Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Written Sept 27, 2011
for dverse Poets Pub


About love? No!
Nor, regarding sex.
Recovery?...hospital stuff.
Trees, or bees? Getting close
to topic: this late-night-post.

Soldiers on the march, I
see their beauty-straight lines
and thin
when in
my world they cadence.

Without a shot
they win! Not
by harming, killing
neither raping
nor escaping.

But look! See?
They're all free
of what keeps
you and me
near brain-mired

Super creatures
carrying away loot,
just as lurkers
I watched, as under foot
their deeds transpired

Suddenly under my pants
legs felt all prickly--
I jumped in horror
through open door
my body in fast dance.

I...slightly sick,
intent, watched
warriors march asunder,
finish their plunder
halt on their way
out of town--my
pants now down.

Ants all over me
on top and under.
The battle, it's late
to end: I win,
it's fate.

Long before dawn
ants were dead
...or gone

Image: Google Images


  1. HEY!!
    You read about my trees and bees and added it up here? How is that?
    You astound me!!!

    Long before dawn
    ants were dead
    ...or gone

    Love that <3

  2. call me slow . . But it took me a very long time to get what you were saying.

    The picture is misleading. :p

    the poem, if about the ants' march and formation, is very well written. . . . The comparison with the soldiers. . .

    But if it's about somethin else, help me out . . . Am lost.

  3. Awesome post, head peep. mad me to the end.

  4. Don't mind me BUT I gotta an itch that needs scratching for SOME reason! Uggg...hate those determined little critters!

  5. yikes....we battle the ants every year when they come marching into our home...marching on and on and on....

  6. That picture is awesome, I love it and the poem threw me too.... but not for long because last night as I was working on my own poem an ant, one of those huge black ones like almost an inch long, crawled across my shoulder and just freaked me out... that is an awesome description of them...... but really, really don't want 'em in my pants...... eeewwwwwwwwww..... I'm one of those bug phobia dudes now...

  7. You had me fooled right up to where the pants came down. I had to back track. Nice, fun read.

  8. Those darned critters. They are like soldiers. I read a book where an animal psychic experimented with seeing what she got from insects. When ants were taking over an area of her house she tried to communicate. The impression she got of what they seemed to be saying was, "We got our orders, lady." LOL! Explains a lot.

  9. What can the soldiers do when ants start to crawl all over their body?

  10. soldiers on the march....fun read!

  11. DULCE:
    Non could imitate your sweeter poetry, or 'added it up'. I had not read your entry until much later—coincidence. Couple other Peeps wrote about bees, and trees, etc. I believe Dverse Poets Pub has a mental imagery program installed. Thank you for coming over here, astonished poet.

    OK. Misleading photo. I believe (not sure now...) this was about ants, a bit of philosophy, and a lot of 'nothing'. At the time, it sounded pretty good to me—until now! Ha! (I did not wish a picture of ants—although there are 3,547,201 in Google Images—because the 'ant' thing was intended as a sort of mild surprise. But whatever!
    (I see you found SYD! Ain't he GoooD?)

    I love Wednesdays. Are you compiling a book of those outlandish Peep behaviors?

    Yes, I had to put them—and me—to the water hose, on POWER!

    They only enter your house when they are thirsty, hungry, cold, or drowning...or all of the above. I'd probably try to sneak in also, under those conditions—grin!

    Picture historical. Words hysterical? Author, INSANE!--grin!

    “Back on the farm”, when one of the hands was dancin' and prancin'
    around, they'd ask, “Ya got ants in your pants?” Sometimes the answer was “yes!”...but in much more colorful verbiage.

    Why thanks, girl! You really did read it then...hmmmm. You got to where “the pants came down” and then you were hooked—RIGHT?--grin!

    How interesting—I mean it! Certainly ants communicate. But I did not think, with humans. I'll NEVER say never. Now that we have broken the Universal Cosmic speed limit (Speed of light!) since a particle went FASTER than speed of light! If that experiment is duplicated, it will destroy Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and re-write ALL the science books. It would mean 'time travel' is possible at some far future date....Where was I? LOL!

    Soldiers have to let their body get eaten, or be shot. I'd guess they carry bug spray—odorless, of course!

    “...fun read!” It was a “fun write”. Thank you!

  13. steve, this is so much fun... i loved it as we get these little/big guys and they ARE an army that is difficult to beat...like this part:

    halt on their way
    out of town--my
    pants now down

    oh my...xox

  14. Ho ho! You won the battle, but lost your pants. I don't think I'll explore anything beyond that comment. :)

  15. Interesting post - from playful introduction to a bugged touch of battle...pity for the pants, but those critters will get you every time.

  16. LOL! Steve~! I was thinking you were writing a very powerful anti-war piece and you got me good! Ants!! Pants down. LOL!@

    Very funny, tricky piece.

    Enjoyed this very much!

    Lady Nyo

  17. MAGPIE:
    It's called “winning at any price!” We let Columbus, DaGama, and Cortez do the exploring, OK?

    Yup. Fun for me, too. Sometimes the quick writes turn out to fun and pass with a C+ (Better then D-)--grin!

    Chris G:
    Not a good experience. Those critters bite, ya know? EEEYOOWWEEE!

    You are nice to comment, and I am glad you 'like', Jane. Thank you..........

  18. lol!!!
    am slowwww...

    but at least i got it right at the end.... *happy*

    and yeah!!
    syd is GOOD :)

  19. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

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