Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, June 4, 2011


antimatter partner of the helium nucleus: 
antihelium-4--discovered 2011


Six hundred years ago (c.1411) I might have been the same Peep as today, riding my scooter-quasi-motorcycle (sans motor!) up and down the alleyways of town. Destination today--grandson's house, where we'd spend an hour studying and practicing the art of violin playing. He is age 12. As I roared into his driveway, he remarked that I reminded him of a European troubadour many years before—yesss, he can even spell that word!--with all the stuff, music, stand, violin, metronome, tuner loaded on top my bike. Without the 'roar'!

Okay. But this post is not about that:

Sitting number eleven in a row of vehicles I noticed the red light changed to green. I waited...waited, and not even the first car had pulled away from 'stop' yet. WHAT are they waiting for? The Rapture? So then, one-by-one, the Peeps in front of me waited for the car or truck in front of them to move forward about 20 yards (18 meters) before they, too, began to move (pitifully slow) ahead.

Ah, finally! MY turn to go. You've already guessed it—the light turned RED! Another 3 minutes of waiting. Grrrrr! (And this happens all the time.) Fortunately on my scooter--usually--I can slither in, out, and between, those daydreaming Peeps with cellphones at their ears. Whew!  
 End of Rant

At that precise moment my 'program' kicked in: this is an  opportunity for me to be quiet, practice patience and tolerance—maybe meditate a moment on the wonder of That Love which inspired Creation of all things between a speck of Antihelium-4 and Andromeda. And be grateful for my special gift of Sobriety.

And...for the remainder of this day, from task to task, exactly what was supposed to happen—happened. One more day sober, an AA meeting, and a few other personal matters, dealing with ISP Comcast (Internet Service Provider), and most important, serenity happened. And it hung around ALL day. Another meeting (speaker) tonight.

By the way...“D”, my violin student, showed real progress since a week ago. I'm so proud of this smart kid. If NOTHING else comes of his music lessons, he will one day be able to greet a violinist, and 'know' what that Peep had to go through, in the beginning. And...he might even enjoy a Beethoven symphony another day long away, with HIS child/Grandson.

God is Good. As Jessie often passionately exclaims: YAY GOD!


  1. Maybe, just MAYBE, gOd wanted you at that light just a teensy bit longer so that the peeps behind you could ponder on the 12 Step stickers on your scooter. You do have something on there, don't you? Say you do...

    12 Step work in traffic..

    !!!!! YESSS! You are SO right. Our triangle-with-circle is there, also a sticker which reads
    S O B E R from Scott W couple years ago! Oh! THANK YOU for this comment, girl....

  3. ah, i appreciate the curse/blessing of this...dang slow...umm...thanks for making me appreciate the slowing down...i have work to do it n this area...ha.

  4. Your posts are NEVER boring, Steve!!! Especially when you talk about violin playing. ;) Your grandson is blessed! I hope he knows how blessed he is! I would've killed for violin lessons at his age!!! I never got "real" lessons until I was in college!

  5. Sometimes it's okay to just be pissed. Just can't get obsessed about it. Fun story.

  6. Steve,

    It is so cool you ride a scooter. I wonder if. I can create one out of keyboard characters...?

    I "L O V E" my scooter, even ride it wearing tie-and-tails for wedding gigs...

    Thanks Man!

    STILL would enjoy a coffee with you...talk 'shop' and other things...

  8. BRIAN:
    Remember that place where it reads: "Be still, and know that He is God...not ME!" I like to remember that also, once in a while...

  9. Fun post .I love the way you think of God even in that situation :).

    I enjoy reading it and read twice :).So you have had good day babe. wow.

  10. Hey Steve ! We don't mind at all ! You can use it and it will be nicer if you mention the source ! By the way, we adore your blog and Marwa plays violin too !

    Good luck !

  11. ... red or green? Past or future? ...
    ... in every day are wonder ... Preservation, while driving on the road ...
    ... children learn from us and take what they have learned with in the future ...

    ... nice if your grandson is so talented, that's a gift for you ...

  12. Isn't solitude wonderful? I love it. I love getting lost in my own thoughts...

  13. I've heard the stories of experiences where that sticker and scooter have connected you to peeps on the road, so I love what Kristen shared!


    YAY GOD indeed! Absolutely YAY GOD!

  14. Sad to say, this situation is something that "bothers" me too...I'm at my most irritable when driving it seems.
    Glad you found your serenity.

  15. IZDIHER:
    Thank you for being a faithful reader. I believe your Alla and my God are the same with a couple challenging differences--which I am certain God and Allah--sans out help--will be able to work out--grin!

    I try ALWAYS to link where 'stuff' came from--so thank you very much! So happy you enjoy being here, and "Marwa plays the violin?" I read and comment on one other violinist's blog, "Mining for Diamonds" She is on my sidebar "Peep List"...

    Hey, girl. You nailed down my whole post in a few words. Yes, talent IS a gift, and our job is to use it and help others to use theirs. Be HAPPY, Cos!

  16. CES:
    Art-Peep-WONDER! I L O V E solitude! Sometimes I err on the side of iisolation, but jump right back, now that I recognize it. You WOULD love being in your thoughts, and lost. Then you find them in front of you painted, etched, squiggled, shaded, color-splashed...and you share all those thoughts in which you were 'lost'. (Hey I like that last sentence! Someone else must have scribbled it--grin!)

    Yes, we do learn one another's stories in time--after all these posts. And I LIKE the memories. The Jesuits mantra I've always favored: AMDG, stand for Latin "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam"...in English: To the Greater Honor/Glory of God.

    Me too--about 'finding my serenity! H O W E V E R ....it comes and goes with each breath-breeze. (Lately comes, more than goes--grin!
    Ride Safe, girl!

  17. Wow, isn't it great when you can step back and reassess the situation with clarity. I'd say you did an excellent job of living in the moment and enjoying it. Kudos! And kudos to your hardworking grandson! Let the music reign.

    Thanks for opening your can of Spam on me. Remember those tin can keys? Hahahaha. Loved those.

    Artist Extraordinaire! Yep, I was a kid during WWII and Spam was a protein mainstay of troops on the battlefields, like K-Rations. I've always enjoyed it...no more 'keys'!
    It is always appreciated when you drop in, Ms Bella!

  19. Yeh God is right!
    Oh we need more of those stress less moments

    glad you got the lesson in - how fun

    have missed ya maestro :)

  20. I wish you lived close enough to teach me to play the violin. sigh.

    And I'd bet you would be a good student...it would have been fun!

    Thank You!

    Less stress. Right. Another lesson this Saturday! For him and for me--grin!!!

  22. That antihelium 4 thing must be the reason I visited your blog today... working on improving my conscious contact with Higher Power on assignment from my new sponsor, I stared at that thing and just marveled. WTF? I asked (My God speaks ordinary language) Ain't it grand? He asked, with a big smile. OMG, real grand, I said.