Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, September 26, 2011



One Autumn day in 1940, an airplane made a forced landing in the 30 acre field behind the orchard on our farm. Pilot had run out of fuel. He promised me, after asking my mother, that he would take me a spin the next morning at 8 AM. With permissions granted, I was up early, the dream of any boy (like me) to become a reality! The pilot had taken off early. 

I found out later that my mother had said "OK" to me, in order to quiet my exuberance. This was the one of a series of incidents which influenced the rest of my roguish life.

Since that day, I have been obsessed with airplanes, 
 even choosing flights with the most stopovers--
just to experience landing and take-off again
...and again.

"It is not what we said to our children. It is how we made them feel that counts". --Anonymous

First one, of the new Boeing Passenger Jets, the 787 Dreamliner was delivered to ANA Air in Japan today, September 26, 2011 at 9AM EDT. I LOVE this! Watching her fly is a 'spiritual experience' for me. "Move your wings Baby, and fly like a bird!"

Click for a passenger's view...and if you have one minute, click on arrow in upper right of picture.


  1. Oh, your excitement is contagious! Let's go fly somewhere...anywhere. :)

  2. nice steve-o i like a little flying myself...used to fly all the time...will follow over for the view...

  3. interesting post! +followed, come check my blog out when you get the chance! http://mightyideas.blogspot.com

  4. Funny, no one else seemed to take this post as I did. I wonder if it's because they don't know what betrayal and the chipping away of trust feels like.

    She is indeed beautiful. The genesis of your interest in her... Um...

  5. The Boeing plant has done well here. The Dreamliner is a neat plane.

  6. you remind me of Richard Bach -the author... he has such a passion for flying...

    you both'd make gr8 frnds :P

    i get sick in flights.. :(

    just the thought of flying makes me sick.....
    flying in planes, i mean...

    wings would be a different thing :)

  7. Now you did it - my masculine self is emerging - I confess to loving to go fast and high. *sigh*

    She is beautiful!

  8. MAGPIE:
    Up, up and awaaayyyy!

    Invigorates me: Flying, and reading “Way Station One”!

    Have not got there yet, but on the list...near the top-grin!!

    EVERYTHING amazes you, girl. What a REAL talent you are!

    You got it right, Patti, a two-part post. Thanks! Almost “all better!!!

  9. SYD:
    ...But nothing like that smooth quietness of a sailboat gliding across a moonlit and shining sea...Huh? AGREED!

    Yeah, that's it...the RUSH! Beats a shot in the arm...Oooops!

    “Fly Bird--into that lonely-looking sky
    Take me up all the way until I...
    Until I cry
    Yes, fly away from all this
    What all others call bliss
    Let me cry at the sky
    Let me die in the sky.”

    Steve E 09/27/2011
    Inspired by Jonathon Livingston Seagull—Richard Bach

    Are you a “Harley Girl” ??? Or even a “Suzuki-Peep!”?

  10. Am lovin it . .

    bliss for one, curse for another . . Apparently . . .

    Cry at the sky - cry at the joy of flying? Of freedom? Of release?

    way to gooooo . . . Young man ;)

    p.s. Read your reply to patti . . So it WAS a two part post? Not that others havent felt betrayal.
    Only that a mummy cannot allow her child EVERYTHING. And mummys, most of them, are NICE :)

  11. you know i read Jonathan only a few months ago . . He is a supercool seagull \m/

    just wanted to share this one line from the book

    "Poor Fletch. Dont believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you'll see the way to fly."

    much love :)

  12. .. I fly ... yes, that's the dream I love ...
    Thank you for the film ... I would like to fly in the Boeing-787 Dreamliner ...

    ... now I'm back ... Unfortunately I'm not flown, driven by car, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain .. wonderfully God made ​​the world

    ... I came home and my PC did not want to ...
    ... my son has helped ... now I'm back online ...
    I've read read read ... 8 weeks to catch up ...* grin *

    .. reading your posts, is a pleasure... as well "prayer girl"
    thank Cosima

  13. i see i omitted my imagined comment on this and sent off the link to my wandering oldest son....a very fun looking ride tho those windows kind of seem a bit weird somehow....i am terrified of heights and love to fly...go figure...but do NOT care for landings...take off-- awesome, i agree.xox

  14. I grew up in an airplane - both parents were pilots and I logged in alot of time before I started flying myself
    never tire of the sound of engines - tho I do prefer the beautiful whirr of turbo propelled engines