Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


OpenLinkNight...DO WHAT YOU DO



Ever since born
so alone
as in “Pffft!”

Trial at real life
how good it is
bird flies
first time
not lonely

Violin sings
audition sucks.
One opening
one empty chair
I sit there
won by hair.

Bird in great hall
directions mixed
flies to chandelier
sings obbligato to
Beethoven Sixth.

Back to church 
(of my 'yoot')
first rehearse
play the mass
Long since I see...”
'Bout TIME ya 'see'.”
Now don' you go
gimme no sass.”

Not preach
nor teach or
'show the way'--
fiddle play.
God's work
touches Peeps.

Me: “Pffft!”
God: “Pffft!”

We friends
to the ends

March 6, 2012

Peeps, I SO wanted to write a non-rhyming poem, with a proper beat, etc., 
but right off the bat, the words started in with their sabotage. 
Fuck it, Ill quit trying to do something which isn't meant to be.  
Hey THAT'S a new and unique idea!

Dolphin Image:


  1. i bet your violin does some good work touching heart...you should play for us sometime, you know...good to have friends like that you know...smiles.

  2. I hate when that happens in my poetry, too. But sometimes it comes out okay. At least you wrote. Been writing some lately as well. Several new posts on my blog in fact. Would love if you could visit. Haven't seen you there in some time. :)

  3. I like it just the way it is Steve--Pffft! and all. That feeling of isolation is what drives us, and we have to learn how to steer because it can go either way. Enjoyed this much.

  4. Have a free evening and ...
    it is a pleasure to read here ... thank you ...
    "Pffft," which means that, Steve?
    I do not understand ...
    But I understand: We are friends - to the ends!
    I like that.
    Greetings from Cosima.

  5. I like your philosophies here...
    1. Do what you do and do it well.
    2. Quit trying to do something which isn't meant to be.

    I'm fighting the battle with that second one right now. Me thinking I know better than God what I ought to be doing. I'll come around...he's such a gentle teacher and guide.

    Also love the quote from Kahlil Gibran.

    Tracy and I may need to take you up on your offer of passports and hack saw blades some day. :)

  6. so when are you playing in the pub for us..smiles...we have a violin player in church as well...love it..a instrument can touch as much as words...or even more and deeper..

  7. Sure you put on quite the display as you play. So true too, one should do what they are good at and hopefully love it, although sometimes not mutually exclusive.

  8. MAGPIE, HAHAHA! You are funny also, and I love it! Thank you for understanding that it is not always the great story I'm trying to tell. A philosopher once wrote,
    "Shake my sentences until the words drop away, onto the floor. What is left, grab and hold...that is your GOLD!" (Well, not exactly--grin!)...

  9. PAT HATT, yup I hear you. And true, I have a long list of weekly activities for which I yearn but ONE thing--MORE hours in the day...EVERY day.

    CLAUDIA, I figured you would be blowing your horn in a church somewhere--well, the sax, or maybe clarinet? It is really like being at "home" to come to the pub periodically. Thank you for having us all!

    COSIMA, I will come visit you soon! Now try to explain Pffft, although it is simply a sound, which could have many meanings. Artists Peeps (bloggers) invented the term, and I just 'borrowed' it. Maybe like: "Well, NOW what?" or "F*ck!" or a milder, "Shucks."
    HAPPY TO SEE YOU, girl!!!

  10. HEDGEWITCH, you are always kind in comments--and that is welcome for me, a dabbler, who enjoys it. You, a serious writer, honor me to come here (like Brian, Claudia, etc., etc.)...
    Thank for this pleasant supportive "push!"

    TEMPTRESS, I'm feeling immediately tempted. Do you give away apples?--grin! All I'll need is a bite!
    Yes, will come over there, certainly.

  11. BRIAN, yes, I should experiment with putting on a short piece of music for us--maybe even on Dverse! My "Poem in 16 measured 3-beat bars"...Thanks!

    IZDIHER, you really make me happy that you come by here. I have great respect for people who live far away, yet learn English, so they can live in a larger world of news, views, and fun.
    Stay safe in Pakistan, dear girl!

