Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011



Last week, a speaker at an AA meeting stood before 150 people, and without saying a word, his whole body began to shake, most violently. St Vitus Dance? Epileptic seizure? NO! He explained that his sponsor said, “Never keep a disturbance inside you." Always get rid of it, and that you can do by just loosening up your whole body and mind. Like 'Let go and Let god'...

He gave a GREAT talk. Pssst, shhhh! (whisper) I tried 'shaking it up' several times that day. It worked...for me!

Heard this morning at 7 AM:

"I wish, instead of an alcoholic, I could just be a 'social' drinker. Then I could get my brain 'fucked up' every night!”

"The fact that I'm usually thinking about--planning--for when and where I'll get my drinks...told me I am an alcoholic.”

"Some people have two drinks and go home. THEY don't realize the true PURPOSE of alcohol--grin!”

"I tried to stay sober by using my mind and my will power. Someone told me I can't fix something broken...with something that's broken.”

"I cannot judge whether I am sane...or not.”

"I had two sets of 'friends': those in the bar at 3 PM every afternoon. Then, after I was 'asked to leave'...those people in my other favorite bar at 10 PM.”

"You'd never catch me in the bars...I drank at home, alone There I could not hurt anyone.” (What aboutcherself?)

"Being a 'little bit' alcoholic, is like being a 'little bit' pregnant!"

"I gave up drinking for Lent, and didn't make it through Ash Wednesday!” (Wednesday is bowling night!)

"I'll never know exactly what it was that kept me sober all these years. But I know what it wasn't! It was NOT my own thinking!

"I'm Steve E, and I'm an alcoholic."


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  1. i cant fix something broken with something broken...really like that one...some good one line wisdoms here stevo

  2. I have always disliked the talk of alcoholics or others with diseases of the body or obsessions of the mind, being broken. Misguided victims of their own stupid choices, perhaps, but not broken.

    Pretty good meeting fodder, there Steve.

  3. Lovely bits of wisdom! Thanks for sharin!

  4. I pray no one ever touch alcohol ever in life. So wise post .Love it .

  5. When I first came around I used to 'shake off' everything negative that I recognized- very helpful!

  6. Steve dear,
    You should have numbered these so I can tell you which ones I loved!

    So wise the alcoholics indeed...
    Thanks for the funny side.

  7. Those are words of wisdom and are "vinegary".

    Love them so much!!

  8. Good ones, Steve. These have humor but are also biting with the truth.

  9. Okay, Steve, here is one of those questions. As a recovering alcoholic, is your life always defined by whether you're drinking or not? Is there ever a moment when you're not thinking of yourself in those terms? I know that this blog deals with that aspect of your life to a great degree and explains why it is often the focus here. But as someone who struggles with other "addictions" I think what keeps me from being successful is my inability to classify myself. I want to remain "normal" (whatever that is). Is there ever a time when the new you becomes the normal you?
    This is another reason why I often avoid questions like this...my total lack of ability to express myself coherently. :)

  10. Good one. First time here...reached from Kavita's blog.

  11. Good stuff, Steve-O. But you always hit it out of the park, in my opinion.