Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, March 26, 2012


  "Winged in with wind
Rode out in style
Padre, I've sinned--
And loved every mile..."
--Steve E


We slept on
Beach and
And tall building beams.

Bathed mountain streams;
Flew with friendly,

feathered beaks
quenched our thirst. 

Thereafter soared 
o'er highest peaks

Breathless, stopped for rest,
flapping wings and things.
Decided to make a nest...
...we there exchanged rings

Oh! My love, remember?
Darkness held no bars on

Sweetest night. December
full moon! 
And above.....



wondering, pondering,
to write one line of thought?

When on nights like these I use
but four minutes time of Muse,
for which an hour might have ought.

 Photo: The people in the attic 
by Muse1979 in DeviantArt
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  1. This is awesome .Just so lovely,my dear friend :)God has gifted you very special way of writing poems.

  2. darkness held no bars on the sweetest night...i like that...have bathed a few mountain streams as well...brrr....haha....interesting picture choice honestly...i stared at it a while to see if it moved....is that opening part a quote? (above the pic)

  3. That is an interesting one.

    That keep me reading and pondering and wondering.

  4. "Darkness held no bars on
    Sweetest night. "

    That's gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful, it must be for someone special.

  6. IZDIHER, thank you. Most of poetry I write I feel are somewhat worthless, but THIS one I happen to really like—if that does not sound too proud!? PEACE! To you and your Blog-Peeps!

    BRIAN, that opening IS part of a quote. I quote myself. So did not attribute it. I signed it now! Glad you like this, it encourages me. Thank you!

    RAINFIELD61...if anyone can keep YOU pondering and wondering, then their piece is “job well done”. Thank YOU!

    Oh hey the BIG GUNS came by here tonight—thank you. I well appreciate your words, MZ. PEACE!

    OCEANGIRL: You Asian girl-Peeps have an uncanny ability for perception. Thank you for your understanding comment.

  7. Jerzy kosinski wrote the painted bird
    it was as deviant and wayward as anything I ever read.( Very apropos
    for an angry teen-) I like the last bit of this piece and enjoyed the one before w/ the violin too!

  8. Such beautiful lines...obviously poured from the heart.

  9. Beautiful work--here is my favorite line--

    Darkness held no bar on sweetest night--

  10. I flew up into the barn rafters last night. And woke to find sprays of millet at the foot of my nest. I parked my wings in the closet after lunch, and here I am at the library feasting on all these poems.


    One weird but awesomely cool photo too.


  11. smiles...sleeping on beaches sounds awesome...and then the exchanging of rings..the making a nest...oh i can see the stars..smiles

  12. This was totally cool to read--I love the sense of freedom--love the introductory quote, and the image of the birds--which is like an image of hearts--anyway, good stuff Steve--thanks. You always lift my spirits.

  13. Some fantastic play with words, Steve-o...but I think that image is going to stick for a while!

  14. For some reason this felt like a part of the other OZ stories. Not the Wizard of Oz but the other books where there were lands of different kinds of people and animals and all spoke a common language. This is familiar and strange at once. A love fantasy of human-bird creatures, free and loving, more and moving. Wondrous.

  15. Love this line...Darkness held no bar on sweetest night...nicely done, Steve. Hope you are well. Peace.

  16. Love the image and the first stanza..it takes you on a flight though the rest of the poem...so Steve you are a Romantic...bkm

  17. the lead in image is wicked and brilliant and then your tone of words is so feather-like and whimsical in many ways...I loved the totality of this composition! ~ Rose

  18. seems like a life lived with no worries and there should be no regrets

  19. IZZY, thanks for read, also for “liking”--grin!
    Jerzy Kosinski's “the Painted Bird”...yeah!!
    Ummmmm, well.....uh, (ahem), cough, cough!
    My mommie won't let me read books like that!

    I thought ALL our poetical words came from the heart! Do you mean that some are NOT? LOVE your work, Peep.

    AUDREY HOWITT, also my favorite line...naturally!

    Oh girl, you are SO good to write these nice things here!
    Thank you. (Me, too. “Feasting today on poetry!”

    CLAUDIA...Yup there ARE stars up there. How often do I look and wonder? Not with enough frequency to satisfy. EVER!

