' one another once more. I'll drop by and visit.