Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Saturday morning I am driving to Central Florida to visit my daughter. She is moving several thousand miles away, and I may not see her again. This is a wonderful moment for me, to give my blessing to my daughter, to bless her choice of a new life, and new “Way of Life”!  Be back Monday....


The following I wrote as a comment early this morning to one who stated on her blog that “...once a human is 'broken' they can never be 'fixed'.” I could not resist publishing my comment here:


I do not believe any broken person is beyond repair. My own life is my example--and my proof. 38 years ago (age 40) my life was over.

If my drinking did not kill me soon, I had planned to drive into a bridge abutment at high speed. (A policeman told me that is the easiest, least painful way to die.) Today, every time I drive past that bridge I smile, thinking back what I would have missed: A wonderful, mostly happy, sober life of freedom these last 37 years. (And there are no left-over, reminder bloody spots on that bridge support.)

I was completely broken, and have been 'fixed' by a Higher Power (God) Who brought me into Alcoholics Anonymous, and a new way of life! How can I not be grateful enough to spread this healing word just as I lived it?

Thank you for understanding why I did not give up--all because I DID surrender.

NOTE: “The dead drug leaves a ghost behind. At certain hours it haunts the house.”
--Jean Cocteau


IMAGE:  a_broken_man_by_NuclearSeasons
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  1. steve, you are so positive at the moving of your daughter farther from your home and that's a beautiful thing...i wish i could take a little corner of the page that drives such a viewpoint....i do hope this will not be the "last time".....this is a beautiful post, very inspiring, very touching....be safe. xox

  2. My best wishes for your daughter.
    Yes, No one is broken because we have God, who cares us. And to fix everything then why we be saddle with anything thing in life.

  3. I, too, do not believe that we are beyond repair. As well, I believe that their is a gift in brokenness. That only once we fall apart can we be built back up stronger and wiser.

  4. travel light my friend and have a great weekend...i like your comment as well as well...i agree with your response...perhaps the original comment was in understanding our brokenness...i dunno...

  5. Hard. We are learning tho...
    Parting- (ahh, salt and sweet...) rarely easy for this human. Count my many blessings and pass some on.

  6. I've had personal experience with profound brokenness, so I know it can be fixed. I hope the person who feels that way finds hope.

    I love your attitude about speaking your truth with your daughter. The time is now, today (for all of us).

  7. Enjoy your time with your daughter. As a daughter, I understand greatly what a father's approval and blessing means.
    Thank God that that which is transformed - not "fixed" - is stronger and sweeter than that which came before.

  8. how wonderful that you are so supportive of your daughter's choices. So many aren't.

    i completely agree that no human being is so broken that he or she can't be repaired. Love, hope, humility, gratitude, and so much more... these are the tools that mend.

  9. Great post. I believe our brokenness can be changed so that we are whole again. Best of luck to your daughter.

  10. Hope you have enjoyed your stay, and hope you are wrong when you say you might not see her again.
    Take care <3

  11. I usually do not understand why things happen in my life but I do believe God wants me to be there, to experience a life changing event. I am so glad to read your old story, inspiring! :D

    wish the best for your daughter as well ((:


  12. Hello, my friend. I'm so grateful you are here. I don't think you were merely fixed. I think you were improved.

    I'm sorry to hear your daughter's moving very far away. Thankfully, there are ways to keep close and love travels swiftly.

    Hope you have been well!