    I love that word “cool”, especially when in regard to something I wrote.--hear the pride? SERIOUSLY—my spirits are lifted 1,000 % since I've gotten into the heads of you poets the last couple years.
    A Grateful Steve E

    NATASHA HEAD...How many of these comments have you written by now, Wednesday? Whatever...but thanks for including my blog on your journey about.

    And to think that a year ago I was terrified to put up a poem here...one written by MOI! Thank YOU!

    I'm well—for my age (43)...
    JUST KIDDING!!! in May...79
    But as you might guess, that is a GREAT question for us older Peeps. It lets us know that Peeps care enough to ask. Thank YOU!
    Also thank you for reading here, and responding!

    SIGNED...BKM! Well, I looked up 'romantic' and, sorry to report, most of the definitions apply here. Never thought about it. WOW a Romantic! (Don't worry, I'll forget all these words in 17 minutes-- grin!)

    C Rose. Thanks, Dear Peep for nice comment! I'd wager I've been asked to play La Vien Rose +500 times. One of those all-time hits.
    BTW, I respect—and like—the way you look at the totality of a piece, rather than, like, “What a nice pitchure!” I'm going to practice that!

    A PLAIN OBSERVER!You are making correct and exact assumptions. Thanks for your perception! And for being here

  20. many sounds here Steve. I hear one of them loud and clear but listening for the undercurrent knowing there us the statement

    May love take flight for those willing to take the risk
    hugs my friend

  21. No, I have to say that I sometimes think some words come directly from our intellect and those words may be seeking only the coin of the realm. Then I think some words come from our anger, but I suppose anger does reside in our heart. Then sometimes I think words try to come from our hearts but the intellect gets in the way. Hmmm...I think I think too much. :)

  22. "Winged in with wind
    Rode out in style
    Padre, I've sinned--
    And loved every mile..."

    I love this!!! I love this so much!!! I will admit this on my judgement day....shamelessly!!

  23. No worries, Steve.....I won't tell your mommy you visit my blog. ;)

    Been writing a lot these days. Being tormented can be the best inspiration!!!

    Check out some of my other pieces I've written recently. I always enjoy reading your comments.

    PEACE my friend.

  24. hi steve,
    this reads like it just poured out of your heart onto the page. very beautiful...

    the photo is a little creepy, especially when i didn't expect the head nor see it at first-perhaps the point of the artist who made it.

    when are you coming to see my new blog?
    miss you! xoxo

  25. i've sinned
    and loved every mile

    i feel a confession in your words, my soul.


    this mile...191

  26. Swooooooooooooon! You have been so inspired lately! Your words capture me gladly.

    Is there room on your branch for more than two birds? If so, maybe it would look like this:


    You are SO nice..thank YOU for comment, and for amazing photo of bee-eating birds! Visit you SOON, girl. Good Night. It is already Saturday here!

    MILE 191
    OH, little girl, it is not often we cross paths here, but when we do, I feel closer to my God, believe that. He is surrounding you with gifts maybe you don't see...but they are gifts you can use for His Greater Glory. CONFESSION? Well...er, uh..hmmmmmm! Maybe. Shhhhhhh! Remember I went to Mile 191 on Google Earth! And I know your story, it is still fresh in mind after what...for me, nearly four years? ….I am SO glad you stopped by here today.
    BLESSINGS for you.
    LOVE and PEACE!

    I'll get there, I'm coming...OK? Just got (still am?) so confused over the changes there. Thanks for this reminder.

    LOL! You a funny girl, along with VERRRY talented. Humor in the midst of torment—how wonderful! Yes I will be along, you can bet your Captain Midnight ring on it...no, you too young to remember him! Thankfully! Although, I can tell you, the older I get, the better life gets! Hope it happens with you too on far, far day away. I suspect it will
    Didn't see your other comment. SHAMELESS, Yup! Other than agree—I'll leave it alone for now—grin!

    MAGPIE, it is my 'thinking' which got me into trouble EVERY TIME! Thinking, justifying, denying, and whatever else! TRUE! We just write whatever is “there” now, and with clear conscience, live happily and at PEACE!

    LESLIE...from 'out west'! Love seems to be not so much a risk, because it is everywhere. Something else—it is late, I'm sleeping on the keyboard, and not making sense, so better stop now...but glad to 'see' you, girl. Hope life is straightened out for you, too, as it is doing for so many. Keep that smile, and the light in your eyes. That is where your truth be told!
    XO and PEACE!