Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, September 24, 2011



Kitchen window, where many of our Vege-
 Peeps spend their formative weeks? 
See those orchid buds in the small photo?
--a complete surprise!
Living life, I took many things for granted. Sitting on a concrete bench, pondering the 'meaning of life' while viewing a favorite tree, another vision suddenly appeared. I could 'see' that tree just a few years ago, when it was barely more than a twig stuck in the ground. Sure, it bore a couple sap-slurping leaves.
Now as I sit here, that Wild Tamarind (below) is my shade. It was only supposed to grow 5-6 feet in height.
These banana plants (below) are missing one pleasure of life--a mate. They will not produce fruit until we find them a wife—and I don't know how to do that. Our farm grew corn and tomatoes, not bananas, which make love on moonlit nights. So, “Yes...we have no bananas...” is my song today.
A short time ago, I shot this, called it “The Trumpet Shall Sound”. Then came a drought followed months later by a storm. Finally I cut the dead pieces away, said, “R.I.P.” (Requiescat in Pace). 
 Now, I sit here and observe (below) that if God brought this dead tree back to life, what more must He have in store for any of us Peeps who have died, either physically, or spiritually

And the fern (below) was 10 years ago, a baby in a pot on our lanai. When it finally threatened the screening we stuck it in that sand we Florida Peeps call earth.

Yes, I've taken many thing for granted. Oh, did I give credit to Anna, my wife? She (Prayer Girl) did some of the work and all the praying, for our yard. Other than that, Peeps, Love, and PEACE!
Steve E


  1. I have found that, when it comes to living entities, anything is possible. Yes, even their return from the realm of the deceased. It seems we all have a need for love, even plants, trees, and flowers. And when we are delivered that love, we do respond with... ALIVENESS.

    What lovely trees you have, Steve. I have known many a spiritual dawn, and many a spiritual dusk, sitting in the shade of my precious trees. It is an incomparable feeling... life resting in the womb of life. Oh, beauty!

    Thank you for this lovely post... full of green!


  2. if this is your back yard then im super jealous!


    You KNOW?
    Sometimes, as this time
    and these days
    I can only have a quick look at the friends’ blogs
    but do not comment
    for I KNOW that will keep me away
    from all the stuff that I need to do… (blah blah)

    I had to log in just to tell you-
    despite it’s 2.21 am here
    First, that what you call 'back yard'
    is to me a piece of Eden-
    What a privilege to have that, my dear friend.

    And I KNOW who mows all that grass and it must be not easy at all to keep such beauty.

    Beautiful are also the eyes which see and look and feel through that soul, that only you have, I KNOW that too.

    I really think this is beyond inspiration.

    Hope you get better soon and keep enjoying your yard and life as I KNOW you do.

    Love and Peace ♥

  4. Out of sudden, in this simple way, that's the answer: There is a God.

    I love it.

  5. I have blogged repeatedly about my love of plants. And now this is my favorite post of the week! That first picture is my favorite.

  6. Oh yes, angel trumpets, alright, because you will be seeing angels when you ingest the. It belongs to the species of Datura and contain, is it scopolamine? Anyway, some states prohibit the sale of Datura. I want some tamarind. You can make candies out of fruits or use them as spice for tamarind-base soup. Hello!!!

  7. God's gifts are always precious, but especially so when we're allowed to contribute to the process...goes for more than plants. Hope you're feeling better. :)

    PS: That Brian, always popping up in peep's header photos. :P

  8. Beautiful garden, Steve. Thanks for sharing.

  9. if he can bring a dead tree back to life...surely he loves us all the more my friend...and will do the same...you got a nice view from that bench...

  10. :) Love these visible demonstrations!

    We are like them, growing, fruiting (sometimes not) being pruned, needing a specific kind of relationship to be in place before we can really bloom.


    I am counting down to your (and Anna's) visit!!!! I'm so excited!

  11. true with what you say about the dead tree and thanks for this fascinating stroll through your garden and i didn't know prayer girl was your wife...so nice!!

  12. i cannot fathom how people manage to muster the dedication required to maintain plants and gardens....

    i am too lazy for such a passion...
    i do not think i will ever be able to manage 'living things' ...
    hats off to you :)

    i love the tamarind tree the most...:

    the little plants in the pots look nice... but somehow, i feel closer to the grown up trees....

  13. NEVINE:
    Ma'am, even your 'comments' are works of art! Spiritual dawn...spiritual dusk--“...life resting in the womb of life. Oh, beauty!” Yes, I too believe anything possible. And it seems at the bottom—or top!-- of everything, is that love. Thank you, my dear.

    It is my back yard, where I am at this moment! This is Florida.

    How can I respond, except to say yours are the sweeter comments one might expect from Sweeter Poet. Yes, I do the yard work. I procrastinate starting, but then love the doing. Other of your words credit me too much. I KNOW that! And I see you use my favorite words of blessing,
    “Love and PEACE!”

    Wonderful that we have our answer, the solution to all questions.

    Also my favorite photo, the first one! “Favorite of the Week”? Holy Moly, Batgirl! (For my favorite “Comment of the Week”--grin!!!!)

    So far no one has eaten the trumpets. Sure, we know that one either dies, or becomes a zombie after ingesting the leaves. But it IS used in legal and medicinal manner. And the scent at night permeates the neighborhood, so delightful, like jasmine or honeysuckle. Hello!!!

    You are always SO right! God's Gifts for us, so we can cooperate in many ways, always! (Re BRIAN! HAHAHAH!)

    Thank you, MM!

    Yeah, that bench!! When ya get my age, you look for benches rather than mountain trails...both beautiful!

    When you remind me how lucky, I become grateful. Thank you! Grateful that God allows us the freedom to live in this beautiful world wherever we wish. Thank you my friend, for coming here to read and comment!

    My thoughts exactly, Jess. Nature and us—we share so many attributes, in a mysterious way.. Thank you! (Hey...WE are really REALLY looking forward to seeing you Peeps, and hearing all about what's what, who's who, and esp your new job....AND the good AA in SC.

    Twenty years been married to Anna. You comment so nicely, thank you!

    JaLpArI -tHe MeRmAiD:
    Hey girl, my yard is not perfect—growing things (at least mine) tend to care for themselves. Plenty rain here is the norm. And lots sunshine—this is the “Sunshine State”. I too, like the trees...but they were not always trees. OK?
    You surprised me, commenting here. Thanks for dropping by!

  15. Angel trumpets !? ! Wow! will wonders never cease- ( I surely hope not) Glad you have wonderous shade;
    I know you must need a fan or two!
    Which brings me around to: ask your local Agricultural agent, from your local University - where to find a mate for your Banana's. Up here our Nurseries often help- but I have also been known to call Arboretums...

  16. Wonderful plants. You have a beautiful yard.