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Thursday, April 5, 2012


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Written 4-4-78: 
In memory of my father Steve Elsaesser Sr.
Using phrases from his last letter to us, 
one week before his death, by my wife
Nancy Elsaesser, now deceased
He was deaf/blind

In the spring
You called him home

Crocus bloom
Buds are springing

He spaded and planted,
Daffodils and tulips still growing

In the spring
You called him home

New birth for us all,
Wild animals and birds

Pear tree much alive,
Thanks again

In the spring
You called him home

Blind and Deaf
He sees and hears

Crocus Blooming
Buds are springing

In the spring
Of the Risen Christ
You called him home.


 One more short poem:
4-4-78 In memory of Steve Elsaesser Sr.

God, You took my friend
I love him so...

He was a God-like man
But that You know.

You took him in the spring
About the time You took
Your Son.

He was blind and deaf, Lord
You gave him such a
Huge Cross.

But Pop never HAD a cross.
ASK him.

He loved Your world
And he saw it with
Your eyes, Lord.
He saw it with love.

It's a lonely-looking world
Now, Lord
I'll close my eyes, Lord
From time to time
Maybe I can see
What Pop saw.

You were right, Lord
"The blind shall see."

Please Lord, tell him I miss him so.  

--Nancy Elsaesser

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  1. heart felt brother...i know it has been a while but i am sorry for the loss of your friend...the blind shall see...and spring will rise once more...happy easter my friend...

  2. The verse is so beautiful. Seeing all that he planted come up every spring...such a beautiful reminder.

    I lost my beloved father-in-law at this time a year ago. I'd love to write about him.

    Thank you for sharing.


  3. Steve, these poems are beautiful. I won't be surprised if you shed a tear or two. Such wonderful exercise for our hearts and minds to recall the lives of our dear departed ones. Sometimes I wonder where they really go. No one ever comes back and tell us there is a heaven and how it is like. I know there is a hell though. We live in it. May your father and wife live in eternal peace. I wonder if they met my parents and my sister and brother in law. I wonder if my best friend said hello o my parents... I would like to believe that. Take care Steve. Cheer up. I hope you are staying active. Tsup!

  4. Such beautiful words that express how deeply your father was loved and what a special man he must have been. What an awesome thought to be able to see the world with God's eyes. Blessings.

  5. Steve, this is a special morning, Good Friday here in the Philippines, 6:30 a.m. I was in a worship meeting among friends on Tuesday night (April 3), and we listened to a worship CD entitled Joy in the Night by Ruth Fazal... it was an awesome experience.

    I thought of you, and maybe you might want to hear the story of Ruth, how she received a violin bow from the Lord Jesus and was given a divine assignment to use her violin for healing, righteousness and forgiveness whenever she plays.

    Here is the link to that story:


    Blessings be on you dear friend this Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.


  6. Thanks Steve for sharing with us ...
    these poems are a gift to the living ...
    Today is Easter - the day of the resurrection of Jesus, he has opened the door,
    Now we can look into the sky, from here on Earth, so we look forward to eternity ...
    Blessed Easter to you and your loved ones!

  7. Wow, what a beautiful poem. The blind shall see. Yes, we dont really see with our eyes, we merely look

  8. This is powerful, Steve. A heartfelt tribute to your wonderful Dad. Thinking of and honoring our loved one now in Heaven helps with the grieving. It's interesting the association with April as I was just reflecting on how odd that we were celebrating Resurrection Sunday, but April was actually a month in which I lost three family members, in different years, but all in April, including my mother who passed two years ago.

    Steve, now I'm the one shedding tears!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, and for your gracious comments.



  9. this is beautiful, and useful when experiencing loss, to write beauty. Thank you for sharing, and for all your caring about us in blogworld! You, my friend, are a large part of my healing. Your hope, and faith, and peace.

    Yes, you may use the mile191 explaination. hugs! mile

  10. sometimes the blind see much more than we do with our eyes..beautiful and heartfelt tributes steve...esp. love the turn to jesus in the closure of the first one

  11. That was beautiful <3,, ^_^,, I love your blog, and I hope u will step by mine :)

  12. Aahhh, Maestro. These poems were touching and tender. Beautiful words for a man who was undoubtedly blessed with children who loved him so. Thank you for sharing these with us.

  13. I'm very touched, Steve, and sorry for your loss. The flower show was captivating - as were the strings accompanying it!

    Take Care,

  14. i love my parents. and i am very scared of losing them.

    whenever u write bout ur papa, i'm reminded of my own parents.

    if people can look back at the world they left behind after their death, am sure ur father'd be sooo happy to know that he's loved so dearly.

  15. :') crying and smiling....It's so beautiful and really emotional :')