Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sobriety: Day 1

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Thinking later, I wondered,
was this what God meant
for today to be?

Early in the morning
We met, He and I
seemingly by accident

He looked terrible:
red-eyed, blue-faced
body shaking, smelling...
Another whisked him
to hospital. But before that
we spoke together

Maybe God meant for this!

Sober Peep:
How are you, man?
How's life for you?
Things going all right?
You been stayin' outta sight?”

I can't not drink.
I really want to stop,
I'm just so sad.

I want to quit so bad
and just cannot
(alcohol and drugs)...

I been in the woods,
a tent and a fire
and trillions bugs

Last night it rained so hard
lightning, thunder
Everything I own,
radio and mobile phone
all watered under,
soaked, and me too.

Strong winds blew,
stakes all bent
down came my tent--
please, can you
tell me what to do?”

God, where ARE You?

No car, no bike
no money, no job;
no bed, he said
no nothing but that

Does our God have a plan here?

All things, all people He sees.
Helpless and hopeless
sometimes will
bring us to our knees.

On my own recovery road
God sent several guys
with a message of hope.

--Until I finally realized
that alone and lonely
I, by myself only--
can not make it work.

I need WE!
Not ME!



  1. LIke John Prine sang, that's the way the world goes round.

    You are an amazing man my friend.

  2. smiles..yeah you were there for a reason...did he plan all the bad things that happened to this man? nah. but he lets us lead our life...until we realise we can not...

  3. I felt sadness for this man.. Some just can't seem to make it.
    I worked in drug and alcohol detox for a time. Alcohol is something you need to have help to stop. In Australia they get that help fpr free. The program usually lasts for two weeks. After that they are encouraged to pick a Rehab center and that lasts for six months. They are then helped to acquire work. Some get on with life, yet many re-offend. As a Christian I believe Jesus can make the difference. And the Salvation Army here in Oz is very good with this.
    We can't judge as to why anyone does what they do? But we can care.

  4. Love the last Slogan! I am passing that on to a re-comer. Been making suggestions- how many is he using ?
    It comes down to choices and honesty, openness and willingness...

  5. Ughh this is so beautiful, each time I meet a newcomer or someone returning I thank God they made it ....and that He sent them to remind me.
    Sooo glad we've met!

  6. Sometimes so hard to take that first step. So happy that you had support when you needed it. Extend kindness when you can.... Peace.

  7. LOved the concept of "we" on the "recovery road"

  8. I see a sign. Recovery road. On my journey. Wonderful post. Thanks friend.


  9. Man, God does work on mysterious ways. I've sober for over 30 years, and I think I've met a few of these guys you speak about. Community, yes, and God lays the trust down that makes that ultimately unbreakable promise that we will be there when others need us. Or did I misread this?

  10. Steve...! I love your blog in general because there is a sort of positivism even in the saddest topics. Yes its difficult to stand up when we have fallen and even more difficult it is to find the right "we" when we need it.
    Thanks for your little gift Steve and by the way: I really apreciate the effort of translating my text. You know that for me its always a pleasure to read what you have to say.
    Lot of hugs!

  11. All too familiar. Great narrative voice speaking of painful truths.

  12. ANDREW!
    You've been around this program a long time, Friend. Nothing amazing here...EVER! Bless you.

    Dontcha guess everything happens for a reason?
    Well, maybe not E V E R T H I N G ...heheh!

    Please, Mary! I feel glad—happy--for this man. He has come to the one place which may save his life. In future, he might save countless others. I have seen it happen.

    H.O.W. Is good, and it works...AFTER that so horrible physical craving is lifted. At some point of the low-bottom life, God intervenes. I never know what happens, even what happened to me 37 years ago!!! Blessings to you, Sober Girl!

    Yup! It's always a a joy when one miracle meets another. Experience, and recovery are all which hold us together in trudging toward our common goal. HA! What else? To STAY sober!!!!
    PEACE, Julie!

    You have no idea how much last Tuesday morning reminded me of MY first morning without my God—my Bottle!
    Thank you, Friend!

    Without “WE” it is extremely difficult to get sober, but even mores so to STAY sober...and more difficult yet to stay sober and live a happy, productive life. Full of JOY. I am NOY exaggerating!

    MILE 191!
    Agree with you, Babe. Recovery is a road of awareness, understanding of ourselves, then others, then “houseclean” (even when we might think it is and was ALWAYS the others fault?)
    I IS wonderful, girl! Please stay in touch....

    Charles Miller—you most certainly did NOT misread! Thanks for your understanding—which only could come about from working this program for living, for a long, long time!
    Congratulations of more than 30 years!!! Do you realize what an “exception” we are??????

    Anne, for many years I was all-Negative. Alcohol was the solution for ALL my problems...now, People sometimes are either fearful of, or resentful of a nearly constant positive outlook on life.
    NMW--(No Matter What)
    Thanks for your visit and comment, girl!

    Familiar and heart-breaking for families, friends, coworkers, and US who are so afflicted. But there IS A WAY OUT of this quagmire. It just takes "a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a little bit of everything else!!!!"

    When I know you better, I'll tell you how that saying came about--grin!

    PEACE, Beth!

  13. Powerful word images. I hope that he gets the help he needs and stays wanting to quit.