Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, March 17, 2012


NOTE: I'm "humbly"--grin! publishing this one day early, 
because some Peeps, as this globe spins, 
are waking up to tomorrow

Photo by my good friend in Naples FL, KIM

HEY PEEPS! 38 years ago this day, March 18, I had my last drink (which I vividly recall). The next night, a Tuesday, I walked into my first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous (which I hardly remember!)--and have not had a drink of alcohol since. Thanks be to God!

The following is one of my favorite word-thoughts, and I put it here for whoever reads this, to meditate a moment...and know that: "humility" is not thinking less of myself...but thinking of myself less! 

Humility is perpetual quietness of heart.
It is to have no trouble.

It is never to be fretted or vexed, irritable or sore;

It is to wonder at nothing that is done to me,

to feel nothing done against me.

It is to be at rest when nobody praises me,

and when I am blamed or despised,

it is to have a blessed home in myself where I

can go in and shut the door

and pray to my Father in secret and be at peace,

as in a deep sea of calmness,

when all around and about is seeming trouble.

On a plaque atop Dr Bob's desk 
in Akron Ohio
these words are inscribed...
Dr Bob Smith, MD is a co-founder 
of Alcoholics Anonymous 

I played "Amazing Grace"
on my violin--
seated on Dr Bob's tombstone
7 years ago

LOVE and PEACE to all us Peeps!
Live in JOY, No Matter What (NMW!)


  1. I just tried to comment, not sure it went through or not. Just wanted to say Happy Birhtday!! You are a miracle.

  2. steve you rock and are an inspiration....38 years...you are the man...have not touched a drug in 19 years this last january...

    may you stay ever vigilant and the Hp keep smiling...

  3. Happy anniversary ~

    And I like that header saying ~ very zen ~

    Have a great day ~

  4. 38 years! Happy Birthday! Glad you kept coming back even though that first meeting wasn't so memorable. I LOVE the whole message on humility. I hope to have all of that someday...truly beautiful...

  5. Wow!!!! Congratulations and much love to you! Enjoy this special day!!!!! God bless!

    Thanks, gurrl! Yes, a 'miracle'...and I see—and hang around with—a BUNCH of like-miracles every single day now. Peeps who drink too much are just plain boring anymore. Don't mean to offend, but it's a FACT!--grin!

    BRIAN, you hit on a key word for us all—vigilance. That's another reason why I go to a meeting every morning, it sure does keep me AWARE! Heheh!

    HEAVEN. Along with your beautiful name, you are a beautiful woman. Thank you. And ENJOY your weekend also!

    Elizabeth. I believe humility is another of those virtues which come as a Gift from God...as THE result of making our program (ALL of it?) our Way of Life. “Time” takes “Time” ( a rehab kindergarten truism—grin!) PEACE with you. PEACE!

    Thanks for your good wishes. Hope you discover the way God has been showing you—out of your predicaments...When I pray too much, I cannot “HEAR” God's answer.

    Ya know, sometimes a “:D Wow!!” is better than a whole string of “Ohhhs and Ahhhs”. Thank you, my friend.

    You are sweet peep also! Thanks for visit...PEACE!

  8. love and peace to you Steve
    this is a life long pursuit
    and a green hug

  9. ""humility" is not thinking less of myself...but thinking of myself less!"

    I'll read these out loud the moment I wake up everyday.

  10. MOONDUSTWRITER, thanks for the 'green' hug, and visit here. Yup...a WAY OF LIFE it is!

    RAINFIELD61...Well Sir, that is TWO of us who are saying that every morning. Thank you for THAT feedback. Is God working here? You BET! PEACE!

  11. Happy Anniversary and congratulations Steve. Even marriages could not last that long :)

  12. Congratulations. I loves the plaque.

  13. You are a blessing to this fine program of our and I am honored to know you. Your enthusiasm for recovery is infectious :-) Happy Birthday, dear one.

  14. Hey Steve, COngratulations for 38 years of freedom. That is really something to celebrate about.

    And I thank you too for this beautiful quote on humility. So beautiful, it resonates in my heart.

    The sunset picture is lovely!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Well, we both have a good reason to celebrate on this day.


  15. LIDIA! I just 'knew' you would stop by and you are so welcomed to be here. Your special spirituality is to be respected, admired, and emulated by others. It is good to know you, woman.

    KRISTIN! Yup, enthusiasm. I like enthusiastic peeps, and some are in our blogger ranks--and YOU know who they are! Thanks for your kind comment!

    CAROL, thanks for the comment. that plaque should be carried in EVERY AA parade! IF we HAD parades, that is--grin!

    JESSIE, HOWDY! Ya know, once in awhile I sense a 'Presence' just as lots of Peeps do. And I feel certain God is near...or maybe it is that WE get near Him? Hmmm. (Thinking again!!!)--grin!

    OCEAN GIRL! When you comment--and I picture you in KL! I feel like I'm in the Asian New York City. (Also I have no idea how marriages stay together so long as 30-40+ years. But they do. I suspect it is also "One-Day-At-A-Time" for some!

  16. Steve....you grabbed my heart with the first two lines....and then the rest made tears come.

    Thank you, dear friend....for this (and I could have sworn you wrote it, it is so much YOU) and

    Happy Anniversary! Like Brian said: You Rock....and from me....you are a rock.

    Hugs and Peace!!

    Lady Nyo

  17. Fabulous! Fabulous! I love Dr.Bobs tombstone inscription!!

  18. That quote is on Dr Bob's desk in the old homestead where AA was (sort of) born.

    However, there IS a FABULOUS thing here. The man who co-founded a fellowship of Peeps--numbering in the millions--who would stay sober, and live happily and productively...this man's headstone (No monument) read "SMITH" and the dates of birth and death. That's all. FABULOUS!

    LADY NYO!!!
    Jane, I don't know how to respond to such words as yours...well, they grab MY heart! But we both know that heart-grabbing words can come only from God's generosity. I am just SO grateful that He uses me sometimes, and He does!

    Hired hands and family back home would NEVER believe what happens in some of our encounters with the Peeps.And the tears, and the CHANGES, and the new WAY OF LIFE, which so many choose to follow! WOW!

    I'll be around to see ya, Jane!

  19. oh .. - the photo is beautiful, I love these pictures ...

    Steve ... thank you, I am blessed again when I read your post

    ... the words of Dr. Bob Smith are truths ...
    I feel the same:

    as in a deep sea of calmness,
    when all around and about is seeming trouble.

    Many greetings from Cosima.

  20. I'm glad for you Steve. Dr. Bob was quite the man as are you.