Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, March 30, 2012



Nine birds, Nine
stuck on stick
of pine.

Breasts bursting
with pride? Or to

from predator?
(Bite bee before
bee bite me!)

Sisters, brothers,
in land of "Peep”
When does one sleep?

Eight Peeps doze.
Far distant, guard sees
eighty-eight bumble bees.

She, fear-rigid, froze!
Flying in formation,
holy damnation!

They buzzed fast out of
brightest noonday sun.
She wanted to fly...run.

Eighty-eight bees
roaring, buzzing
like B-17Gs

Off went one bee
to flee bill, claw,
feathered Peep

One more, then another,
each buzzing creature
(for such is nature)

lost life, in dismay.
Bird-beaks were left bent;
stomachs, now content.

"Bumble Bee Mountain" (Spain)
so named in memory
of victorious day
in May

Similar to mosquitoes, but for different reasons, only the Bumble bee female has a stinger and can sting. (You DID know only the female mosquito bites? Right--grin!) 

About the photo, which was sent to me by artist-blogger-friend BELLA

Winning Image...Click HERE
Adult Category, European Wild Wonders
ORUGA DE PLUMAS, Avila (Spain)
by Jose Luis Rodriguez,
A group of European Bee-eaters on a branch on a frosty morning in May. 
Photographed from the car with a 500mm lens.


  1. this is why you must be nice to females of any species dear steve...smiles...hahaha...

    nice verse as well...all the b's trip my tongue...

  2. BRIAN, LOL! Being nice to females...you know my first wife was age 8 (or 9?) I was age 5, she gave me half of her well-chewed Wrigley's Spearmint. I gave her a live, fuzzy, wiggly Caterpillar. Made in heaven!

    You first again! Gotta dream up a surprise 'award' for you, like #1 BF or something! Never mind that, it is always special for me to see you here

  3. Hey, Sweetness! Is it wrong of me to say I just don't quite get this one? Does that offend? I hope not. It would be a reflection of my inability not yours. I think I've got it and then there seems to be a subtext I'm missing. I love the photo, but you know me and pictures. And I love the battle within nature, but was lost a little. Again, I am one of those who sometimes ask questions without ever meaning to give offense. Please, know I'm always just curious and striving to understand.

  4. ahhh. steve! I love this. And the analogy that only the female bites! haha...my husband would agree.

    Yes, you can post from Mile 191. Anytime, :).

    Today, the anniversary of my mothers death, I am me. Healing.

    Love ya Steve, and always, I appreciate you being a listening heart.

    stacie, aka mile. sMiLe!

  5. Ah! I was wondering why Bumble Bee Mountain had no bumble bees. Now I know. And now you've left me wondering what a bird burp sounds like.

    She who does all the work also has a right to throw a few stingers, in my opinion.

    Thanks for the shout out, Maestro!

  6. Congratulations to Bella for such a beautiful picture! and congratulations for you Steve for the poem, it seems that spring is arriving to our mood, isnt it? lot of hugs!

  7. MAGPIE (sweetness? WOW! THANKS—grinning!!!!) Anyway, I was sent an attractive photo of birds whose diet partially consists of bees. And a 'poem' (well, loosely so-named!) began to form, and I started writing.

    And you know me, a bit of futile try at humor—even in the serious—and I wondered how these guys sleep. Well, one stays awake...and she spotted all these bees in formation, coming to attack her brethren.

    One-by-one, the birds killed all the marauders, ate their fill. The final stanza is simple fantasy, since the photo was taken in Avila, Spain.

    Thank you for commenting, because it teaches me to exercise restraint in allusions and illusions. I took time to write this for you, because I would hate to lose such a nice follower, one who I follow as well.
    And, from Steve...LOVE and PEACE!

    Oh 88 bees, because once I wrote a poem about
    88 bees at sea
    diving at a lifeboat
    inside which was me...etc.

    si tu veux!
    Long have I forgotten you write several blogs, so I'm visiting them tonight, reading—and viewing photos—of your visit to grave of Mother. Family looks wonderful, girl. I am so happy for you, so happy I met you here!

    Bunch of miles north of here is “Mile 191” (I-75) and each time we pass there, I remember telling you about that. I'll be riding there alone on my scooter on way to Tampa April 13, and will stop there and sip on my water bottle and remember what I know of your life!

    Thanks for coming here, I was hoping for you to view the beautiful “photo-of-nine-birds” you suggested in another blog! Enjoy this wondrous weekend. I play a wedding tomorrow on the beach (Ugh! Violin does not like salty water and air.)

    Maybe somebody will take a shot--of violin playing on beach--(What kind of “shot” were YOU thinking, Dearie??-grin!) and I could post it, HA!
    Until next time...BYE!

  8. ANNE FRANK, Howdy! These comments overlapped one another, but I'm SO glad to 'see' you here, and thanks for commenting. I'm almost certain that whoever writes, loves to know that someone is reading. I'm going to visit you......NOW!

  9. Only in May? I hope April don't fly like March did. Male mosquitoes don't eat?

    1. Males do not suck yer blood--don't know what they eat

  10. OCEAN GIRL, true, male mosquitoes do not bite Peeps or animals...only the 'girls' bite, they need the blood for their unborn children.

    Sam with bumble bees, although i don't know if they have the 'blood' issue.

    HOLD MY HAND (DORIS) thanks--grin!
    Glad you dropped in, gave me an opportunity to explore your own blog. What in interesting career you've chosen! I'll return to your posts for sure!

  11. Okay, those birds are so precious. Little cozy, feathered friends all snuggled up to one another. I want to squeeze them! Ahem. Okay, let me pull myself together...

    This is such a fun, cute poem.

    My brother told me recently about the female mosquitos being the biters. He knows a little too much about mosquitos, unfortunately, because he lived in Zanzibar for a long time and contracted malaria, which doesn't really go away, I'm told...Oy Vey.

  12. ahhh! thank you for that explanation to Magpie, now I get it!
    Survival of fittest in the wild. Not much different than in our society. ;)

  13. Women, eh? Such a fetching picture, Steve!