Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


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In order to be filled
with happiness
a Jeep was all I asked.
Eternal gratitude for this gift
I promised.

Age 16, armed with
license to drive
and reasons galore
asking my father
I did over and o'er
and more,

and begged until finally
assured, I knew a Jeep
was in my future.

The date of my birthday
arrived, all hired hands
and brethren inside for
farm breakfast. So I,
bounding into the room

Smiling, happy, sitting
at my place, I spotted a
1946 Willys Jeep CJ2A
under my cereal bowl
all of 1.5 inches in length.

Both tearing eyes and I
gathered remaining strength,
ran back through corn field,
asparagus patch, over fencing,
to apple orchard and beyond
into the woods, to favorite spot.

Rather die than not, I lay and wept.
Far below Ohio River rolling,
sent me peace,
kept me alive.

How wrong could I be
thinking I'd grown that day...
knowing a heart full of hatred
could not readily say
"Peace to all you Peeps"
But since long ago
time faded memory of
that teen-life-horror.

Came over time
power to melt
this hardened heart.

God's Gift, a saving grace,
that I might live to steal
another sweetest day,

when I can now readily say,
with love so real...
"PEACE to all my Peeps!"



  1. Some hurts are hard to let go of...alone. It takes One greater than ourselves to help loosen that grip. Oh, but sweet freedom when we do!

  2. a heart that full of hatred
    to be remedied, only
    when you stand up
    on your own

  3. you know, i am glad you lived on to be able to find that peace to give to us each day...and just for today...smiles.

  4. A cruel gift- (similar to mine for a horse/pony back then!)Good things do come-just not in our time frame!

  5. MAGPIE, Thanks, we are in TOTAL agreement--once again!

    By age 16 I was so full of different addictions, it would have been impossible to "stand up alone". Had to have help, from a Power outside human power. Higher Power. God!

    Your smiles are especially nice ones, Cheerful! Thank you, Bro...I mean "BRI"!!!

    yes, it's proven time after time (day after day!) that "We are not alone..."

  6. Awwww. This is so sweet and so heartbreaking! I can relate, only mine was a horse...I got a collection of Breyers instead. I'm still living and breathing too! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I, as Brian, am so glad you got through it all to this, Steve, to bring us what really matters -- God.


  8. I'm Happy you made it, my friend. Peace and hugs.

  9. The older I've become ...the less I've known...it's some kind of aging maths!!! good post.

  10. Peace and blessings to you too ~

    Hope all is well ~

  11. It is a heart at peace that has the power to make the world a better place. You are indeed doing your part. :) Here's to the world changers!

    A collection of Breyers! Then you DO know exactly what I wrote about Did you ever get your horse? I never did buy my Jeep—always something more important to buy...but I got a motor scooter, a BIG one! YAY, GOD!

    Yup, I guess anybody as old as I, went through a lot to get 'here'. But the payoff is “worth every penny” of pain! My opinion...Thanks!

    Oh! Peace and hugs to you too, dear Peep!

    “Aging Maths”, I like that! I also like what you are doing on your blog...And yes. The older, the less we know, until we realize we know nothing, and then DEATH!
    After that (my belief), fuller knowledge of “What's It All About...”
    Thank you.

    All is well. Thank you! Everything is as it should be...as I hope for you!

    “World Changers”, indeed!!!--grin! Through most of us Peeps, I believe God allows us to 'see' (or not to see) one of His changes at a time—in which He used me. What JOY to witness even the smallest of change. Your words “...doing your part.” I'll bet the word “part” is a part of the word “participation”!
    So let's participate in LIFE...right?
    Glad to 'see' you again,
    "Ms Busy-Girl"

  13. Blessings to you to Steve...you are blessing to us all....from one peep to another have a great day...bkm

  14. Ouch on not getting what you wanted, but that happens to all of us and probably was a good life lesson.

  15. this is so very sad to imagine your broken heart and i am truly sure it was...your writing is deeply poignant. xxx

  16. :) LOL...
    It's in the wanting that the poetry is created. I wonder if that's why so many great poets and artists find themselves discontented so much UNLESS they are in service continually creating? Hmmmm.... your creation has made me ponder that this morning.

    Peace to you Steve! :)

  17. JESSIE!
    So glad I'm not a 'great' artist, poet, or anything--anymore. That way I don't have to yearn for something!
    Thanks, Jess!

    As in the song, "STARDUST"...but that was long ago..."...You right, though!
    Thanks, sweet Farm Peep.

    At first, no. But finally, when I was ready to learn, it became a wonderful life's lesson!

    Blessings are ALL OVER these blogs today, and all the days--and yours is mingles with 'theirs' and 'ours', and we all share what seems right at the time. And so we live...and love!

  18. Ahhhh....I can feel your deep disappointment, which probably is the highest in these things at 16.

    hate turning to the ability to love....you got your Jeep...an object to love, even if you didn't. Your heart opened and grew and we are the ones whole feel it.

    A lovely, sad and so true memory into poetry, as only you can write, Steve.

    Lady Nyo

  19. peace for you too Steve!!!! nice poem

  20. Ohhhhhh my. That is great, great disappointment. My heart sank with yours. In the long run, though, things are better appreciated when you earn it the hard way.

    Any chance the little Jeep was a seed? Maybe you should have planted it, see what popped up.