Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, May 30, 2011



 "what you need is awareness”, said the Master to a religious-minded disciple. “Awareness, awareness, awareness.”

I know. So I seek to be aware of God's Presence in all things?”

God-awareness is a fantasy, for you have no notion of what God is like. Self-awareness is what you need”.
 --in the style of DeMello

So it is you who

It is you who knocks
and you who say, "enter!"

YOU talk to you here!
You, who matters;
You, who dreams;
You, who work until drop;
You, who loves with passion your family;
You, who owns the heart of another

Speak to yourself--
Your Muse,
So deep cushioned
In that bosom
Speak pure sweetness ...
Of your life
In its total

Learn of your stresses, frustrations,
Your sometime-desire of thrill-filled
Tender touches: loving...longing.

Feel goose bumps 
on your arms,
Your thighs,
and sigh...
And sigh again.

Our God does not count who is walking through the cathedral door. Our God observes with happiness those who are living with love in their hearts for all others. Not hurt, nor pain, nor misery of suffering will satisfy the God-Heart. Only 
L O V E...and one may "mark those words" because they are truth.

Speak you to yourself
Of your true love
Whose heart HARBORS you
As you walk with him...or not.
It is, it can be, no other way.

Be of thyself aware
And God will be there.

IMAGE: don't you love in vain 
by sunshine911
in Deviant Art


  1. Love wins. cultivate that and when you think you have mastered that...come back to see me...

    ~ancient wisdom from walnut hollow

  2. Thank you for this, Steve. I hope you are well.

  3. :) Love... love is always the answer. :) and self-awareness and self-knowledge are quite different sometimes, and sometimes quite the same too aren't they?

    Love God with all your heart mind and soul and in that Love others as yourself.

  4. Sometimes I feel muddled...my belief in and relationship with God is so far afield of structured religions. It's sometimes hard to converse without offending so it's easier to not speak.
    "Be of thyself aware
    And God will be there."
    This line I will ponder on for quite sometime. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  5. so true steven - true love whose heart harbors you...lots of food for thoughts in your writing...

  6. Tender touches: loving...longing.
    ... these are words that touch ...
    goosebumps is the result ...

    .. yes, that's a fact: Love is the answer to all questions ...
    the love of God because he first loved us ...
    Only through this love I can love...
    .. then I can live with stress, frustration and nerve-tingling...

    Steve ... thank you for your good thoughts, that make me think ...
    Greetings from Cosima.

  7. MAGPIE:
    Your thoughts cannot be that "far-out!" Much more could be said on this topic. Of course we begin with this truth: Religion and Spirituality are NOT the same thing. (What I posted implies that)
    You can talk about your views ANY time in your blog--if you choose. Please do not fear offending others--you may find many who are right in your campground.

    Thank you, love!

    You ALWAYS make me think!

  8. yes, it is all in us, what we make of it, what we listen to, what we do with it.

  9. HERE you are!! Of course, I've been out of touch for months, but am back in the saddle. I have missed your words and today's will bring much thought to mind. I'll read and re-read and gain each time. So happy to have found you after your "move".

    Hugs ~ Karis

  10. Thank you for posting it, you, lovely man.

  11. You must know yourself first, before you can know anyone or anything else.

  12. BRIAN:
    If I should ever 'master' ANYTHING...why would I need to return to the teacher

    You ask am I well? No! Have felt lousy for nearly two weeks now. It is getting tiresome -- and tired!
    Glad you came by...

    With so much to share, you even find time to bring a little of it here. thank you!

    Wow! These philosophies I am reading in comments--well, they inspire me Thanks!

    Where have you been? Or--where have I been? You know these fancy fantasies do not dissipate entirely just because we sober! Of COURSE you know...Absolutely LOVED your description of 'telling your story'...hope I commented there, EXCELLENT!

    Funny, I never thought of me--or any man--as "lovely"...but I'll TAKE it!!! thanks for stopping by, and 'lovely' comment--grin!

    Why do I find NO disagreements in these comments? Thank you, and of course, I AGREE!

  14. so ... men are not 'lovely'...
    you and that word do not seem to get on well...
    so many lovely people including men... especially you out there,

    thanks for your comment to my comment,... loving MAN! ;-)

  15. Oh my, so beautifully written and well said. I love what you have written about God not being in particular buildings or suffering, but in love.

    You know what else I love? Poetry-flavored spam. I keep those especially! :)

  16. DULCE:
    Thank you.

    Yep, I'm on the 'Lam'
    Stole a case of spam
    (Had to feed the fam')
    They not part of this sham
    Besides, they don't give a damn
    Or even know where I am
    It's me--Same old Sam
    King of spam....

  17. OK,babe Here I am .Lovely post,as usual.

    YES ,,I am knowing my self .It may take ages but I am knowing :)

  18. beautifully said, sweet friend. xox

  19. IZDIHER:
    I believe you like these writings. Thank you for comments, sometimes flattering--and who does not like that?--grin!

    Wish only that some of my words would paint some colors like those with which you passionately paint your farm. Thank you!

  20. I like the thought that God is observing and smiling on those who love. He's really the only one whose approval I openly seek. And I ought to seek it more often!