Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 This is reworked/reposted
 Open Link Night # 9

Who, With detestable
Pouring water from
ashes of a love
Which all but lost?

Who so charged
With nurture those
future Dreams...of

That love which
Words, Pictures,
mem'ries, Embossed?

Such profoundness--
Mindless, Soundless
--Lasts far more

than time's Eternity
 blest so with favor.

Two savored
til sated

And life goes
As before rated...
Always and Forever

Graphic--Between two worlds 
--by Iardacil in DEVIANT ART

NOTE: I kept the old comments (from May 2011) because 
in my thinking, comments 'become' an integral part of the posting.
There are 18 such 'old' comments.


  1. love is a gift given freely...does it take more energy to pour the water or blow new life into the coals...

  2. Of love is always the embers that can be revived with a single thought. Beautiful words my friend, but I have some difficulties of translation.

  3. This is sad , this is half sad and half---- where is the other half, my dear friend?
    No hope?
    why charge?
    Sighs at night in the canaries in storm Boo!

  4. Dear Steve, I'm concerned about the loss this poem speaks of. That verse "two savored until sated abated" is very good poetry, but damn! I hope you have oodles of love in your life. My hubby and I are celebrating our 19th anniversary. Love takes an awful lot of work sometimes, but the effort is always worthwhile. Sending a hug your way...

  5. The ability of loving is a gift in itself.
    A living soul is loving or longing for love.
    Soren Kirkegaard said, " I used to long for my first love. Now I'm longing for my first longing."

  6. As long as it's still "love which is all but lost", there is hope. Be mindful of the gifts this love had to share. Forever is a hard promise to keep. Wishing you peace and insight.

  7. LOve never dies natural death It's dies because of ignorance and our mistakes .Nice poem .All your love poems are very nice. :)

  8. BRIAN:
    Your comments/responses frequently remind me of Anthony De Mello, and I hope you take that as a huge compliment. Thank you!

    You got the meaning right away, my Dear! Thank you for translating. I'll come by your place today.
    Love and PEACE!

    You are correct--as usual, except for the sadness, which is possibly the poetic part of me? (you and Brian always read it perfectly!) The other half I shall have to post posthumously--grin! Of course, Hope IS! It is a Virtue, of which 'always' is an attribute. Much love to you, my good friend.

    Chris, it IS only a poem--of course, there is much love in my life. And I am even MORE blessed to have met bloggers like you, who express themselves so well, and without false Pride. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both and love from me, Steve E

    You state it leaving no doubt of the human (soul's) condition--which is certainly a gift from God. He is the First Lover--and sorrowfully, often the last one to be loved in response. Maybe when we love others, we are loving Him also, since inside Peeps is a place God resides also! Thank you! Thank you!

  9. Izdiher:
    Oh I am SO glad you are here reading, and responding. You are already a "special Peep"!
    Love and PEACE!

  10. MAGPIE:
    HOW did I miss you??? And your contribution here is SO supportive, heartening, hopeful, and encouraging! Do those all mean the same thing? NO! Thank you SO MUCH for coming here tonight.
    Love! YA!

  11. Loved your ending ...
    *And life goes
    As before
    Always and forever.

    I wish you joy today!

  12. :) Beautiful ember ignition in words. Gratitude in memories pictures words, the heart knows all.

  13. MARGIE:
    OK! "JOY" is the word-of-the-day! Thank you...glad you're here.

    Jess, you just like 'everything'! Yes, the heart IS that secret place where we can go and seek Him. Occasionally we find Him there. You are a Dear--in many ways, my good friend!

    P/S "When we least 'feel' it is often when God is smiling with/at us." Author unknown, but his first name sounds like 'steveroni'--grin!

  14. Hola Steve: gracias por tus palabras tan bonitas y cariñosas en mi post. Es cierto que cuando se traduce de un idioma a otro, si no dominamos el tema, nos perdemos mucho. Seguro que lo que yo he entendido de tu poema a lo que has escrito hay diferencia, pero, te aseguro que me ha encantado, como me encanta que, a pesar de la distancia, podamos relacionarnos. Mil gracias amigo.
    MIl estrellas de alegría para ti y los tuyos

  15. But there is a piece and element of hope for can that kind of love truly be extinguished forever? No!
    Love, as old as time, never ends

    Love to a friend!!!

    Hola Sherazade:
    Tengo una gran admiración por su escritura en su blog y comentar en mi blog. Me alegra saber que usted, incluso si no hacemos comentarios cada día.
    Es para mí un honor!

    I believe you to be correct. Love is love, and it sometimes has its own life as to where it will go.
    Extinguished? Only in the case of outright betrayal.
    PEACE IN YOUR LIFE, my Friend from Caleefowneeah.

  17. Love does indeed have a way of living on and growing, despite the many weeds that tend to come in its way...

    Beautifully said here, my friend..

  18. the loss is still palpable within this steve...i vaguely remember this verse but not enough to pick out any tweeks you made...it is well writ though...and evocative...

  19. How lovely! Love is the only thing that grows deeper and more precious through the years.

    Lovely, resonate poem, Steve.

    Lady Nyo

  20. the tone and mood to this is very striking. nice write, steve.

  21. Where the heck was I on this the first time 'round, Steve??

    I'm still an OLD commenter tho!! Be 48 this spring. :)

    I can see why you drew attention to this poem again, really a stellar one, a bit mysterious with its water, ash, eternity and embossment to me. But therein lies the imagery that dazzles, haunts and give pause for important moments.


  22. So glad you have reposted this piece again, peep.
    It is really worth the reading and re-reading. A master- piece indeed!
    Must but love it.

  23. IZDIHER:
    Faithful follower and friend—You stealing my lines: “Love and Peace”. But they DO belong to everybody.
    Thank you for reading, and commenting.

    Weeds?--grin! Yup. It is the real thing which grows, weeds or no weeds. If not real, it dies...
    Thanks for your nice comment, Kav.

    Thanks for comment—it helps, as you know...

    Trying to get rid of any words which are not story-embedded.

    Welcome, friend! Life in the 'big' country! I'll bet the 'dark' continent was all brightness and joy during recent weekend of full moon. Still a chill, though?
    Joy always...and love, of course, of course!

  24. yes for some reason life goes on as before and not sure if it is over rated or that people just choose to go on and leave the other day behind them

  25. LADY NYO:
    You write good words, Lady. Thank you mucho!

    Thank you. I am beginning to enjoy the writing part of blogging, especially changing what was written in the past. It is taking a blong time.

    “This” spring...you mean 2012? -grin!

    Yup, this is one of those few I do like...after some changes. I'm learning to go through (in the morning?) and delete all unnecessary words. I enjoy that, more than writing!
    PEACE, baby girl, age 47!!

    Girl, I hope it does you as good to 'ponder' as it does me. I elevate it by calling pondering...ummm....... Meditation! HA!

    ...and I'll bet you like the font, too! (I do.) But it was one of my favorites last spring, and revised, I like it better. (I don't think it is 'Pride', for me to like something I've written. See? Those old tapes are still playing—grin!) Thank you for reading, Dulce. And commenting! Love that 'old' Avatar!