Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Thursday, September 15, 2011



About thirty years ago, or so it seems I ordered--sight unseen--a booklet of poetry written by TESS KINCAID. It finally arrived last week. I forgot lie number one having ordered the book.

About to hit the USPS Post Office PLUS lie number two with a return thingy, the book fell onto my laptop computer. Opening some pages, I read some lines, and have since taken this book(let) to bed with me. No, it is not a sex-toy, Peeps!

'Hooked' while reading one titled "SNOW"...about the whiteness blanketing my sins, Nature forgiving, and the final line..."Pure delight of Holy Communion melts on my tongue and makes me giddy in the sacraments of winter."

Tess is at once herself, Queen of the Manor and Poet of a soul--hers. Her artist-self designed the front acid-free cover.

 This is not a Big Book! 28 pages, 25 of the loveliest, descriptive, poems. Some history, a surprise bonus. Actually, nothing is a surprise, when from Tess!. Only disappointment for full of egotistical pride me, is that the book is not personally signed. "To My Friend Steve with great affection..Tess" grin! LOL!!!

Please order PATINA either HERE or AMAZON Tess Kincaid resides in Beautiful Willow Manor, a well-preserved ancient palace and Tess keeps this place maintained she needs the money--grin!!! to perfection!

NOTE: The above is written without the express consent of Tess Kincaid, and this message was not--NOT!-- approved by her. OK, Peeps? Total responsibility is assumed by

--Steve E


  1. Thank you, Steve! Glad Patina finally made it to your neck of the woods. (I'll blame FLP for all your complaints.) If you mail it to me, I'll write something lovely on the flyleaf... x

  2. envisioning papercuts for said sex toy...oh wait you said it was not...ha...nice review...tess is an incredible poet so i am sure you will cherish the book(let)...smiles.

  3. I love it when I read of the success of one of "our own." Clever homage, Steve. I know Tess has something grand to write on the flyleaf. I hope you mail the book to her so she can write it.

    Book is "in the mail". True. When I receive it back, I'll post a photo of the title page, OK? (Unless Tess says "No"!)

    Thanks! You poets are all alike--supportive of one another--grin! In this case are two of the best. Thanks for comment.

    The flyleaf is on the way--probably flying...as leaf(s) do? Thank you so much!

  5. Such an intriguing post. Isn't it wonderful finding and making new friends with a like-mindset?