Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


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"The Preacher" is written for
Open Link Night--Week #36


Years ago stood a Peep on a
downtown street,
with a bible in left hand.
Back and forth
his short route, pointing to the sky.

Gray beard covered his mouth.
Were his words a recording?
Could hardly see his eyes...

"The kingdom is at hand"

I looked up to 'see'.
Others ignored
(Had he just snored?)

"Eternity is coming"

Well, I had believed Eternity is now,
that I and all are living
right in the thick of Everlasting.

"PREPARE yourselves"

OK, I'm ready! I'm ready! WHAT?
You say, to die?
Not quite ready for that, Bro—
I'm only a freshman at
Xavier High


Well yes, my teachers are
named after him.
They're called Jesuits
and Jesus was the Son of God
Me, too, a son of God. But he and I
sure lived different lives. Whew!

"Gaw'duh will condemn you."

I was always wary of Peeps genuouseness
whether Pope or 'sidewalk Preacher',
who pronounced God with an extra 'd' tacked on. (Sounding like “Gawd'duh”).
There is but one 'd' in God, although I also enjoy
seeing it spelled with an extra 'o'
...as in 'Good'.
As in words of my old Auntie Thelma
Good God!”

"Sinners, repent!"

Possibly all well and good,
to have guilt, remorse...
how about change, amend?
Take on the cloak of
new behavior,
be grateful
be a savior.
Guard those gifts which
Good God gave...

"Fires--Eternal Damnation..."

Peeps! Help me!
If I do not stop
this onslaught
of thought,
you would see me
holding a bible!
Other hand raised while I shout,
"The Kingdom of Gawd-duh
is at hand! Be the one
In your land, to
Repent and be saved!”

As we meet
On the street

I wonder—
would it be all that bad?



  1. i am not big on preaching the hell fire and brimstone...been railed at enough with that...i think our greatest message is love...and love came down...

  2. I don't mind the preaching...as long as its done out of example and love for the others ~

    Happy spring day to you ~

  3. Love is the answer to everything :)

  4. I agree love-and want to add respect. :) Interesting prose.

    Oh do you live on a houseboat?

  5. Love conquers all. I love the diction and tone here... very effective.

  6. I will shorty Blog on a man in Sydney, who preached and saved many...I have met people who have no real idea that at their last breath(whenever)they won't get another chance.
    I don't like the Hell and brimstone message either, however, the reality is,at death we will go to one place or the other...
    On that day, there will be no compromise.

  7. I love the stanza following : "Sinners, repent!" So true...change and new behavior and attitude need to happen. Thank you so much for the loan of your Angel Flex. I'll "see" you on Friday. Blessings!

  8. ha...i like your aunt thelma...good god he is...i think love is surely the answer and not scaring people with hellfire..

  9. Hiya Steve, I have to laugh....Hey, you didn't know but in Oz R.N.s are known as Sister... My professional name is Sister Lindsey. LOL....
    I have some fun with that name one day..but thats another story.

  10. So funny how our perception changes about people or situations with a new heart (attitude) :D I used to be one who yelled (ok sometimes maybe my attitude and words still do yell) my convictions on the other side of the street from those who I believed were 'doing it wrong.' Problem with that is... I find ... they just reflect the same attitude (stance and conviction of emotion) and usually with a different viewpoint, or... like me ... when faced with a bullying force who doesn't have the power to hold, they walk/run/look away.

    These are good words Steve, wonderful to mull over and savor today.

  11. Great message in this! A wonderful bt of writing, combined with a tongue in cheek sermon. Nicely done!

  12. The message was long ago lost in the machine. I've been down your path too, Steve. These days I find comfort in the Nature of things and the love that is shared. Those who turn their back on goodness are the ones who are not being fulfilled. Thanks for the poem, it was well realized!

  13. Well, it seems your comments are full of love and I hope mine makes it overflow. Love rather than fire and brimstone any day. Imagine the arrogance of scaring salvation into people. My thoughts only. I love that there is only one "d" in God. :)

  14. I think Nouwen was a Jesuit, wasn't he? Anyway, I want to thank you for your comment, I didn't think I had anything to say today and you inspired my post.

  15. CAROL, Nouwen not a Jesuit, or would have letters SJ (Society of Jesus) after his name. However had interesting life according to Wikipedia. My guess is we inspire each other. Thanks, Carol.

    BETH WINTER...I'd say we are in agreement here, at least for today (and oodles of other days—grin! Pssst! I love your blog!

    Gosh! Long time! SOOO happy to see you here. I'll be bt, been meaning to...since when? Nature, is a wonderful gift...also a GREAT teacher of the fundamentals of 'Eternal Living' (Nature dies, lives, dies, lives, etc.)

    MARBLES. Thanks, I'll be by—hey I tink I WAS there to visit you? Glad you understood the “tongue-in-cheek' aspects. Some did not!

    JESS, MISTRESS, YOU also understood this, girl. Thank you. I know we are so often on the 'same page'. It is a comfort to know Peep who thinks much the same. Lets both keep mulling...

    Come again? Oh, you mean Oz, Australia! Got it! I'm glad to 'know' you, Sister Lindsey. Seriously! Well...grin!

    Somehow I just KNEW you would like Aunt Thelma. She had a LOAD of “Thelma-sayings” as you might guess!

    Thinking of you during your operation...best to you, girl! I will welcome Flex return, except I suspect he can be here-and-there simultaneously. BYE!

    No compromise...probably true. I believe also, that last breath is THE one...however is my spiritual condition at that moment, that's what it IS...for Eternity! (Does that mean 'always', Mommie?--grin!)

    What can I say? THANK you!

    Yup, I L O V E D that houseboat, really a shanty with engine. I respected the river as much as a real drunk could. Also loved it!
    Thanks for your thoughts!

    AYALA...I have the notion that is what will be left over when all else is destroyed, gone, deleted! LOVE! I mean that!

    HEAVEN...Yes, spring is here. And I CHOSE to listen to the preaching, I found the guy so interesting, kept wondering what was his life. He ended up dying, and investigators found a couple million dollars stashed in his walk-up cold water flat.

    You and most comments here found that LOVE is the answer
    before, now, and hereafter. Amen!

  16. Enoyed reading it .Lots there .Love,God ,sin :)