Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Thursday, March 22, 2012



Today I am mowing the grass
But weeds are up to my ass
In an old flower bed
Mowed myself instead
Now footless—shorter than my lass

He plays the violin bad
It shrieks—sounds so sad
Fiddle won't sing
With a rusty string
He wishes a Strad* he had


2012 mar 22

Image:  http://captainredd.deviantart.com/


  1. LOL! You paint quite the image in your first limerick. :)

    Thanks for joining in. I hope you'll give my weekly Limerick-Off challenges a try.

  2. lol...hope the footless one is fiction...might be hard to ride your scooter...def some fun ones steve....great job!

    i need to cut the grass so i better be careful

  3. LOL! this sounds like my "lawn"... great little ditty! as always. ♥

  4. Very nice, though the first made me cringe as my step-mom lost several of her toes that way.

  5. I've mowed grass that high; it's scary. Great job here on both Steve. I think the remarks on the violin are probably quite a bit tongue in cheek. But doesn't every musician want the best possible instrument? I love listening to Yo Yo Ma and Itzak as much for the tone of their instruments as for the way they play!

  6. I can relate to weeds and mowers like yours.

    mowing weeds
    up to my ass
    in shorts
    the long
    green grass
    ho hum
    it has to be done
    ho hum
    an itchy bum

  7. Great job on both of your limericks! Almost sounds like you've been peeking at my flower beds...middle of March and they already look hopeless!

  8. Steve, your limericks made me laugh loud
    As the guy's locomotion was plowed.
    And the one on the fiddle
    Made me chuckle a little.
    Of these verses you should be quite proud.

  9. Steve, my friend, you're supposed to be footloose, not footless. Cute limericks!

  10. Hi Steve, Thank you for your sweet words. You always make me feel good. Heheh. Hopefully, I will be able to find time this weekend and catch up with your blog. I have been out of town visiting my FIL and then returned to a very hectic work schedule. Thank goodness it is Friday! See you soon!!! Tsup!

  11. Your footless story was such a laugh
    I hope I never walk on my calf
    A trimmed lawn is nice
    But I’ll stay off the ice
    And find some professional staff

  12. funny stuff - except for the foot - ouch!

  13. These are so cute, funny and a little naughty!

    Love 'em!

  14. u sure a strad would make him sound good? sometimes, it's just technique, praactice and a good ear

  15. Thank you, Steve. This made me laugh out loud and lightened my heart.

  16. Ending up legless might have been a better option:-)

  17. I bet many people would like a Strad.

  18. Oh my goodness, these are gems! Your lass must be 7 feet tall, because you are a wonderful towering figure in my eyes, footless or not.