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Friday, September 16, 2011


God as I understand Him

A Peep, new in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, wrote that he was 'confused' about God. Several responses inspired me to write these:

When I am 'confused' about God--it is not God who is confusing me. It is one who does not want me to 'know' God. It is one who is taking over my thoughts. I call him Satan. You may call it whatever is your understanding.”

Sir, you are making progress! I do not have to fret and sweat to figure God. My understanding of Him will change with time. Best is that He slowly draws aside those curtains which hide, so that instant light does not blind me.”

“God reveals Himself to me (this was not always the case) in every tree, every blade of growing grass or weed, every seed blown by a whisper of wind. He is the composer of every birdsong, the Ultimate Father of every child.”

"God is the sending of thoughts person-to-person over land and sea, or throughout the firmament (I love that word!). He is everywhere, everything. He is in you, me, everyone. A part of each-everything is God."

God is inventor of 'reconciliation'. In the very 'first reconciliation' He brought from utter chaos, the sweet accord of the Universe; Galaxies, Planets, stars, etc., so they would not collide in utter disorder. When we choose, we have that same God-Power--to reconcile ourselves with Him and with one another. We have other 'God-Powers' as well: We can cry, laugh, express our feelings. We have same need for love, for understanding, We need also to serve (and humbly be served).”

“Sir, your final line today, describes what we're discussing here: 'I want to stop thinking about God, stop trying to explain to myself what or who he is, and instead, feel it in every one of my Life Moments.'”

--Steve E

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  1. mmm...this is some good stuff steve...esp that last one...have a wonderful saturday man...and i am too busy enjoying the company to question what or how too much you know...

  2. reconcialiation with God- a big contradiction, that is- great post- deep and wisa and beautiful- <3

  3. yes - need to spend more time with him...and less with asking complicated questions..

  4. Yes our concepts do change.Someone asked me "What/who I wanted (god)of my understanding; to be '? that got me thinking! Thanks.

  5. Amen, Steve-O. This post jazzed me up. Thank you.
    And your header photo is spectacular.

  6. Steve, you always bring me to tears. I think those knarly questions fade with age. Perhaps we are finally at peace in some ways, and more accepting that we don't have the important answers, and just breathe.

    Perhaps that is enough. The glory of creation is enough. Our gratitude is necessary.

    Thank you, Friend Steve...again for a beautiful post.


    Jane (Lady Nyo sometimes)

  7. BRIAN:
    Somehow I knew you might wish to question...and then would decide to not...thank you for that. However, some time ago—week or two? You expressed your own views in a post. I figured we each have a right to our opinions, and can still be 'friends'. What a country where we live!

    DULCE:When anyone writes to me the words “wise” I go to look in the mirror—and realize they must be referring to someone else—grin! Thank you Poetry Sweeter, for your supportive comments. I am happy to 'see' you here!

    You GOT it, Babe! I believe sometimes He wishes we would just want to 'be' with Him, like hanging out with a good friend!

    Yep, Izzy. When I write something like a “God” post, it might look very different from one of two years ago. Hopefully, we all change continually—if ever so little....Thanks, girl!

    Chris, I believe you are most of the time “jazzed up”...and I love that about you! Keep writing, girl! Each time I view your splendid header, I picture myself living somewhere in that valley, sometimes below, sometimes high on one of the hills. If Florida had some hills, it would be THE perfect place.

    Certainly I did not picture this post producing tears—but I 'know' what you mean. God 'does' that to us sometimes. Yes, I agree with you about age being a factor in our acceptance. However, I know lots of old—and bitter, unsmiling, unhappy—Peeps. Some Peeps ya can only show—not tell!-- that happiness is obtainable...or at least JOY! That's YOU! Joyful Jane. Thank you for those kind remarks

  8. Just the awe in the 'other' is enough for me - without all the questions and the qualifying.

  9. -claps- Very thought provoking! Thanks for posting. (Sorry I haven't been around lately. Just completely redid my blog and hadn't realized you'd even moved...)

  10. SOBER 100 DAYS:
    Yup, I believe also that when God wishes any of us to 'know' more, He will take care of that..
    Thanks for dropping by!

    NICK ROLYND: Well, gotta go see what you are doing now, don't I? Thanks for dropping in today.

  11. One of my favorite lines in the bible is Psalms 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God."