Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, March 2, 2012

Life IS

From Google Image
 Turn Around, Boy

As wild child
he rode the trails
horse named “Silver”
Yup, like Hi-Ho

After, still wild,
first of his peers
to drink booze,
have sex (alone)

Then he got better--or worse?
Sex with another--
well, he took his licks.
Now, at age six:

In first grade
in the second,
they said...
he wed.

Skip many years
thousands tears
bodies, hearts,
bloodied, broke
mended not...

One fine morning
in strange city
having played several weeks
with a really nice kitty

he rode away once more.
Silver had wheels, not four
but two on which he glided,
leaving behind such exquisite

Into mobile he mouthed
I wish to come Bach.”
She--”Where is home?”
In the south”, spoke he.

Sir, turn yourself around,
 face the southern sun.
And RIDE, Clyde—RIDE!
Never more you roam.”

Wild child no more rode
'til his ass was sore.
In every life—strife
of decisions,

Ahh, those turning points--
which way to go?
Behind, a cliff
straight down to hell.

Keep on keeping on,
still sober in October
Facing heat of
the sun...and more.

After all, life's
of the soul--
not of me—old,
this chunk of mud,

From Deviant
This body
from GOD has been sent;
Something borrowed...
Something lent

March 2, 2012


  1. You were sowing your wild oats pretty early. Sometimes we have to choose the wrong road to find our way home.

  2. man you were young when you started rolling...smiles...glad you came to that moment though, cause that is where you story hits man...many need to make that turn...

  3. This was beautiful. A young seeker, yes? Always something out there. I can relate.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. My life is so boring compared to yours. I went to school, studied, worked. I can't remember ever being intoxicated or drugged unless I count the night I threw up that nasty cheap sangria that gave me a stomach ache or that anesthesia from my surgery.

  5. Steve, I believe, strongly, that those who have never tasted the life that you led....before finding yourself...can never understand the depth you need to fall, before our personal salvation comes to our door.

    You earned it, brother....and all those years were not wasted because you are here...sober...and writing such beautiful, heart=felt poems.

    And that is the best salvation I can think of.

    Peace and Love to you, dear, dear friend, who has walked though the REFINING FIRE of life.

    Lady Nyo

  6. This is a powerful travelogue of your journey. I'm glad the ride took you to a good place.

  7. what a poem..all that journey turned you into a lovely man.
    So proud of you.

  8. IZDIHER, thank you. I was in a sort of 'rainy-day' blah (not quite a funk!). And this comment was quite cheerful. Really come in a timely moment!

    PATTI, Yeah, I'll never forget “RIDE, Clyde...RIDE!” whoever knows when it will happen—awareness?

    LADY NYO! Jane, yup, I've been burnt a few times, and done some burning...but have not we all? Part of life. One fellow says his life in prison was a huge waste. Another says he was given a second chance at living a fulfilling life. Hmmmmm! (Nope, I've never been to prison. I incarcerated myself. YOU are GOOOD, Lady!

    CES, your life is anything BUT 'boring', girl. And you really know how to live it. Others follow, and benefit. I am one of them.

    ELIZABETH some of us always seeking. I found, if I stop trying, (STOP THE EFFORT!), something out there will come find me. It ain't always what I think it's gonna be!

    BRIAN, yesss! Smiles. Not regrets. “We shall not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it...” Alcoholics Anonymous, page 83.

    MAGPIE...right road, wrong road, my personal GPS had not been invented, but...”ALL roads lead to Rome”. Thanks for comment.

  9. Hey! Come out and play. Did you play in church today? I hope so. Must have been beautiful.

  10. If you keep turning, eventually, you come full circle. You have had one amazing journey, one not every man can complete. Maybe your journey was meant to be, so that you could come back here and tell us all with your stories and imagery. Keep on keeping on, Maestro. Blessings to you!

  11. BELLA, as you might guess, I believe everything is as it is supposed to be at this moment (sometimes--grin!!).

    It takes what it takes for people to get where they supposed to be. "Some of us are sicker than others!"

    But, ya know? Often one who's been sick can better help another, than one who has never experienced the illness and is now free of the disease. (Drugs and alcohol.)

    IT SAYS HERE!!! :-)

  12. CES, did not play. Calling music director Monday for a sit-down. At least I started practicing in earnest. Thank YOU!

    I liked "Intention"

    ...Watched the falling snow
    with memories of those
    O Holy Nights
    Somewhere in distant past.


  13. Your must have been an arranged marriage when you were that young. Or else things down on the farm were done a lot differently. Glad that you made your way out of that life to another one. Some don't get a chance to do that.

  14. You described one life so easily..

  15. SYD, things were definitely 'different' on the farm.

    Six live-in, alcohol-swigging hired hands, all 4F-carrying card members, were my early role models, life=-teachers. Yes, life WAS different--grin!

    "4F" meant "not fit for military service".

    SNOW FLOW, cannot ALL lives be described easily, simply, and just as boring? The SECOND half of mine has been very different!

  16. Steve I really LOVE the last stanza. Enjoy and use that borrowed body until there are no more forces on it, because boring or not, this is the only life we have.
    Lot of hugs Steve, and thank you

  17. Anne, I am so glad you dropped by, and commented. thanks. As you know by now, I like your style, girl (Blog!). Just plain GOOD!
    See ya around!