Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Thursday, September 29, 2011


"Night Bird
Find your way
For none may know it
just as you may."

--Jonathon Livingston Seagull by Neil Diamond

And me.
Gazing aloft,
above rails, above sails
intently into firmament.


So lost am I
in lonely
cloud-painted sky
looking for who
looking for you...
or perhaps a vast
past, colored blue?
I do not know.


Looking for God
in sky, decorated
by sun, by moon,
as if I believed
nature and us
Singing, dancing,


Fly bird, in lonely-looking sky
Take me up all the way until I...
until I cry.
Let's fly away from this
what others call bliss.
Let me cry at the lonely looking sky.
There with you let me die
in lonely sky.

Holy, holy, holy
Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus

Circle we, warp time
through Universe
of tinsel, silvery snow,
planetary ornaments.
Sky not alone, nor I...
we have found our God


No longer sky alone
we are also one
we are one


Let us LIVE and LOVE with
Happiness, ending in Joy!
Peace, in final Serenity!
PRAYER climaxing in PRAISE!

Steve E   09/27/2011

"Jonathon Livingston Seagull"
Author: Richard Bach
Music and words
Neil Diamond


  1. This is amazingly written poem .I love anything on birds. They so lucky,who could fly anywhere in this world.

  2. I could almost feel the wind as I read and glided. A blissful read, Steve.

    Just popped over to youtube to taste some more Seagull there. I'd forgotten how beautifully tonal Neil Diamond's voice was. Be, is soul stirring.

  3. nice...nice bit of worship steve....really love the feel of this...of course i am a nature freak...sooo....

  4. Nice, Steve. The sea is wondrous.

  5. Thank you Steve, for this poem ... it is easy, but deep and beautiful

    I think you have found your way ... hovering above it all ... but with firm ground on which you stand ...

    Yes...lucky birds. Hmmmm. That “seagull” was made into a film about 45 years ago—or more? Just beeyooteeful! No, my friend--not asking you to look it up!
    Keep coming back, girl.

    I have to write here that your mention of U-Tube inspired me to put up that 7-minute music video. Thank you SO much! Do you know, I played Neil Diamond all the while writing this?

    You always on the spot, man. Only Peep I ever knew who got around to as many people as you, and did so many things, and was so talented was named Flex. He is my Guardian Angel. 'Flex is short for Flexible. And you are that, also—grin! Thank you, Sir.

    Some things cannot go unloved, one of them—the sea, the sky.

    I AM TERRIBLE. Went to your blog, and could not understand, did not have time to translate. But I WILL, dear. I will! (Promises!)

  7. such mesmerizing writing, steve, i was literally carried away....i so love neil diamond's work even to this day and it carries me back to those years so long ago...... thank you for sharing this piece of your soul. xxx

    I am so glad you enjoy. Thank you!

    AH! Another who 'remembers' that age of books, movies, and music. I loved this also. Almost feel like I'm sinning when I 'like' something I wrote!

    Art class is exciting. Really! Learning things like the beginner I am. It is a whole world of opportunities out there for me/us to express ourselves, I just need the tools, and the how-to. I KNOW this is leading somewhere, but where I do NOT know.

    You are such an inspiration, putting together piece after piece of fine work, why it is called "Fine Art"....

  9. The freedom of flight and worship
    thanks Steve refreshing
    I'm not far just in on a painful path

    your friendship always makes the moon glow

  10. Beautiful words of worship, praise and longing...longing can have such an exquisite ache.

  11. Amen.
    :) the poem . . . The whole of it . . gives a much better meaning than the single stanza you had posted earlier.
    Lookin up at the firmament like the seas . . With the seas . . The becoming one with everything . . The prayer climaxing in praise. . Every single word is so musical. . . So beautiful. :)
    have you given music to this one? I mean you play the violin so maybe you have . . . This would make such a lovely song. . .
    and yeah i also like those words by Neil diamond . . True in their essence. (Though, i had to Google Neil Diamond. )

  12. honest words! x)


  13. Breathtaking video, Steve.

    And your words so sad at first as in search for an infinity which gets nowhere, when everywhere IT is,and will be, here, by your side.

    A prayer this is with a climax beyond 'amen' too.

    It amazes me when you get inspiredd by your lovable spirituality.


  14. .. *smiles* ... that's no problem, Steve ...
    ... that with time, I also know ...
    ... I had no time, so the text was so difficult ... sorry ...
    ...that life is so fast ... very nice ... but never boring ...

    “..painful path” Inspires this:

    “Pain of changing will pass away.
    Pain of NOT changing will stay.”

    In case you do not read this...that will be my blog topic tonight, for which I thank you—inspiring Peep that you are!--grin!

    Exquisite ache. Like exquisite pain? OK! But I like better 'exquisite JOY!' Even though achievable not nearly often enough.

    All those 'exquisites' may be related—as embodied in pain of childbirth? (I don't know about that.) Glad you are here, girl! Thanks.

    Yes, finally—grin! Well, Neil Diamond did not write the poem—that's mine—just wanted you to know, LOL! Seldom do I like what I wrote, but this one—yes! See? Pride taking over...(blahhh). No music, although if I'd ever drop everything else, and write music I could maybe be good. It IS all there in my head. It is however, a full-time love, or would be for me. Thanks for your input.

    Hey...a special 'invite'. I'll BE there. Especially for one who calls me 'honest'!!!--grin!

    It produces real happiness when you, the “Sweeter Poet” says such nice things about my poetry effort. You inspire with YOUR words, kiddo. You probably realize a lot of what I write is the real Peep! I am glad you are here, and that you like.

    I am leaving early tomorrow (Saturday). Back Monday afternoon, and I promise in those two days away, I will visit and translate your post(s). You are so kind to me, yes, loyal and kind. Thank you. I am SO glad you enjoyed your 'holiday' (in US it is 'vacation' like “vacate” our everyday activities!) Enjoy the coolness of Fall.