  12. I like the pffft too ~

    Love these lines best ~

    Here not to preach
    nor teach
    nor 'show the way'--
    let my fiddle play
    let God do the work
    touch the Peeps.

    Happy spring day to you ~

  13. I tried to play the violin when I was young but couldn't get past 1. the screechiness 2. the laughter of peers 3. never getting the notes right. Too bad for me now, not having an instrument to play in the pub or the church! But your words clearly show a person who loves the instrument, especially since it brings close to God.

  14. I like the way your stanzas grow from few words to many, building up, and then Pffft!

  15. 'won by hair??'

    Love it!!

    Hi, Steve!!!

  16. I would love to hear you play the violin for us at the Pub...hope you do it :) Peace.

  17. Well done, Steve. I like that you let the words have their way with you.

  18. That inspires.

    And I should have live the way I am.

  19. HEAVEN, you are another of my up-beat blog friends, I like your style, girl! Thanks for your comment, Peep. And “Pffft”, yes, I'm going to ask artists-blogger Ces if I can steal that, for it can mean anything or everything.

    CHARLES MILLER, yeah, after age 55 or so I began to have a greater love for my mother, because if she had not taught 'persistence', I'd be minus one of life's “HAPPYS”

    QUIRINA, WOW! (I first went to your blog to see...and lost myself in reverie.) Thank you for stopping here. What a wonderful word artist you are!

    KRISTIN, comes JOY inside me when I see your Avatar. I'm hoping you understood mt secret--it was bow hair? Yeah, I couldn't resist my private little joke there! Glad to 'see' you, my WV friend.

    AYALA, about violin playing on Internet—I simply don't know how to implement that scenario. Don't even know where to start. Let's see—tune up violin, turn on computer...THEN what? Google, here I come!!!

    PATTI, thanks! I WILL get to “Ah, so that's what's wrong” soon. Next time you in Naples, let's 'do' coffee again. Please!

  20. RAINFIELD61, Almost missed your comment, must have posted while I was responding .

    Anyway, of course, thanks for coming by, and yes, inspiring. But so many times I'm 'inspired', the next day it is gone--like deleted.

  21. Trial at real life - well done!

  22. Great drive and rhythm. Sould be set to music.

  23. "Here not to preach
    nor teach
    nor 'show the way'--
    let my fiddle play
    let God do the work
    touch the Peeps."

    Love this. Struggle with this. What a great mantra! Thanks Steve!!!

  24. YUVIKA, yup, life is one long series of lessons—in preparation for the examination (which I believe is self-delivered. In front of “TRUTH”! (Hey, that's kinda 'far out'!, huh?--grin!) Thanks, Yuvi...

    JAMES. Never thought of that...I'll go look again. Thanks for weighing in, no matter!

    ELIZABETH, I went to your blog, and liked it SO much...wrote a BLONG (long blog) for my comment, and lost it..but it was GOOD—big grin!
    PLEASE do not feel guilty about blogging—yours is NOT solely for personal accolades—it is definitely helpful to MANY Peeps. Take that to the bank...

    I'll try to comment again...later!

  25. Steve! keep using that "words sabotage", really. I specially enjoyed the sound of this stanza: Bird in great hall
    directions mixed
    flies to chandelier
    sings obbligato to
    Beethoven Sixth.

    Chandelier, obbligato... two wonderful words, they kept in my mind, dont know why.

  26. ANNE FRANK, those words keep ringing in your head because you are a discerning poet, who loves the way words are built and used, and how they float from your tongue. Gosh, am I complimenting YOU...or ME???--grin!

    Either way, we all are having fun here, enjoying the thoughts, words, and effort of one another.

    Oh...and Pffft!!!

  27. You can always change the rhythm
    at the very end with your editing!
    rhyme, sing swing- do what ever the bird wants- and then change it at the end. It can happen with the elimination of small words, even
    a line break- :)

  28. IZZY, as soon as I read your comment, I changed the last paragraph by throwing away some unnecessary words.
    Thanks! (Did I hear you say, "Tweet"???)

  29. Pffft!

    And I mean that in the very best way.

  30. Steve you have a way with notes
    and pfffts

    hey you hope all is well