Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, September 10, 2011

REMEMBER 9.11.01

When they asked me,
Did you cry?”
I told a lie

Truth would be
if only I'd say
not 'til next day”.

Twenty-four hours
feeling numbness
struck with dumbness

Wednesday I went down
to give blood...
a flood of peeps,
old and young--
thousands in this little town.
Normal smiles turned to frown,
some, too old, sent away
crying, that Wednesday.

And I cried,
And I died—

While in smoke-covered NY,
the city huddled under
blankets of debris

I lived for
days and days
walking streets of Naples.
In daze, eyes glazed, and
in my own special haze,
hidden from the world.

And...OH!!! the meetings
of Alcoholics Anonymous
here and there, everywhere
packed with Peeps. My
other family. Stayed close by
to hold hands,
hug, kiss, cry and pray
together. It wasn't over
but we all stayed sober
whether, or not
together...or not.

Please ask me why
do I say--today

From Steve E

Written Sept 10, 2011


  1. thanks bro...i was far from home taht entire week...and numb is exactly how it felt...and for a season we in many ways banded together...

  2. It was sad sad day.
    Peace for everyone in this world.

  3. BRIAN:
    Yup...it was as you say, "a season"!
    But we remember today also!

    There are LOTS of sad days for everyone in this world. What is the answer? Greed? Jealousy? Pride? FEAR!
    In fact....what is the QUESTION?--grin!

  4. Your memories are very vivid and expressed in a way that we all can identify with, Steve. The strength and unity of standing with our friends does indeed help get us through.

  5. Thanks Steve. I think I was in a state of shock that first day too. It was definitely a time to draw close. Glad ya'll stayed sober!

  6. Something hard to discuss, even now so many questions... thanks Steve...

  7. You captured well the woundedness we all felt that day, and going forward, I'm afraid. BTW, you can rant on my blog anytime!

  8. Nothing like those friends of Bill W. to keep kindred spirits together.


  9. Numb is exactly the perfect word! I hope fear will let go of the world someday. Peace be with all!

  10. Such hard sad times...you capture it all!

  11. You write beautifully and I enjoyed the tapping rhythm.

  12. I was much the same on that first day. Numb and shocked, I guess.

  13. The overriding feeling for me was disbelief. The terrorists destroyed not only the World Trade Center that day. They also destroyed my sense of security, my belief that here at home, I would always be safe from that kind of hatred.

  14. Those of us who didn't lose loved ones wandered in a stunned state. I was dry eyed until I saw a firefighter cry. It released a flood of my own.

    Peace is a wonderful goal. I wonder if we will ever learn what it truly means.


  15. thank you for sharing so honestly.
    Peace, yes!

    Some things we cannot forget, they are embedded.

    I don't know you—yet! But thanks for dropping by

    Agreed. So many questions remain. But the facts are there. Attacked we were, and every citizen felt it in a personal way.

    Yep, nobody said it was/is over, I'm afraid, also! I hate myself when I do something stupid—like rant on another's property...THANKS!

    Yes. I see those friends at least once a day. Thanks for coming by. Honest!

    Many in the world live in constant fear—it is not fair. To conquer fear demand a strong faith (and that 'hope' you mention)!

    Thank you for being so kind.

    With my poetry, 'rhythm' is always an accident—grin! Maybe being a musician creates a built-in sense of rhythm. I'll have to ask Brian. But thank you for the 'write beautifully' words.

    Well...we were ALL attacked that day, and days before and since. Those of us who live, have only to endure some inconveniences to try and stay safe. You aptly use that word, “SHOCKED!”

    No longer safe, anywhere in the world. That we now know....

    Sitting in a small garden-type uninhabited place every Friday for a half hour teaches me the meaning of peace. But I soon forget it, when back in the world!

  17. it shook the world, it shook us and the world was never the same again..i was so far away when it happened, peaceful small town...didn't believe my eyes and ears..

  18. CLAUDIA:
    Yes, it is like so many happenings we cannot at first believe. Today we pray, as every day.

    In the black of the blackest day, candles still can lead the way! (Took it from your post. thank you!

  19. Today is a day of respectfully remembering. Thanks for sharing this, that day made the normal completely abnormal.

  20. Numb...and scared to death. Thanks for sharing your memories with us, Steve...and your appreciation and gratitude for the help you got to get you through.

  21. What an awful numbness was felt. Hugs and hands was the only way to get through it

  22. It was a feeling of disbelief and great loss...that really hasn't changed over the years. I find myself needing to hear the stories of heroic acts done without thought of cost to self to be able to move on.

  23. I stood frozen in front of a TV set seeing this happen and could not believe it was actually taking place. I first thought it was a sick joke and someone was airing this on International TV. I found out it was not and just stood there in shock and horror to think anyone could do this.

  24. A vivid slice of life you illustrate here on that fateful day.

    I was scheduled to fly to New York the following day for a board meeting. Mind raced a million miles a minute. Should I pack? Should I drive or take a cab? Will the airports be closed? I recall my struggle with processing the images that day, shocked that though it wasn't happening to me directly, my heart pounded as though it was.

  25. I remember sitting at my desk just staring blankly for awhile, not knowing what to do with myself. i think the enormity of the situation was incredibly difficult to process. i find that i cry in the years after more than i did that day, too. thanks for sharing :)

    Ever since then, 'normal' is not 'normal'!

    We live, we grow, we think we know. But always is surprise lurking, around every corner. But God did not promise 'easy'...only 'simple'.

    Yes, each peep had to work through it—usually with others. I have not seen such unity of purpose, such 'togetherness' in this country since December 7, 1941. a shame it takes such catastrophe and chaos to bring us together.

    Ya know, we were talking today, about how it seems those who forgot self and helped others, probably suffered the least—they didn't have the time to think about it....BLESS OUR HEROES!

    To me, it was the same feeling as on December 7, 1941. Though I was age 8 then, I remember as it were yesterday.
    But...9/11 was against innocent Peeps, whose lives were considered by Al Quaeda as worthless. OMG!

    So—it was YOUR heart I felt that morning, and the next, etc. Yours and a couple hundred million U.S. Citizens, and many more around the world.

    Maybe our bodies' automatic system shut-down goes into program mode to prevent information overload? You make good point. But in the final analysis, nothing will ever diminish the gruesomeness of those acts. Thank you for being a part of this (near) discussion...in comment form.

    What a way to end this day, right here, right now, as you wrote: “Love and Peace, forever.” (My mantra!)

  28. Let's hope and prayer that the world never sees that kind of day ever again.Peace for all .

  29. Beautiful memory and relation to God moving in tragedy as loving action, heroic action, and you and I get to participate today :) YAY God!

  30. KAVITA:
    Yup! “Hope springs eternal...” Alexander Pope ESSAY ON MAN.
    People always hope for the best, even in the face of adversity.
    JOY always, and PEACE!

    ..and participate is what I've been doing this morning, beginning in moonlight! And you have another one up already! Be there in a minute.

    I think you right, girl!
    In the U.S. We are told often that Al Qaeda has killed three times more Muslims, than Western Peeps. Has something to do with 'validating' themselves, meanwhile asking Allah's will that those Muslims they kill are martyrs...

  31. I think the world cried on that day. I even cried yesterday watching the footage on tv.
    I hope you're doing well, Steve!!